Step into uncharted territory and discover one of Africa’s last remaining wildernesses.

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It’s definitely not the first country mentioned in the travel brochures, but after more than its fair share of political problems and strife, Chad's current relative stability has allowed it to open up to intrepid safari goers. But why on earth would you want to visit? Well, there are mind-boggling concentrations of wildlife in Zakouma National Park, ethereal landscapes that could belong on a different planet and an energetic and eccentric capital city. We won't beat about the bush – a Chad holiday is not for the faint-hearted. The country is hot, dry and difficult to negotiate. But the true magic lies in experiencing a place so staggeringly unknown and remote that few people will ever have the chance to visit.

Why you'll love it

Chad’s government is committed to conservation and the preservation of the flora and fauna in their beautiful country – and it’s working. The wildlife in Zakouma is tremendous, with flourishing populations of elephant and lion, and magnificent birdlife (including the extremely rare black-breasted barbet).

Off the beaten track

The whole country’s probably a bit "off the beaten track", but if you’re looking for something truly special, clamber into a 4x4 and set your sights on the quivering sands and dramatic rock formations of the Ennedi Massif – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – in the northeast.

Something to think about

Visiting Chad isn’t without its challenges, and the country often hits the news for the wrong reasons, resulting in advisories against travel. The reality is that if you organise your trip properly, and with the correct people, it’s as safe as anywhere on the continent.

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