Visit the Kingdom in the Sky for amazing alpine scenery and a charming culture not many know about.

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If we could say one thing about Lesotho, it would be that it’s astoundingly underrated. The tiny kingdom is in fact an independent country surrounded completely by South Africa, yet the two couldn’t be more different. Lesotho is a wild, mountainous place (the lowest altitude is 1400 metres above sea level, believe it or not!), with superlative-laden alpine scenery around every precipitous corner. Most travellers on a Lesotho holiday explore the country on multi-day treks through its dramatic hills and traditional villages, on foot or atop a hardy pony. But if you have a day or two either side, don’t leave in a rush – this is a place for taking it slow and enjoying the legendary hospitality and culture of the local Basotho people.

Why you'll love it

You might not know what to expect, but that’s the beauty of Lesotho. The magic is in its intrigue, and a Lesotho holiday is about spectacular scenery, new activities, warm people and discovering things you didn’t even know existed.

Off the beaten track

Horse racing is big in Lesotho. In fact, it could well be described as a way of life! If you happen to be visiting on a Saturday, head to Semonkong for one of the best races in the country, and join the crowds to watch the horses and riders jostle and "tripple" (that's like speed walking, for those less knowledgeable about matters equine) their way down the track.

Something to think about

You won’t find any fancy accommodation here; instead, you’ll be treated to cosy mountain lodges with hearty food and even heartier hospitality – and really, that’s better than all the sophistication in the world.

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