Reunion Island

Outdoor lovers should look no further than this emerald island for a wild jungle and beach escape.

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Reunion Island

If you thought all tropical islands were the same, think again and take a peek into the kaleidoscopic world of Reunion Island. A tiny speck between Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, it might not look like much on Google Maps, but its diminutive 2500 square kilometres pack a real punch. Three sensational "cirques", formed by ancient collapsed volcanoes, plunge into the centre; the active Piton de la Fournaise towers high into the sky; emerald forests give way to sparkling waterfalls; and shimmering, sandy beaches rub shoulders with vibrant towns. Plenty for outdoor-lovers then, but with a heady mix of French, Creole, Indian and Chinese cultures that appear in everything from the food to the architecture, and good dose of chic beachside R&R, a Reunion Island holiday couldn’t possibly disappoint anyone.

Why you'll love it

Torn between a chilled-out beach holiday with plenty of sun, sea and sand, or a trip to appeal to your inner adventurer? Reunion has all the answers, with 1000 kilometres of hiking and walking trails, an active volcano waiting to be climbed and some photogenic picture-perfect beaches.

Off the beaten track

It’s true that one of the best ways to discover Reunion is on foot, but that’s not to say you can’t do a little driving too. Hire a 4x4 and head deep into the heart of the island to the Salazie Crater and witness the beauty of Mother Nature at its finest.

Something to think about

Hotels in Reunion tend to be charming, family-run affairs and not quite as swanky as their counterparts in neighbouring Mauritius. If you’re looking for something slightly more glamorous, combine both islands for the perfect balance.


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