Chada Katavi

A diamond in the rough

Chada Katavi

Established 20 years ago on the very same site it sits today, Chada is a camp of pioneering spirit, simple luxuries and genuinely astonishing safari. Hidden in the shade of fragrant tamarind trees, the six tents are some of only a handful in the million acres of National Park, making it one of the most rewarding places to visit in East Africa. It is said that Katavi receives fewer visitors in a year than the Serengeti does in a day, but with a hauntingly beautiful landscape and seemingly endless herds of game, we strongly suggest that you are one of the few...

At the lodge

The hotel

Perched on an elevated vantage point, rising out of the surrounding woodland, the views of the vast floodplains stretch out like fields of gold in front of Chada. The simple canvas mess tent is all about the stunning views and is open and breezy in the day and warm and cosy at night. Its shady overhead tree canopy is also shared by a multitude of resident wildlife, which certainly makes lunch an interesting experience!

The rooms

The six Meru-style tents are simple and unpretentious canvas affairs, but they’re large and spacious and have everything you could want. Beds are comfy and hurricane lamps, soft kilim rigs and old safari chairs feel perfectly old-fashioned. In the en-suite bathrooms are tin basins, eco-flush loos and bucket showers with hot water brought to you whenever you need it. And of course, each tent has a small, private veranda to take in that all-important view.

On safari


Days at Chada are about freedom and adventure; game drives typically depart twice a day, but are very flexible and off road driving is also allowed which is a rare occurrence nowadays and very exciting! We also recommend squeezing in a walking safari for some wildlife encounters of the up close and personal kind, and an all day drive to get further afield, complete with exotic picnic to be enjoyed under the shade of the trees.

When to go

Katavi by month


Season: Wet


Season: Wet


Season: Wet


Season: Wet


Season: Dry


Season: Dry


Season: Dry


Season: Dry


Season: Dry


Season: Dry


Season: Wet


Season: Wet


The seasonal game viewing in the exclusive Katavi National Park produces incredible sightings of crocodiles, packed hippo pools, prides of lion, elephant, buffalo, sable and so much more. The land is well known for its mosaic of interesting habitats, including miombo woodlands, rich floodplains, lakes, waterfalls and bushveld savannah. The 400 plus bird species is just the cherry on the top.


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