Elsa's Kopje Lodge

A romantic retreat on the site where Elsa the lioness played

Elsa's Kopje Lodge

Meru National Park is recognised as having a greater diversity of animal species than any other park in East Africa, so prepare yourself and your camera for large elephant herds, hippo, lion, caracal, reptiles, a rhino sanctuary and more than 400 species of birdlife. Elsa’s Kopje, named after the lioness made famous by George and Joy Adamson, is an unashamedly romantic and beautifully styled retreat set into a rocky hill above the site of George’s famous orphaned lion camp.

At the lodge

The hotel

As you approach the intriguingly spelled Mughwango Hill in the central Meru, you'd be forgiven for not noticing Elsa's Kopje until you were almost upon it, so cleverly has it been concealed between the boulders. Once inside however, you'll soon see why the lodge has been named by Good Safari Guide as the ‘Best Safari Property in Africa’. Superb meals are served in the communal area, and there's comfy seating for reading, chatting or playing chess.

The rooms

Each of Elsa’s Kopje’s thatched, open-fronted cottages is unique and elegant, crafted around and even incorporating the craggy boulders. The accommodation is varied, with six en-suite cottages, a two-bedroomed family cottage, three honeymoon suites and a private house with en-suite master and second bedrooms, a dining and sitting room, a private garden and swimming pool. Each cottage has mosquito-netted beds, a deck and breathtaking views.

On safari


Take game drives and walking safaris with professional guides whose knowledge of the park is unrivalled. Pick up a rod and refreshments and settle on the palm-lined banks of one of Meru’s many rivers, then share your catfish, tilapia or barbel catch with the herons, monitor lizards and spectacular kingfishers. Enjoy an al fresco breakfast on the plains, surrounded by wildlife; or soak up the sunset with traditional safari sundowners. Visit the local Tharaka community, dip in the pool or relax at the spa.

When to go

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Season: Wet


Meru National Park is a beautiful region, made up of a variety of thorny bush, mixed savannah, open grasslands and the curious upside down baobab trees. Yet another Kenyan conservation success, this park is home to numerous species, including elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, hippo, reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, eland and of course the endangered black rhinoceros. Don't forget to look up in the Meru National Park, with 427 recorded bird species. Noteworthy is the rhino sanctuary home to both black and white rhino ensuring the future of this threatened species.


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