Greystoke Mahale Camp

The connoissuer’s chimpanzee experience

Greystoke Mahale Camp

Located in the idyllic lost world that is the Mahale Mountains National Park, Greystoke Mahale is a byword for adventure. In the 1980s, explorer Roland Purcell built the first Mahale Mountains camp on the edge of the forest, captivated by his sensational surroundings and the magnificent chimpanzee population that roamed wild. Today, the camp has changed somewhat and beautiful wooden bandas have replaced the tents of old, but the magic and allure remain. This is a place where wildlife dreams come true and a hideaway that, selfishly, you hope no-one else ever discovers…

At the lodge

The hotel

Located on a crescent of powdery sand where the dense emerald forest meets the shimmering waters of the lake, Greystoke is enchanting in every way. The distinctive main ‘winged’ banda commands centre stage on the beach and is a cool, easy-breezy space dotted with armchairs and beanbags—the perfect spot to relax after a hard day’s ‘chimping.’ There is a small dining area but meals are usually served on the beach, castaway-style, making the most of the verdant views.

The rooms

The six castaway chic rooms are scattered along the edge of the beach and with their thatched roofs and reclaimed dhow wood walls, each blends seamlessly into the surroundings. Downstairs, there are seriously comfy beds complete with feather pillows, and a little dressing area whilst upstairs is reserved entirely for chilling with a sofa, beanbags and spectacular views to assist. Bathrooms are at the back along a short boardwalk with hot water on tap.

On safari


If you hadn’t guessed, Greystoke’s raison d’etre is chimps. Lots of chimps. Trekking takes place in the mountains and there is a group of around 60 chimps that most guests set out to view. Hikes can take from 2 to 7 hours and the pathways are bumpy and sometimes steep so a general level of fitness is required. But when you catch sight of the chimps foraging in the leafy undergrowth, everything else is forgotten. This is exceptional wildlife viewing at its very, very best.

When to go

Mahale Mountains by month


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Season: Wet


Season: Wet


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Season: Wet


The Mahale Mountains National Park is home to habituated chimps, a variety of monkeys, porcupine, unique forest birds and the rare sable antelope. The park is made up of a range of peaks covered in lush montane and lowland forest, all the way down to the lapping water's of Lake Tanganyika. Many of the larger mammals are still present, but they are rarely seen. These include, lion, leopard, giraffe, zebra, buffalo and more.


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