Laikipia Wilderness Camp

Regain your sense of adventure surrounded by abundant wildlife

Laikipia Wilderness Camp

Surrounded by miles of open wilderness, Laikipia can be found in the vast remoteness of the Laikipia region along the borders of Mount Kenya and the Rift Valley. With a rich diversity of wildlife undisturbed by masses of tourists, and a simple camp pitched perfectly to make use of the wonderful views; Laikipia is a bush enthusiast's delight. Relax back and experience the real and the unfiltered Kenyan bush in the care of the hospitable and experienced Carey family- a very remarkable and subtle camp that might end up being your favourite of any safari trip.

At the lodge

The hotel

A delightful large mess tent is found at the heart of the camp filled with a bar, comfortable sitting room and library with two decks that extend out into the bush and an open campfire pit. It is a ideal spot for dinners in the evening where your hosts serve up hearty home made style food.

The rooms

With just five canvas tents to cater for a maximum of ten guests the camp is kept intimate and personal. Each of the tents are built on raised platforms with their own balconies to gaze at the bush, laid out in a neat and decently comfortable manner. The shower areas are open roofed to let in the night sky while you scrub down before tucking yourself into you bed for the evening, serenaded by hyenas!

On safari


The real gem in Laikipia is the ability to tailor your activities to what interest you. Here your game viewing is conducted with the rhythm of the wildlife around you and adjusted according to what would suite your ideal safari experience. Walking , photographing, wildlife courses, day and night driving, fly camping, village visits or learning to track wild dogs (some of the biggest populations in the area reside here) are just some of your many options.

When to go

Laikipia by month


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Season: Dry


Season: Dry


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Season: Wet


Season: Wet


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Season: Dry


Season: Dry


Season: Dry


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Season: Wet


The greatest conservation success of the region remains with the black rhino, almost half of Kenya's entire population can be found in this area. Laikipia is a real up-and-comer on the African safari circuit, with an impressive diversity of unique species, not to mention home to the famous Big 5. Encounter elephants, big cats (often collared for research purposes), buffalo, Grevy's zebra, numerous antelope and more recently, an increasing wild dog population. Laikipia consist of a mix of high altitude grassland, dotted with rocky outcrops, low lying bush and patches of riverine forest.


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