Rubondo Island Camp

Unique and exclusive island retreat

Rubondo Island Camp

Operating between June and March, this island camp is a relatively luxurious bricks and mortar lodge, situated in Lake Victoria, in the north east of Tanzania, on the largest island national park on the continent. As the only lodge on a remote and pristine jungled island, Rubondo primarily offers water-based activities and jungle walks through its enchanting greenery. Expect uninterrupted water’s edge views and an authentic paradise sure to thrill even the most seasoned traveller.

At the lodge

The hotel

Rubondo’s main area exudes a welcoming air of relaxation, with bright Afrochic colours that punctuate comfortable functional furniture. It consists of a tiered central area and large, well-appointed communal areas with views of the lake’s interesting inhabitants. Although there is no campfire, there is a large swimming pool in which to wash away any of the soon-to-be-forgotten stresses of modern living.

The rooms

The camp consists of eight large, tin-roofed en-suite rooms with solid walls and floors. The room decor is simple and minimalistic with only essential furniture. Each room boasts its own private veranda with views onto the lake and comfortable outdoor furniture - the perfect spot from which delve into a good book.

On safari


Rubondo gives you a multitude of activities at your fingertips - catch and release fishing for the legendary Nile Perch, canoe safari’s, hikes, guided jungle walks and amazing birding. If none of the above tickle your fancy (why wouldn’t they), you can learn about the island’s chimpanzee population and the process of their habituation which is currently still in progress. Game drives, although usually on the quiet side, are great for exploration, while cultural tours of the local village are a great way to meet the community.

When to go

Rubondo by month


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Season: Wet


Season: Wet


Season: Wet


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Season: Dry


Season: Dry


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Season: Dry


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Season: Wet


Forest elephants, giraffe, monkeys and even chimps (in the process of habituation) can be found in the remote Robundo Island National Park. A lush green tropical forest habitat, both big and small species flourish here, with a wide variety of birds and butterflies colouring the tree canopy. The waters teem with hippos, crocodiles and families of otters. Be aware: animals are very wild and can be skittish at times.


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