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10 most instagrammable food spots in Cape Town

A food safari in the Mother City

It is no secret that Cape Town is a haven for foodies. It is also quite a hub for all kinds of food trends and can easily compete with international players like New York or London. You don’t believe us? Then join us on this culinary (Insta) journey and discover some of the most photographed plates in the Mother City. But be careful, some serious food envy is coming along your way.



1. Jarryds

Simplicity crafted into perfection, this breakfast and lunch joint serves a mouth-watering array of gourmet sandwiches, salads, free-range burgers and all-day breakfasts. The food at Jarryds looks so delightful that you almost don’t want to touch it. Winter berry pancake stack, YUM.


2. Three Wise Monkeys


Three Wise Monkeys is formerly known for their delicious Ramen, a traditional wheat noodle dish served in a meat or fish broth. While their signature dishes are looking amazing, their latest speciality is set out to get a lot of Insta-attention. The “sushi donut” is probably the healthiest of its kind.


3. Cookies & Cream

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After selling ice-cream sandwiches at markets in Cape Town for a while, Cookies & Cream finally opened its first stand-alone dessert bar ready to serve American-style ice-cream cookie sandwiches, waffles and other confections. Our tip, order the bubble waffle cone filled with red velvet ice cream.


4. Scheckter’s Raw


Scheckter’s Raw was created in the spirit of giving and sharing healthy food. The strategy is working very well as people are spreading images of their fluffy green matcha pancakes, the raw zucchini pasta or the black vegan burger.


5. The Test Kitchen


The Test Kitchen does not really need an introduction. The brainchild of chef Luke Dale-Roberts has been named number 22 in the world and the best restaurant in Africa in 2016. You eat with your eyes first at this Woodstock based restaurant.

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6. Nourish’d


“Life is too short to not have glitter and unicorns in your latte” is the motto of the café and juicery called Nourish’d. This cosy place is perfect for (a smoothie) breakfast after a morning dip in the Atlantic ocean. Their tasty smoothie bowls are by the way as Instagram worthy as the Unicorn latte.


7. Honest Chocolate


The small artisanal chocolate company has made quite a name for itself in the reigns of chocolate and Instagram aficionados. Their sweet innovation of the traditional Bunny Chow (a hollow loaf of bread filled with curry) has become one of Cape Town’s most luscious dessert trends. The freshly baked banana mini loaf filled with macadamia chocolate spread and served with vanilla ice cream is everything you ever wanted on your plate (and Insta feed).


8. Hokey Poke

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The Poke trend has arrived in Cape Town. Fish and other ingredients are chopped up into bite sized morsels and served in a bowl. This bowl of freshness has been instagrammed hundreds of times since Hokey Poke opened its doors in February.


9. My Sugar

A post shared by My Sugar (@mysugar_capetown) on


This confectionery store and café is taking sweet delights to the next level. From customised donuts, to peanut-filled  buddhas to colourful chocolate eggs, you can get it all at My Sugar. If Willy Wonka would visit Cape Town, this would be his favourite place.


10. Hudsons


Imagine, you have just hiked Table Mountain and really feel like you deserve a treat of a special kind? Then we have the ultimate reward for you. Served in large bowl-like goblets, the milkshakes at Hudsons have quite the reputation. No syrups are used and they’re also double thick with no milk added – say hello to the “Insta Shakes” and choose between Cookie monster and salted caramel popcorn (or take both).

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