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Botswana safari

A trip to Botswana is a window into the Africa of old, where wildlife roams the streets of towns and ancient cultural customs are still practised. With 40-plus percent of the country designated as protected game-viewing areas, Botswana's safaris are wild, breathtaking and guaranteed to be jam-packed full of animals. In fact, the conservation-focused government is doing more than any other African country to protect its wildlife heritage. The Okavango Delta, Africa's largest wetland wilderness, is the crown jewel in any safari and teems with animals year-round. Much of the rest of the country is made up of the Kalahari Desert, with the Central Kalahari home to the ancient San people, whose culture is the oldest in the world.

Okavango Delta safari

The Okavango Delta is a fluke of nature. In fact, it shouldn’t really exist. Spilling out over the Kalahari Desert, the wetland was formed about 50,000 years ago, when a sudden tectonic shift in northern Botswana interrupted the Okavango River’s flow towards the ocean. Now, where once there was a parched desert, a myriad of floodplains, channels and palm-strewn islands exist, supporting some of the largest and most diverse populations of birds and animals in Africa. These islands are essentially great big time capsules, and exploring them on an Okavango Delta safari is like exploring natural history – a place unchanged for thousands of years and the very definition of "wilderness".

Experiences in Okavango Delta

Birding safari in the Okavango
Chiefs Island walking safari
Horseback safari in the Okavango Delta
Mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta

Lodges in Okavango Delta

Abu Camp
Audi Camp
Baines' Camp
Belmond Eagle Island Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
&Beyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp
&Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge
&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp
&Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge
Bushman Plains Camp
Camp Moremi
Camp Okavango
Camp Xakanaxa
Capture Africa Mobile Safaris
Chitabe Camp
Chitabe Lediba Camp
Duba Expedition Camp
Duba Plains Camp
Elephant Sands
Endeavour Mobile Delta Safaris
Footsteps Across the Delta
Footsteps In Africa Delta Camp
Gomoti Plains Camp
Gunns Camp
Hyena Pan Safari Camp
Jacana Camp
Jao Camp
Kadizora Camp
Kana Kara Camp
Kanana Camp
Kayaktive Adventure Safaris
Kaziikini Camp
Khwai Bedouin Camp
Khwai Guest House
Khwai Leadwood Under Thatch
Khwai Tented Camp
Kwando Splash Camp
Kwara Camp
Kwetsani Camp
Letaka Mobile Camp - Khwai
Letaka Mobile Camp - Moremi
Letaka Mobile Safaris - Delta
Little Kwara
Little Machaba Camp
Little Mombo Camp
Little Tubu Camp
Little Vumbura Camp
Macatoo Camp
Machaba Camp
Mankwe Bush Lodge
Mapula Lodge
Maun Lodge
Mboma Island Camp
Mogotlho Safari Lodge
Mombo Camp
Mombo Trails Camp
Mopiri Camp
Moremi Crossing
Moremi Island Camp
Nxamaseri Island Lodge
Oddballs' Camp
Oddballs' Enclave Camp
Okavango Channels and Plains
Okavango Expeditions: The Great North Road
Okavango horse Safaris
Okuti Camp
Pangolin Khwai Camp
Pelo Camp
Pom Pom Camp
Qorokwe Camp
RAW Botswana
Ride Botswana: 7 Night Horse Safari in the Delta
Royal Tree Lodge
Rra Dinare
Sable Alley
Safari Life Africa: Mobile Safari
Sanctuary Chief's Camp
Sango Safari Camp
Santawani Lodge
Seba Camp
Shinde Camp
Shinde Enclave
Stanley's Camp
Third Bridge Camp
Tshima Bush Camp
Tswii Okavango Lodge
Tubu Tree Camp
Tuskers Bush Camp
Uncharted Africa Expeditions Island Fly Camp
Uncharted Africa Expeditions Okavango
Uncharted Expedition Camp
Vumbura Plains Camp
Xigera Camp
Xigera Mokoro Trails Camp
Xobega Island Camp
Xugana Island Lodge
Young Explorers

Routes in Okavango Delta

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Botswana: bush & beach -
Elephant encounters & desert adventures in Botswana -
Follow the paths of the San Bushmen in Botswana -
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Vic Falls & Okavango Delta explorer -
Wildlife, waves & waterfalls in southern Africa -

Linyanti safari

A protected wildlife area in northern Botswana, the Linyanti region is a veritable haven for animals. Massive herds of elephants call this area home, particularly along the permanent water sources in the dry season, as well as lion, hyena, leopard and plenty of zebra. Alongside fabulous game viewing, the region is characterised by its varied and incredibly beautiful scenery, from swampy marshlands and lagoons to glittering waterways, open grasslands and green forests. The Linyanti is one of the more remote regions in Botswana, with just a few outstanding camps and lodges to choose from, so you're guaranteed an authentic and very special safari experience.

Experiences in Linyanti

The big cats of Linyanti

Lodges in Linyanti

Duma Tau Camp
Endeavour Mobile Savuti Safaris
Gudigwa Lodge
Kings Pool Camp
Kwando Lagoon Camp
Kwando Lebala Camp
Linyanti Bush Camp
Linyanti Ebony Camp
Linyanti Tented Camp
Motswiri Camp
Saile Tented Camp
Savuti Camp
Selinda Adventure Trail
Selinda Camp
Selinda Explorers Camp
Zarafa Camp
Zarafa Dhows Suites

Routes in Linyanti

A classic journey through Botswana -
Adventurous Botswana: Makgadikgadi & the Delta -
Botswana: bush & beach -

Chobe safari

If you love elephants (and who doesn't?), then the Chobe River should be top of your must-see list. The area hosts one of the largest concentrations of elephants in Africa, and a drive through the Chobe National Park ensures many sightings of these gentle pachyderms. The Chobe River makes up the northern border of Botswana and Namibia and winds through a vast open floodplain that supports incredible concentrations of wildlife such as wildebeest, buffalo, zebra, impala and, of course, the many predators that follow the herds. One of the best ways to experience the river is on a serene Chobe boat safari for an eye-level encounter with the beasts and birds.

Experiences in Chobe National Park

Bush meal on the banks of Chobe
Elephants of the Chobe
Photographic river cruise
Sunset champagne cruise

Lodges in Chobe National Park

Bakwena Lodge
Belmond Savute Elephant Camp
&Beyond Chobe Under Canvas
&Beyond Savute Under Canvas
Bush Ways: Fully Serviced Safari
Camp Linyanti
Camp Savuti
Chobe Bush Lodge
Chobe Chilwero
Chobe Elephant Camp
Chobe Game Lodge
Chobe Marina Lodge
Chobe Safari Lodge
Cresta Mowana Safari Resort & Spa
Elephant Valley Lodge
Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge
Ichingo River Lodge
Kubu Lodge
Letaka Mobile Camp - Chobe
Muchenje Safari Lodge
Ngoma Safari Lodge
Pangolin Chobe Lodge
Pangolin Voyager Houseboat
Savute Safari Lodge
Senyati Safari Camp
The Garden Lodge
The Old House
Three Baobabs Bushcamp
Tlouwana Camp
Toro Safari Lodge
Water Lily Lodge
Zambezi Queen
Zambezi Voyager

Routes in Chobe National Park

A classic journey through Botswana -
Elephant encounters & desert adventures in Botswana -

Central Kalahari safari

The Kalahari may be a desert, but what a desert it is. The seemingly never-ending plains (50,000 square kilometres to be exact) dominate central Botswana and are part of the largest continuous sand basin on earth. Established as a sanctuary for the San bushmen in 1961, the reserve was, until very recently, closed to the public and even today only very few make it to this wild and untouched expanse of pristine land. But those who do embark on a Kalahari safari can look forward to remarkable sightings of the powerful black-maned lions of Deception Valley, interactions with fascinating San tribesmen and the most phenomenal stargazing on the planet.

Experiences in Central Kalahari

Kalahari night drive
Meet the San
Sleep under a blanket of stars
True Kalahari wilderness

Lodges in Central Kalahari

Deception Valley Lodge
Dinaka Safari Lodge
Haina Kalahari Lodge
Kalahari Desert Camp
Kalahari Plains Camp
Kalahari Rest
Kang Ultra Stop
Letaka Mobile Safaris - Central Kalahari
Phofu Eco Safari Lodge
Tau Pan Camp
Test Point Master Tours
The Lodge at Feline Fields

Routes in Central Kalahari

Elephant encounters & desert adventures in Botswana -
Follow the paths of the San Bushmen in Botswana -

Makgadikgadi safari

The Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana is essentially waterless and arid for much of the year, yet it remains one of the most beautiful, haunting and intriguing landscapes in Africa. Part of the Kalahari Basin, the milky white pan covers an area of 12 000 square kilometers—one of the largest salt pans in the world. With shimmering horizons that bend to infinity, this place is the definition of isolation. During years of good rain, the two largest pans—Sowa and Ntwetwe—flood and attract wildlife such as zebra and wildebeest on the grassy plains. Thousands of Flamingos colour the pale white at Sowa and Nata Sanctuary—a natural wonder that people come from all over to see.

Experiences in Makgadikgadi

Green season in the Makgadikgadi
Kalahari adventure
The black-maned Lions of the Kalahari

Lodges in Makgadikgadi

Camp Kalahari
Grannys Lodge
Jack's Camp
Leroo La Tau
Meno a Kwena
Nata Lodge
Nxai Pan Camp
Planet Baobab
San Camp
Tiaan's Camp
Tuuthebe Lodge

Routes in Makgadikgadi

Adventurous Botswana: Makgadikgadi & the Delta -
Follow the paths of the San Bushmen in Botswana -

Tuli safari

The Tuli Block is a wilderness gem tucked away on a narrow fringe of land on Botswana's eastern border. Consisting mainly of privately owned game farms, the area is renowned for its black-maned lions, leopard and cheetah lurking between the gigantic nyala trees and sick-looking yellow fever trees on the river banks. The characteristic baobabs are ubiquitous among the rocky outcrops, while wildebeest, kudu, eland and waterbuck migrate through the area. Keep an eye out for the rare ginger Pel's fishing owl that sits above pools and rivers at night. This an old haunt of the ancient San bushmen, whose paintings coat the walls and overhangs of the Kopjes.

Experiences in Tuli

Bike the elephant paths
Horseback trail in the Land of Giants
Tuli Walking Safari

Lodges in Tuli

Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris
Mashatu Main Camp
Mashatu Tented Camp
Molema Bush Camp
Nitani Private Game Reserve
Pride Rock
Serolo Safari Camp
Tuli Game Reserve
Tuli Safari Lodge
Tuli Wilderness Camp

Routes in Tuli

Chad Holiday

It’s definitely not the first country mentioned in the travel brochures, but after more than its fair share of political problems and strife, Chad's current relative stability has allowed it to open up to intrepid safari goers. But why on earth would you want to visit? Well, there are mind-boggling concentrations of wildlife in Zakouma National Park, ethereal landscapes that could belong on a different planet and an energetic and eccentric capital city. We won't beat about the bush – a Chad holiday is not for the faint-hearted. The country is hot, dry and difficult to negotiate. But the true magic lies in experiencing a place so staggeringly unknown and remote that few people will ever have the chance to visit.

Zakouma National Park Safari

Chad is the very definition of extraordinary – extraordinary travel, extraordinary people and, in Zakouma National Park, extraordinary wildlife. Declared a national park in 1963, Zakouma suffered rampant poaching during Chad’s civil wars. Enter magnificent conservation organisation African Parks in 2010, and thanks to their formidable work, Zakouma is now a wildlife hotspot – and what a hotspot it is! The big boys of the park are elephant, which roam happily alongside endemic Kordofan giraffe, herds of roan antelope, buffalo and predators such as lion, leopard and hyena. It’s a place of surprising abundance, particularly when it comes to birdlife, and it’s not unusual to see millions (literally!) of quelea and great flocks of black crowned crane.

Experiences in Zakouma National Park

Lodges in Zakouma National Park

Camp Nomade
Hilton Hotel N'Djamena
Tinga Camp

Routes in Zakouma National Park

Chad: the ultimate expedition -

DRC Holiday

Africa’s second-largest country and bordered by no fewer than nine nations, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the beautiful, mesmeric, enthralling heart of the continent. Its turbulent history, from the bloody reign of Belgium's King Leopold to Mobuto Sese Seko’s military dictatorship, is no secret, but for now the country is enjoying a period of relative stability, with tourism providing a much-needed beacon of hope. And that's really good news, as this is a place that truly is worth discovering. With steaming jungles sheltering mountain gorillas, crystal-clear lakes amid smoking volcanoes and urban-cool cities with the continent’s best music scene, a DRC holiday is not to be taken lightly. But, boy, it’s one that you'll never forget.

Virunga National Park Safari

The Virunga Mountains; cloud-grazing massifs, shrouded in equatorial jungle and an almost permanent veil of lingering mist and home to almost a third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Straddling three countries in total (Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC), the protector of the Congolese section of the range is Virunga National Park, a bewitching and extraordinary place with a landscape unlike any other on the continent. With around five habituated families, most visitors make the journey for a once-in-a-lifetime gorilla encounter. Locking eyes with one of these gentle giants is, quite simply, astounding. And to do it in this spectacular park? Literally life-changing.

Experiences in Virunga National Park

Gorilla trekking in the Virunga Mountains

Lodges in Virunga National Park

Bukima Tented Camp
Kibumba Tented Camp
Lac Kivu Lodge
Lulimbi Tented Camp
Mikeno Lodge
Nyiragongo Volcano-Summit Shelters
Orchids Safari Club
Tchegera Island Camp

Routes in Virunga National Park

A journey through the DRC & northern Kenya -
DRC & Kenya: a bush & beach combination -
The highlights of the DRC -


Cast aside everything you thought you knew about Ethiopia and start from the beginning. The oldest, independent nation in sub-Saharan Africa, the country was Christian before much of Europe and its cultural identity is peerless, beautiful and enchanting. Today, the economy is developing quickly and international visitors are beginning to trickle in but the experiences are still timeless and quite unlike anything else on the continent. Ancient treasures and medieval monuments rub shoulders with breath-taking national parks home to rare and endemic species, and in the south, you’ll find fascinating indigenous groups that offer a glimpse into a forgotten realm. But be warned – one trip will lead to a love affair that will bring you back again… and again.

Simien Mountains

In a country of towering highlands and places that seem to disappear they’re so far below sea level, the Simien Mountains belong firmly in the first category. Dizzyingly high escarpments compete with jagged volcanic peaks to touch the sky and the chief sentinel, Ras Dashen, is the third highest mountain in Africa at 14,901 feet. This high up, the views stretch for hundreds of kilometres in either direction and the treks and guided walks (whilst not for the faint-hearted) are mind-bogglingly brilliant. When you’re not gazing at the scenery, keep a look out for the walia ibex (a wild goat), the very rare Abyssinian wolf and plenty of shrieking Gelada monkeys, all endemic to Ethiopia.

Experiences in Simien Mountains National Park

Lodges in Simien Mountains National Park

Limalimo Lodge
Simien Lodge

Routes in Simien Mountains National Park

Omo Valley

Whether you spend an hour, a day or a week in the incredible Omo Valley, the kaleidoscope of tribal people, the cultural traditions and the starkness of the environment make for an experience that is, quite simply, unforgettable. The area is home to the most remarkable indigenous groups in Africa; from the masters of body decorating, the Hamer, to the crocodile-hunting Dassanech and the lip-plated Mursi, each group is distinctive and their cultural traditions, fascinating. In our crazy, modern world of technology and speed, this is the sort of place that changes you and gets truly under your skin…

Experiences in Omo Valley

Lodges in Omo Valley

Buska Lodge
Eco-Omo Safari Lodge
Jinka Resort

Routes in Omo Valley


If there’s one place you might have heard of in Ethiopia, it’s the rock hewn churches of Lalibela – but nothing can prepare you for the moment you see them with your own eyes. Built in the 12th century as a ‘Second Jerusalem’, the 11 spectacular churches were carved by hand into the pastel-red mountains and connected by a warren of tunnels. Each is uniquely extraordinary, delicate yet majestic, and perfectly preserved. Today, the atmosphere is an intoxicating blend of awe and reverence, amplified by the thousand-strong crowds of monks, nuns and worshippers visiting on pilgrimages. This really is Christianity in its most raw and immense form.

Experiences in Lalibela

Lodges in Lalibela

Lalibela Lodge
Mezena Lodge
Mountain View Hotel
Sora Lodge Lalibela

Routes in Lalibela

Bale Mountains

It’s safe to say that not many make the six-hour journey to the southeast of Addis to the Bale Mountains, but those that tackle the vertiginous roads are rewarded with scenery of the staggering kind. From deep gorges, fairy-tale glacial lakes and clouded forests to undulating hillsides peppered with juniper trees, the landscape was shaped by volcanic fires and glacial ice – just a hint toward the drama that’s in store. The next drawcard is the wildlife. The mountains are home to one of the highest incidences of endemic species in the world, including the Bale monkey, the giant mole-rat and almost half of the remaining population of Ethiopian wolf.

Experiences in Bale Mountains

Lodges in Bale Mountains

Bale Mountain Lodge

Routes in Bale Mountains


For anyone with an iota of interest in history, the royal city of Gondar is a must-add to the list of Ethiopian sights. The capital for much of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Gondar was home to many of the county’s most famous (and ruthless) kings and emperors, warlords and courtiers who built a succession of impressive castles and churches connected by a series of secret tunnels. The striking melee of Portuguese, Indian and local architectural styles is stirringly majestic and whilst walking around the Royal Enclosure, it’s impossible not to imagine the tales of conspiracy, battle and brutality that took place inside the crumbling walls…

Experiences in Gondar

Lodges in Gondar

Goha Hotel
Gondar Landmark Hotel
Mayleko Lodge

Routes in Gondar


Most spots in Ethiopia will make you wonder whether time travel has been invented, but Axum (or Aksum) really is like stepping into the pages of the Old Testament. The fourth-century capital was said to be founded by the great, great grandson of Moses and in its heyday, the empire was one of the four great powers in the world. Today, the small town is most famous for the magnificent granite obelisks, dating from around 300AD, the Queen of Sheba’s palace and swimming pool, and the church of St Mary of Zion. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also said to be the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, one of the most precious relics of Christianity.

Experiences in Axum

Lodges in Axum

Sabean International Hotel
Yared Zema International Hotel

Routes in Axum

Bahir Dar

Experiences in Bahir Dar

Lodges in Bahir Dar

Avanti Blue Nile Resort
Kuriftu Resort and Spa

Routes in Bahir Dar

Addis Ababa

In some ways, Addis is the epitome of an African capital city – loud, bustling, a little bit eccentric and home to a market to rival all others – but in others, it’s completely different. Take the amazing jazz scene, spilling out of trendy cafes and bars that also serve some of the best coffee in the world; or the hidden boutiques where you can shop for traditional shawls and baskets; and then there’s the National Museum, home to 3.2 million-year-old ‘Lucy’ and a melee of other treasures. So, even if you’re only really here for the airport, take a couple of hours to explore - you never know what you might come across.

Experiences in Addis Ababa

Lodges in Addis Ababa

Addis Regency Hotel
Capital Hotel & Spa
Caravan Hotel
Empire Addis International Hotel
Ghion Hotel
Hilton Addis Ababa
Jupiter International Hotel
Jupiter International Hotel Bole
Radisson Blu Addis Ababa
Saro-Maria Hotel
Sheraton Addis Hotel

Routes in Addis Ababa

Danakil Depression

Famously known as the hottest place on earth, the Danakil Depression is a surreal landscape of salt-pans and wavering mirages punctuated by bubbling volcanoes, steaming springs and psychedelic lava lakes. At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that nothing could possibly survive in this surreal, otherworldly realm – but you’d be wrong. The Afar people, famed for their ferocity, have long called the region home and the sight of them moving across the plains, digging for salt, is mesmerising. Danakil is the sort of place that takes everything you’ve ever known to the extreme, and whether you spend a week camping your way across the desert or simply visit for a day, it’s an adventure that you’ll never, ever forget.

Experiences in Danakil Depression

Lodges in Danakil Depression

Danakil Mobile Safari
Planet Hotel

Routes in Danakil Depression


Whilst Ethiopia as a country isn’t exactly ‘on the beaten track’, if you really want to get away from the tourist-trodden trails, head to the Gheralta Mountains of northern Tigray. A treasure trove of historical and cultural customs, the 200 churches carved high into the rock are the real treat and far less visited than their more famous counterparts in Lalibela. The striking landscape also lends itself perfectly to a spot of walking and trekking; options include vertiginous hikes to the churches buried deep in the hills or more sedate strolls to intricately-painted monasteries. Accommodation-wise, most hotels are based in the towns of Mekele and Hawzen, both excellent bases for a historical exploration of the region and trips to the otherworldly Danakil Depression.

Experiences in Gheralta

Lodges in Gheralta

Gheralta Lodge

Routes in Gheralta

Kenya safari

Kenya is the original safari destination. Home of the famous Masai Mara, the country has a decades-long history as the place to see the epic annual wildebeest migration. Sightings are certainly spectacular as the plains become flush with a moving melee of black ungulates, followed closely by lions and cheetahs who pick off the young and weak. Alternatively, a Kenya safari could take you north to Samburu, with its arid thornveld and amazing leopard sightings, or to Amboseli, with its stunning views of Kilimanjaro, or even to the picture-perfect beaches on the Indian Ocean coast. We could send you to Kenya for months and you wouldn't be able to see it all.

Masai Mara safari

The famous Masai Mara needs little introduction. Spanning an area of 1500 square kilometres in southwest Kenya, the reserve forms part of the Greater Serengeti savannah ecosystem, offering some of the best game viewing in the world. This is where vast assemblages of antelope are chased by more predators than you could ever imagine; where endless plains meet endless skies; and where the wildebeest of the Great Migration plunge furiously across the Mara River in their annual trek. Whatever you wish to tick off your safari bucket-list, the Mara will certainly not disappoint.

Experiences in Masai Mara

Masai Mara horseback safari
The Mara without the crowds

Lodges in Masai Mara

AA Lodge Masai Mara
Acacia House
Angama Mara Camp
Ashnil Mara Camp
Basecamp Eagle View
Basecamp Masai Mara
Basecamp Wilderness Camp
&Beyond Bateleur Camp
&Beyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp
Cottar's 1920s Safari Camp
Cottar's Bush Villa
David Livingstone Safari Resort
Dorobo Mobile Camp
Elephant Pepper Camp
Enaidura Camp
Encounter Mara Camp
Enkerende Tented Camp
Enkewa Mara Camp
Enkolong Tented Camp
Entim Camp
Entumoto Safari Camp
Fairmont Mara Safari Club
Fig Tree Camp
Gamewatchers Ol Kinyei Adventure Camp
Governors' Camp
Governors' Private Camp
Governors's IL Moran Camp
House In The Wild
Ilkeliani Camp
Karen Blixen Camp
Keekorok Lodge
Kensington Mara Camp
Kicheche Bush Camp
Kicheche Mara Camp
Kicheche Valley Camp
Kilima Camp
Leleshwa Mobile Camp
Leleshwa Safari Camp
Leopard Hill Tented Camp
Little Governors' Camp
Little Naibor Camp
Little Sand River
Losokwan Camp
Loyk Mara Camp
Mahali Mzuri Camp
Mara Bush Camp
Mara Bushtops Camp
Mara Crossings Camp
Mara Eden Safari Camp
Mara Expedition Camp
Mara Explorer Tented Camp
Mara House
Mara Intrepids Camp
Mara Intrepids Camp
Mara Leisure Camp
Mara Ngenche Safari Camp
Mara Plains Camp
Mara River Camp
Mara Serena Safari Lodge
Mara Simba Lodge
Mara Siria Tented Camp
Mara Sun Lodge
Mara West
Mara Wildebeest Lodge
Masai Mara Sopa Lodge
Naboisho Camp
Naibor Tented Camp
Nalepo Mara Camp
Neptune Mara Rianta Camp
Ngare Serian
Ngerende Island Lodge
Offbeat Mara Camp
Offbeat Mara Mobile Safaris - 7 nights
Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara
Olarro Lodge
Ol-moran Tented Camp
Ol Seki Hemingways Camp
Oltome Mara
Olumara Camp
Porini Bush Camp
Porini Cheetah Camp
Porini Lion Camp
Porini Mara Camp
Rekero Camp
Richard's Forest Camp
Richard's River Camp
Royal Mara Safari Lodge
Safaris Unlimited Masai Mara Ride
Sala's Camp
Sanctuary Masai Mara Seasonal Camp
Sanctuary Olonana Camp
Sand River Masai Mara Camp
Sarova Mara Game Camp
Saruni Mara Camp
Saruni Wild Camp
Sentinel Mara Camp
Serian's Nkorombo Mobile
Serian 'The Original'
Siana Springs Tented Camp
Speke's Camp
Tangulia Mara
The Nest
Tipilikwani Mara Camp
Topi House

Routes in Masai Mara

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Amboseli & Chyulu Safari

Quite literally a green emerald jewel in the dusty crown of Southern Kenya, Amboseli is up there with Africa’s elite game-viewing destinations, especially when it comes to elephants. This is where herds of magnificent tuskers roam across a backdrop of striking Kilimanjaro views and where wildebeest and zebra pass undisturbed across the open plains. Next door are the Chyulu Hills, an oasis of green dominated by towering volcanoes and sparkling hot springs and although the game is generally quite shy, the area is an excellent safari companion alongside Amboseli.

Experiences in Amboseli & Chyulu Hills

Elephants of the Amboseli

Lodges in Amboseli & Chyulu Hills

AA Lodge Amboseli
Amboseli Serena Lodge
Amboseli Sopa Lodge
Campi Ya Kanzi
Gamewatchers Selenkay Adventure Camp
Kanzi House
Kibo Safari Camp
Kilima Safari Camp
Maasai Simba Camp
Ol Donyo Lodge
Ol Tukai Lodge
Poa Place Resort
Porini Amboseli Camp
Satao Elerai Camp
Sentrim Amboseli Lodge
Tawi Lodge
Tortilis Camp
Umani Springs

Routes in Amboseli & Chyulu Hills

All the highlights, all in one -
Gorillas & game parks: a bucket list adventure -

Samburu Safari

Wild, rugged and enticingly empty (of tourists that is, not wildlife) Samburu National Reserve is a place of baked red earth, extraordinary vegetation and unsurpassed beauty. Cleaved in half by the Ewaso Nyiro river, there’s more water around than you might think, given the stark landscape, and the ribbons of green that hug the winding waterway attract elephant, buffalo and zebra. Look a little bit harder and you’ll find lion reposing in the shade of the golden tamarinds and leopard darting amongst the acacias. This is a desert wilderness that is absolutely worth discovering, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Experiences in Samburu

The Samburu special five

Lodges in Samburu

Ashnil Samburu Camp
Elephant Bedroom Camp
Elephant Watch Camp
Joy's Camp
Larsen's Tented Camp
Samburu Game Lodge
Samburu Intrepids Camp
Samburu Serena Safari Lodge
Samburu Simba Lodge
Samburu Sopa Lodge
Sarova Shaba Game Lodge
Saruni Rhino Camp
Saruni Samburu Camp
Sasaab Camp
Sentrim Samburu Lodge

Routes in Samburu

A journey through the DRC & northern Kenya -
Conservation & culture in Kenya -
Kenya’s road less travelled -
The wilds of northern Kenya -

Msambweni Beach Holiday

There’s a long gravel road that runs down Kenya’s south coast. It starts in Mombassa, winds past Diani and eventually peters out a little further ahead, in an ethereal place where the landscape becomes more rural, the sea more turquoise (really) and the mangos more juicy. And that place is Msambweni; a charmingly picture-perfect fishing village and guardian of one of the most unspoiled beaches on the Kenyan coast. You won’t find any enormous, tourist-loving hotels or lukewarm buffets here either – just a handful of eco-chic hideaways and a wildly, purely tropical stretch of sand. And did we mention that the diving is pretty good too? Sounds like our kind of place…

Experiences in Msambweni Beach

Msambweni snorkelling & sailing

Lodges in Msambweni Beach

Mbuyu Beach Bungalows
Msambweni House
Samawati House
The Funzi Keys
The Ocean Spa Lodge

Routes in Msambweni Beach

All the highlights, all in one -

Laikipia Safari

At the far end of the eastern escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, in the shadow of snow-capped Mt Kenya and stretching over an area the size of Wales (but probably prettier), is the Laikipia Plateau. Laikipia isn’t actually one reserve but a patchwork of private ranches, conservancies and farms covering arid plains, tangled grassy thickets and pulsing rivers. Not only does the area boast some of the highest wildlife densities in the country, including endangered species, but it’s also a beacon for ground-breaking conservation projects. Combine this with some stunning private houses and camps and Laikipia is hard to beat.

Experiences in Laikipia

Visit the Ol Pejeta conservancy

Lodges in Laikipia

Borana Lodge
Borana - North Ride
Ekorian’s Mugie Camp
El Karama Eco lodge
Enasoit Camp
Falcon Heights Hotel
GoWild Africa Safaris
Il Ngwesi Lodge
Island Camp Lake Baringo
JAMBO Mutara Camp
Karisia Walking Safaris
Kicheche Laikipia Camp
Laikipia Cross Country Horseback Safari
Laikipia Safari Retreat
Laikipia Walking Safari
Laikipia Wilderness Camp
Laragai House
Lemarti’s Camp
Loisaba Cottage
Loisaba Lodge
Loisaba Star Beds
Loisaba Tented Camp
Mogwooni Homestead
Mugie Lodge
Mutamaiyu House
Olepangi Farm Guesthouse
Ol Jogi Ranch
Ol Malo House
Ol Malo Lodge
Ol Malo Nomad
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp
Ol Pejeta House
Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages
Porini Rhino Camp
Sabuk Lodge
Samatian Island
Segera Retreat
Shompole Wilderness
Sirai House
Solio Lodge
Sosian Lodge
Suyian Soul Camp
Sweetwaters Serena Camp
Tapendoi Farm
Tassia Lodge
The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille
Tumaren Ranch

Routes in Laikipia

A journey through the DRC & northern Kenya -
All the highlights, all in one -
A self-driver’s dream in Kenya -
Conservation, cats and walking safaris in Kenya -
Conservation & culture in Kenya -
Flying high on Mount Kenya -

Meru National Park Safari

Made famous in the 1970s by Joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness, and celebrated for the hordes of game and endless horizons, Meru’s reputation was marred by devastating poaching in the late 1980s. Thankfully, animal numbers are on the rise and there’s even black rhino to be found roaming the rich, grassy plains and lurking in the tropical riverine forest. Despite its riches to rags and back to riches story, Meru is still very much off the beaten tourist track in Kenya, which in our eyes, makes it the perfect time to visit.

Experiences in Meru National Park

Visit Meru's Rhino sanctuary

Lodges in Meru National Park

Elsa's Kopje Lodge
iKWETA Safari Camp
Leopard Rock Lodge
Meru Mobile Safari
Rhino River Camp

Routes in Meru National Park

Kenya’s road less travelled -

Lewa Downs Safari

Lewa’s story begins in 1977 with a man called Ian Craig and a small cattle farm where wildlife roamed free. In the 1980s, as a result of rampant poaching, 5,000 acres was dedicated as a rhino sanctuary, soon increasing to 10,000, before the entire 45,000 acre farm was turned into Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in 1995. Today, the conservancy is a critical part of Kenya’s conservation efforts and the pretty landscapes of gently undulating hills, savannah and patches of swampy papyrus hide an abundance of animals, including some of the rarer Northern species. And if it’s good enough for a royal proposal…

Experiences in Lewa Downs

Day and night drives

Lodges in Lewa Downs

Elewana Kifaru House
Lewa House
Lewa Safari Camp
Lewa Wilderness Lodge
Sirikoi Lodge
Walking Wild

Routes in Lewa Downs

Conservation, cats and walking safaris in Kenya -
Mara to Mahe -

Lake Naivasha safari

Only a short drive from the crowded capital, you might be excused for thinking you’ve hopped across a couple of borders when you catch the first glimpses of the shimmering expanse of Lake Naivasha. Here, pink-eared hippos peer out over the surface, lily-trotters dart around gnarled acacias, and antelope graze lazily on the banks. The lake itself is one of two permanent lakes in the Rift Valley and is also the highest at an altitude of 1890m. Today, it provides crucial irrigation for the battalions of fragrant rose farms that line the roadsides and attracts safari-goers looking for a slower pace of still excellent game viewing.

Experiences in Lake Naivasha

Boating on Lake Naivasha
Game drive around the lake
Walk to Crescent Island

Lodges in Lake Naivasha

Ajabu House
Camp Carnelley's
Chui Lodge
Crater Lake Camp
Dea's Gardens
Elsamere Lodge
Enashipai Resort & Spa
Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort
Hippo Point House
Hippo Point Tower Lodge
Kiangazi House
Kiboko Luxury Camp
Kongoni Lodge
Lake Naivasha Country Club
Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp
Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge
Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge
Loldia House
Naivasha Kongoni Lodge
Olerai House
Sanctuary Farm
Sawela Lodge
Wileli House

Routes in Lake Naivasha

Classic Kenya bush & beach -

Mathew's Range Safari

Located in Kenya’s Northern Frontier, the name may sound rather tame, but 'tame' is one thing Mathew’s Range is not. Definitely in the running for one of the continent’s wildest and most remote areas, this is a place of prehistoric gorges, dense forest and jet-clear streams tumbling over craggy peaks. Most people visit for the phenomenal walking but there are a number of species around, and oryx, gazelle and Grevy’s zebra can be seen grazing alongside squat cattle and their distinctive Samburu owners. Mathew’s Range takes ‘off the beaten track’ to another level, but that extra kilometre is certainly worthwhile…

Experiences in Matthew's Range

Meet the Samburu Tribe

Lodges in Matthew's Range

Kitich Camp
Sarara Tented Camp

Routes in Matthew's Range

The wilds of northern Kenya -

Diani Beach Safari

Just south of the sultry city of Mombassa, Diani’s flawless, postcard-perfect beach is easy to get to and the perfect place to cast off your safari khakis and indulge that inner beach goddess (or God). A laid-back melee of boutique hotels, private houses and castaway-chic retreats, the resort is substantially more sophisticated then some others on the coast, but still perfectly charming. By day, life is all about the warm, turquoise seas with kitesurfing, paddleboarding, snorkelling and sailing on offer. By night, head into town for colourful cocktails as the sun sinks and take your pick of the fabulous restaurants and bars.

Experiences in Diani Beach

Lodges in Diani Beach

AfroChic Diani Beach
Alfajiri Beach Villa
Alfajiri Cliff Villa
Alfajiri Garden Villa
Almanara Boutique Hotel
Amani Tiwi Beach Resort
Bahari Dhow Beach Villas
Baobab Beach Resort & Spa
Cove Retreat Tree Houses
Diani Blue
Diani House
Diani Place
Diani Reef Beach Resort
Diani Sea Resort
Flamboyant Hotel
Forest Dream Eco Resort
Galu Beach Retreat
House on the Beach
Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort
Kaskazi Beach Hotel
Kenya Neptune Paradise
Kenyaways Hotel & Kite Village
Kinondo Kwetu
Lantana Galu Beach
Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort
Leopard Beach Resort
Neptune Palm Beach Resort
Neptune Paradise Village
Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa All Inclusive
Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel
Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa
Ras Kikadini House
Southern Palms
Swahili Beach Resort
The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel
The Sands at Chale Island
The Sands at Nomad
Waterlovers Beach Resort

Routes in Diani Beach

Classic Kenya bush & beach -
Flying high on Mount Kenya -

Nairobi Safari

It may have its challenges, but scratch the surface a little harder and we guarantee you’ll find something you like about Nairobi. The de facto first city of East Africa is a buzzing metropolis of fashion, art and design and a mosaic of vibrant cultures that is most certainly open to visitors. Explore the trendy Westlands area, full of hip restaurants and funky boutiques, venture to the leafy suburb of Karen for some colonial charm or tread the pavements of the CBD for some of the continent’s finest museums. This is one of Africa’s most dynamic cities and we reckon it’s really quite cool.

Experiences in Nairobi

Nairobi National Park

Lodges in Nairobi

67 Airport Hotel
680 Nairobi Hotel
Amber Hotel
Crowne Plaza Nairobi
Dusit D2 Nairobi Hotel
Eka Hotel
Fairview Hotel
Giraffe Manor
Gracehouse Resort
Hemingways Nairobi Hotel
Hilton Nairobi
Hotel La Mada
Hotel Troy
House of Waine
InterContinental Hotel Nairobi
Jacaranda Hotel
JAMBO Chester Hotels
Karen Blixen Coffee Garden & Cottages
Kenya Comfort Hotel
Khweza Bed and Breakfast
Kikuyu Lodge Hotel
LAICO Regency Hotel
Lavington Hill House
Longview Suites Hotel
Macushla House
Mvuli House B&B
Nairobi Safari Club
Nairobi Serena Hotel
Nairobi Tented Camp
Nairobi Upper Hill Hotel
Oakwood Hotel
Ole Dume Serviced Apartments
Ole Sereni Hotel
Ololo Safari Lodge
One Forty Eight Nairobi
Osoita Lodge
Palacina Residence & Suites
Panari Hotel
PrideInn Business Westlands
PrideInn Raphta Suites
Purdy Arms
Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi
Royal Orchid Azure Hotel
Royal Residency
Safari Park Hotel & Casino
Sankara Hotel
Sarova Panafric Hotel
Seasons Airport Hotel
Sentrim Hotel Boulevard
Silver Springs Hotel
Sirona Hotel
Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi
Sovereign Suites Nairobi
Sunrise Hotel
The Boma Hotel
The Boma Inn
The Crowne Plaza Nairobi Airport
The Emakoko
The Fairmont Norfolk Hotel
The Headquarters Inn
The Meridian Court Hotel
The Nest Hotel
The Residence at Karen
The Sarova Stanley
Town Lodge Upper Hill Nairobi
Tribe The Village Market Hotel
Utalii Hotel
Wasini Hotel
Weston Hotel
Wildebeest Eco Camp
Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Routes in Nairobi

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Bush, beach & gorillas in Uganda & Zanzibar -
Classic Kenya bush & beach -
Conservation, cats and walking safaris in Kenya -
Conservation & culture in Kenya -
DRC & Kenya: a bush & beach combination -
Flying high on Mount Kenya -
Kenya’s road less travelled -
Mara to Mahe -
The wilds of northern Kenya -

Tsavo National Park Safari

Tsavo East and West National Parks cover a massive 21 000 square kilometres of vast red-soiled, acacia studded wilderness. Combined, the parks make up one of Kenya's biggest protected areas and is home to some of the largest herds of elephant in Africa. The red dust gives the elephants a famously dark red glow from the mud, as they roam the plains and rolling scrub-covered hills. Tsavo is also a big cat haven, with lion, leopard, cheetah, and serval in abundance. With very few lodges, a visit to this area is an escape into the wilderness, and a truly exclusive experience away from the crowds of the Mara and other more densely populated regions. Tsavo-East is also a fantastic place for photographers with its fabulous light and unbelievable views, in particular the Mudanda Rock, Lugard Falls and Yatta Plateau. And once you have got your fill of Tsavo's incredible wildlife, it's a short hop to the beautiful beaches of southern Kenya.

Experiences in Tsavo National Park

Lodges in Tsavo National Park

Ashnil Aruba Lodge
Finch Hatton's Lodge
Galdessa Camp
Ithumba Hill Private Camp
Ithumba Private Camp
Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge
Kipalo Hills
Lions Bluff Lodge
Ngulia Safari Lodge
Ngutuni Lodge
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge
Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge
Satao Tented Camp
Sentrim Tsavo East
Severin Safari Camp
Tsavo Lion Rock Safari Camp
Tsavo Safari Camp
Voi Wildlife Lodge
Voyager Ziwani Tented Camp
Zomeni Lion Hill Lodge

Routes in Tsavo National Park

Mount Kenya Safari

Often left in the shade by older sister Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya has gained a loyal following of intrepid mountaineers and climbers in recent years and quite rightly so. The second highest mountain on the continent, the twin peaked sentinel stands proudly on the equator, rising dramatically from the rolling plains in a profusion of rugged cliffs and glacial spikes. A climb to the top reveals a stunning landscape of dense forest and rare Afro-Alpine woodland, dotted with sparkling tarns and tropical plants. What Kili steals in height Mt Kenya more than makes up for in sheer beauty.

Experiences in Mount Kenya

Climb mount Kenya

Lodges in Mount Kenya

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club
Liki North Camp
Mount Kenya Climb
Naro Moru River Lodge
Old Moses Mountain Camp
Serena Mountain Lodge
Shipton's Camp

Routes in Mount Kenya

Flying high on Mount Kenya -

Lamu Island Holiday

Lamu Island, part of the larger Lamu Archipelago, is tucked away at the northernmost point of Kenya’s enviable coastline. Very possibly Africa’s ultimate beach hideout, the island is sultry and spicy, bohemian and charming and totally, magnificently contradictory. In Lamu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site of Arabic, Omani and Portugese influences, winding, donkey-filled alleyways lead to elaborate mosques and ornate mahogany doors, perfect for getting lost in. Yet just around the corner are the raw, untouched beaches of Shela, kissed by the turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean and ideal for doing absolutely nothing. And both are just as wonderful as the other.

Experiences in Lamu Island

Lamu Town

Lodges in Lamu Island

Banana House
Betty's Suite
Delta Dunes Lodge
Diamond Beach Village
Fatuma's Tower
Forodhani House
Garden House
Jahazi House
Kijani House
Kipungani Explorer
Kizingo Lodge
Kizingoni Beach
Kizingoni Kabanas
Kusini House
Lamu House Hotel
Mama Daktari House
Manda Bay Lodge
Palm House
Pepo House
Peponi Hotel
Shela's Beach House
The Majlis Resort
Wazi Dubu House

Routes in Lamu Island

Conservation, cats and walking safaris in Kenya -
DRC & Kenya: a bush & beach combination -

Lake Nakuru Safari

Emerging from the shadows of the Great Rift Valley and flanked by craggy escarpments, emerald forests and a waterfall or two, it's Lake Nakuru. Flamingo might spring to mind and quite rightly so - countless nature documentaries have shown the fluorescent clouds of a million pink birds soaring high above the soda lake. Sadly, due to rising water levels, the flamingo population isn’t as high as it once was, but all is not lost. With buffalo, leopard, elephant, black and white rhino and lion all calling the park home, pods of harrumphing hippo in the northern section of the lake, and tens of thousands of glorious water birds in residence, there’s not a moment to get bored.

Experiences in Lake Nakuru

Lodges in Lake Nakuru

Deloraine House
Flamingo Hill Camp
Kembu Cottages
Kiboko Bay Resort
Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge
Mbweha Camp
Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge
Sunbird Lodge Elementaita

Routes in Lake Nakuru

A self-driver’s dream in Kenya -

Aberdare National Park Safari

Lying within easy striking distance of Nairobi, Aberdare Park is a world away from the wide savanna-lands of Kenya's other protected areas. It's an ethereal place of dense rainforest and lush grasslands cut through by wide rivers, ravines and 300-metre-high waterfalls. The park is one of the smallest on the continent, but don’t let that put you off. In its forests, colobus and vervet monkeys swing through the branches, and rare bongo, bushpig, giant hog and black rhino snuffle in the undergrowth. You'll find Africa's classics too – lion, buffalo and elephant. HRH Queen Elizabeth has visited; so should you...

Experiences in Aberdare National Park

Lodges in Aberdare National Park

Aberdare Country Club
Mfangano Island Camp
Rhino Watch Safari Lodge
Sangare Under Canvas
The Ark Lodge
Treetops Hotel

Routes in Aberdare National Park

A self-driver’s dream in Kenya -

Lake Turkana Safari

Sitting at the very northern end of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Lake Turkana shimmers in the heart of an otherworldly landscape that would look more at home on the Moon than planet Earth. It’s the world’s largest desert lake, and its waters stretch seemingly never-ending into panoramas of blackened lava and dramatic calderas. Northern Kenya is remote, and undoubtedly difficult to get to – the best way is probably by helicopter, unless you’re feeling very intrepid – but those who do make the journey are rewarded by visions of one of the most intense and untamed areas left in Africa.

Experiences in Lake Turkana & Surrounds

Lodges in Lake Turkana & Surrounds

Desert Rose Lodge

Routes in Lake Turkana & Surrounds

Mombasa Holiday

It might be Kenya’s second largest hub after Nairobi, but Mombasa really couldn’t be more different. Yes, it’s chaotic, frenzied and maybe even a little bit grimy, but that just adds to the charm of this ancient island city. Historically, Mombasa was the most important port on the East African coastline, where merchants traded spices and gold from far off lands for ivory. Today, it’s a true Swahili town, and the blend of Arabic, Indian and African influences is intoxicating. But if you're looking for white sands and swaying palm trees, then head north or south of the city to the string of idyllic Indian Ocean beaches, and leave the bustle well and truly behind.

Experiences in Mombasa

Lodges in Mombasa

Bahari Beach Hotel
Emrald Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa
Neptune Beach Resort
Nyali Beach Resort
Nyali International Beach Hotel
PrideInn Express Nyali
Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa
Serena Beach Resort & Spa
Severin Sea Lodge
The Reef Hotel
Tijara Beach Hotel

Routes in Mombasa

Watamu & Surrounds

Little, laid back and gloriously low key, Watamu is a slice of unadulterated tranquillity on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast. This isn’t the place to come if you’re looking for the razzmatazz of glittery hotels and cocktail bars – you’re more likely to find old men playing games of bao and untethered donkeys trotting down the village streets than people sipping piña coladas. But the beach is blindingly white and beautiful, and the Watamu Marine National Park offers sublime diving and snorkelling among pristine coral and multi-coloured fish straight out of Finding Nemo. Don’t miss seeing the Gedi Ruins, a mysteriously abandoned Swahili city, or Mida Creek, a tangle of mangroves and tidal wetlands with a profusion of feathered wildlife.

Experiences in Watamu & Surrounds

Lodges in Watamu & Surrounds

Che Shale
Driftwood Beach Club
Hemingways Watamu
Kazi Mingi
Kobe Suite Resort
Lonno Lodge
Medina Palms
Shwari House
Turtle Bay Beach Club
Watamu Tree House

Routes in Watamu & Surrounds

Lesotho Holiday

If we could say one thing about Lesotho, it would be that it’s astoundingly underrated. The tiny kingdom is in fact an independent country surrounded completely by South Africa, yet the two couldn’t be more different. Lesotho is a wild, mountainous place (the lowest altitude is 1000 metres above sea level, believe it or not!), with superlative-laden alpine scenery around every precipitous corner. Most travellers on a Lesotho holiday explore the country on multi-day treks through its dramatic hills and traditional villages, on foot or atop a hardy pony. But if you have a day or two either side, don’t leave in a rush – this is a place for taking it slow and enjoying the legendary hospitality and culture of the local Basotho people.


If we could say one thing about Lesotho, it would be that it’s astoundingly underrated. The tiny kingdom is in fact an independent country surrounded completely by South Africa, yet the two couldn’t be more different. Lesotho is a wild, mountainous place (the lowest altitude is 1000 metres above sea level, believe it or not!), with superlative-laden alpine scenery around every precipitous corner. Most travellers on a Lesotho holiday explore the country on multi-day treks through its dramatic hills and traditional villages, on foot or atop a hardy pony. But if you have a day or two either side, don’t leave in a rush – this is a place for taking it slow and enjoying the legendary hospitality and culture of the local Basotho people.

Experiences in Lesotho

Lodges in Lesotho

Avani Maseru Hotel
Lesotho Sun
Malealea Lodge
Maliba Mountain Lodge
Maliba River Lodge
Molengoane Lodge
Morija Guest House
Orion Katse Lodge
Orion Mohale Lodge
Sani Mountain Lodge
Sehlabathebe National Park Heritage Lodge

Routes in Lesotho

Madagascar Holiday

The world’s fourth-largest island, Madagascar is more like a mini continent. Its remarkable ecosystem supports large numbers of bizarre creatures, and an incredible 80 percent of the critters that call the forests home are endemic – they are not found anywhere else in the world. From lemurs to dancing sifakas and every rainbow-coloured chameleon in between, Madagascar is a wildlife-lover's dream. And then there are the landscapes – eccentric, colourful and full of contrasts, from tropical jungle and parched desert to grassy plateaus and spiny forests. Add a blend of African, Asian and European cultures, and the country becomes one in a million. A Madagascar holiday may cost more than other destinations on the continent, but it’s worth every cent.

Nosy Be Holiday

The turquoise island of Nosy Be is home to some of the country’s most luxurious resorts and top beaches. Despite being Madagascar’s “busiest island” it’s still magically quiet! If you are on the search for hidden gems you are certainly in the right place; surrounding Nosy Be are a number of smaller islands, hidden coves and secret reefs just waiting for enthusiastic divers. Or, if you fancy keeping your head above water then strap on your walking boots and explore the tropical jungle that is Lokebe Nature Reserve in search of lemurs, chameleons and a kaleidoscope of birds.

Experiences in Nosy Be

Lodges in Nosy Be

293 on Komba Lodge
Amarina Hotel
Anjiamarango Beach Resort
Arc en Ciel
Blue Maki Catamaran
Constance Tsarabanjina
Corail Noir Hotel
Eden Lodge
Hotel Floralies
Jardin Vanille
Le Maki Lodge
Les Boucaniers
Manga Soa Lodge
Nosy Be Hotel
Palm Beach Resort
Ravintsara Wellness Hotel
Royal Beach Hotel
Sakatia Lodge
Tsara Komba Lodge
Ulysse Explorer
Vanila Hotel

Routes in Nosy Be

A Big Five safari in Kenya, with the magic of Madagascar -
Island hopping in Madagascar -

Ankarana Reserve Safari

If you are looking for primates you are sure to find them in Ankarana, which has the highest primate density in the world. That means lemurs, mongooses, fossa, tenrecs and civets almost everywhere you look. And if that isn’t enough, then you should also know that this is undeniably one of the best hiking destinations in Madagascar; tropical jungles and limestone spires (the tsingy) reach for the skies atop the largest underground cave network in Africa where you can find the world’s only population of cave-living crocodiles. Don’t forget your flashlight!

Experiences in Ankarana Reserve

Lodges in Ankarana Reserve

Ankarana Lodge
Iharana Bush Camp
The Litchi Tree

Routes in Ankarana Reserve

Nosy Boraha Holiday

Previously Ile Sainte-Marie, Nosy Boraha was once home to many a happy pirate. But despite its shady past, it is now a paradise for visitors in search of a beach break far from the madding crowds. It’s wet and wild mess for most of the year, but between July and September the waters around the island come alive with humpback whales who breed and calve in the warm Indian ocean waters. So, don your rain coats because you sure don’t want to miss that!

Experiences in Nosy Boraha

Lodges in Nosy Boraha

Boraha Village
Dounia Forest Lodge
Hotel Lakana
Hotel Vanivola
La Crique
La Petite Traversee
Libertalia Hotel
Masoandro Lodge
Princesse Bora Lodge
Riake Resort
Sainte Marie Lodge
Soanambo Hotel

Routes in Nosy Boraha

A rainforest and island exploration in Madagascar -
Lemurs & Sunsets: an introduction to Madagascar -

Ranomafana National Park Safari

This beautiful park is part of the Rainforests of Atsiranana, a world heritage site and its thick forest canopy is a haven for an impressive twelve species of lemur including the rare golden lemur and the greater bamboo lemur. Take a few hours, or a few days and strap on your hiking boots for spectacular scenic treks through this ancient leafy wonderland.

Experiences in Ranomafana National Park

Lodges in Ranomafana National Park

Centrest Sejour Hotel
Domaine Nature
Hotel Ambalakely
Hotel Manja
Ihary Hotel - Ranomafana
Lac Hotel
Le Grenat Hotel Ranomafana
Ranomafana Karibotel
Setam Lodge
Tsara Guest House

Routes in Ranomafana National Park

A rainforest and island exploration in Madagascar -

Isalo National Park Safari

Isalo National Park, in Southern Madagascar is said to be the island’s most beautiful park. It’s easy to see why; a hike up to the Canyon des Singes will certainly get you panting but that’s a small price to pay for the watercolour views, which are nothing short of breath-taking. The forest itself is Madagascar’s stage and ring-tailed lemurs leap through the trees and sifakas dance alongside you all the way to the crystal waters of "la piscine naturelle”.

Experiences in Isalo National Park

Lodges in Isalo National Park

Hotel Le Jardin du Roy
Isalo Ranch
Isalo Rock Lodge
Le Relais De La Reine
Les Rênes de l’Isalo
Motel de l'Isalo
Satrana Lodge

Routes in Isalo National Park

A rainforest and island exploration in Madagascar -

Antananarivo Holiday

Sprawling over the rippling hills of central Madagascar, capital city Tana (as it’s affectionately known) is a colourful riot of red roofs, grandiose colonial architecture and towering buildings, all surrounded by mosaics of rice paddies and fields. And yes, it’s as spectacular and chaotic as it sounds! Don’t be put off by the heaving traffic - the city really is worth a wander, from the markets bursting with Malagasy treasures to the unique tiered streets. And if you’re looking for a good meal before you head off on your travels, you could do worse than Tana – several of the restaurants rival Europe’s best and are a mere fraction of the price.

Experiences in Antananarivo

Lodges in Antananarivo

A&C Ivato
Carlton Hotel
Chalet des Roses
Colbert Hotel
Hotel Au Bois Vert
Hotel Belvedere
Hotel de France
Hotel Du Louvre
Ibis Antananarivo Hotel
IC Hotel
Laposoa Hotel
La Residence Lapasoa
Le Pavillon de l'Emyrne
Lokanga Boutique Hotel
Maison Gallieni
Orchid Hotel
Plumeria Hotel
Plumeria Hotel Antsirabe
Red Island Inn
Relais des Plateaux
Sakamanga Hotel
Tamboho Hotel
Tana Plaza

Routes in Antananarivo

A Big Five safari in Kenya, with the magic of Madagascar -
A rainforest and island exploration in Madagascar -
Island hopping in Madagascar -
Lemurs & beach lounging in hidden Madagascar -
Lemurs & Sunsets: an introduction to Madagascar -
Lions & lemurs: a journey through South Africa & Madagascar -

Fort Dauphin Holiday

Fort Dauphin, Taolagnaro, Tolanaro – however you know it, this south-easterly region is Madagascar rolled into one bizarrely brilliant ball. Base yourself in the peninsula town of Fort Dauphin, where tales of shipwrecked pirates abound and the seafood is absurdly good, before venturing further inland to the surreal landscapes hidden within. Explore the spiny forests and exotic flora of Mandrare, trek for lemur darting amongst the treetops, discover the culture of the nomadic Antandroy people and, if you get your timing right, watch the whales dancing in the waves from the pristine beach at Manafiafy.

Experiences in Fort Dauphin

Lodges in Fort Dauphin

Kaleta Hotel
Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge
Mandrare River Camp

Routes in Fort Dauphin

Lemurs & beach lounging in hidden Madagascar -

Diego Suarez Holiday

If you’re travelling to northern Madagascar, chances are you’ll find yourself spending a couple of nights in the genteel town of Diego Suarez (officially Antisaranana since 1975), and that’s not a bad thing. The surrounding ring of rolling hills and the Rio-esque Sugarloaf mountain give you plenty to flash your camera at, and the deep-water harbour is one of the most beautiful in the world. With its wide colonial streets, lined with fragrant stalls of vanilla pods and home-brewed rum, impressive buildings and melting pot of cultures from Creole to Chinese, the town itself is colourful, compact and a whole lot of fun. Just don’t try to do anything between 12pm and 3pm when the locals retreat for their well-earned siesta…

Experiences in Diego Suarez

Lodges in Diego Suarez

Ambre Nature Lodge
Babaomby Island Lodge
Hotel de la Baie
Le Domaine De Fontenay
Le Grand Hotel Diego
Royal Sakalava Hotel
Time + Tide Miavana

Routes in Diego Suarez

Lions & lemurs: a journey through South Africa & Madagascar -

Anjajavy Holiday

Welcome to Anjajavy, an idyllically remote nature reserve on Madagascar’s north-western coast. Perched on the very end of a spindly peninsula, the reserve is only accessible by air and getting there is anything but simple (is anything in Madagascar?!). Encompassing lush deciduous forests and floating mangroves, wild beaches and azure waters, Anjajavy is home to some of the island’s most fascinating wildlife. Look carefully, and you’ll spot no less than five species of lemur (including the Coquerel's sifaka), leaf-nosed bats and lumbering tortoises, bushpigs and chameleons. And after all that excitement, kick back and relax on a private beach and watch the pirogues drift into the sunset. There’s no reason not to fall in love with Anjajavy.

Experiences in Anjajavy Reserve

Lodges in Anjajavy Reserve

Anjajavy L'Hotel
Terres Blanches

Routes in Anjajavy Reserve

Lemurs & Sunsets: an introduction to Madagascar -

Andesibe Holiday

Lemurs. Not found anywhere else in the world, these charismatic primates abound in Madagascar, and the best place to see them? Andasibe. Probably the most popular wildlife destination on the island and covered in a thick blanket of montane rainforest, a trip here will uncover 13 lemur species, including the brown, grey bamboo and woolly lemurs, as well as dazzling rainbow-coloured chameleons and a host of kaleidoscopic butterflies. But what’s really special about Andasibe is the Indri (or Perinet) Special Reserve, home to the world’s largest lemur, the Indri. Waking up early in the morning and following their haunting, whale-like calls through the trees is an experience unlike any other...

Experiences in Andasibe

Lodges in Andasibe

Andasibe Hotel
Eulophiella Lodge
Feon'ny Ala
Grace Lodge
Mantadia Lodge
Mikalo Hotel
Saha Forest Camp
Vakona Forest Lodge

Routes in Andasibe

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Tsingy De Bemaraha

Venture into Madagascar’s newest national park (it was only opened to the public in 1998) and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tsingy, and you’ll uncover a world beyond your wildest dreams. There’s razor-sharp rocks, plunging canyons and 11 (very hardy) species of lemur but as the name suggests, the park is most famous for its ‘tsingy’ - sharp, limestone pinnacles that reach almost 150 feet into the air, carved out by years of monsoon winds and tectonic activity. Although much of the landscape is impenetrable, enlist a guide to help you navigate the ropes, walkways and chains and gaze down at the incredible spread below. It really is worth the effort.

Experiences in Tsingy De Bemaraha

Lodges in Tsingy De Bemaraha

Chez Maggie
Côte Ouest Palissandre
Le Grand Hotel du Tsingy de Bemaraha
Lodge de La Saline
Orchidee du Bemaraha
Soleil des Tsingys
Vazimba Hotel

Routes in Tsingy De Bemaraha

Malawi safari

Dubbed the friendliest country in Africa, Malawi offers holiday a holiday that is the perfect add-on to any southern African safari. For a good dose of R&R, head to Lake Malawi. Known as the "Lake of Stars", the shimmering expanse of water is one of the largest lakes on the continent – so big, in fact, that you'd be forgiven for thinking you were beside the Indian Ocean. Here, it’s time for freshwater diving, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking or just some good old-fashioned beach time on the sandy shores. For something more active, the dramatic peaks of Mount Mulanje and the Zomba Plateau in the south provide incredible hiking opportunities. Venture further north to the Nyika Plateau and some beautiful walking trails through the rolling grasslands.

Lake Malawi Holiday

Legend has it that when the explorer David Livingstone arrived on the shores of Lake Malawi, he observed thousands of lanterns on fishing boats shimmering across the vast expanse of water, and called it "The Lake of Stars". Today you might not find quite as many fishing craft on the enormous, freshwater lake, but you will find hundreds of colourful cichlids flitting beneath the gin-clear water, crescents of golden-sand beaches and a smattering of idyllic lodges cocooned on the shoreline. Snorkelling, diving, boating and kayaking are all on offer to pass your days, or you can simply sit back and gaze at the sun-dappled lake in all its calm, serene and peaceful glory.

Experiences in Lake Malawi

Explore Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi hiking trails
Lake Malawi Watersport's
Sailing Lake Malawi
Snorkel with endemic fish in pristine Lake Malawi

Lodges in Lake Malawi

Baobab Lodge
Blue Zebra Island Lodge
Cape Mac Lodge
Chintheche Inn
Chitimba Camp
Chitimba Lodge
Danforth Lodge
Domwe Island Camp
Fish Eagle Bay Lodge
Kande Beach Lodge
Kaya Mawa
Mabuya Camp
Madzi Kuwala Lake Retreat
Makuzi Beach Lodge
Mgoza Lodge
Mumbo Island Camp
Ndomo House
Ngala Beach Lodge
Njaya Lodge
Norman Carr Cottage
Pumulani Lodge
Safari Beach Lodge
The Makokola Retreat
Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Routes in Lake Malawi

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Liwonde National Park Safari

For a dose of traditional safari in the "Land of the Lake", make a beeline for Malawi’s most famous wildlife area, Liwonde National Park. An eccentric mix of classic Zambia (think stout sausage trees, palms and baobobs) and a little bit of southern Tanzania (swampy lagoons and pretty reed-beds), the park is not a tick-off-the-Big-Five sort of place. Instead, you’ll find yawning hippo and snoozing crocs on the banks of the Shire River, and sable, oribi, zebra and kudu roaming the plains. Leopard and lion make up the predator quota and excitingly there’s an excellent number of elephant, and even black rhino. And the icing on the cake? Liwonde is a birding paradise.

Experiences in Liwonde National Park

Lodges in Liwonde National Park

Kuthengo Camp
Mvuu Camp
Mvuu Camp
Mvuu Lodge

Routes in Liwonde National Park

An adventure through the hotspots of Malawi -
Bush & beach, Malawi-style -
The highlights of southern Malawi -

Nyika National Park Safari

The primary reason not to ignore the north of Malawi, Nyika National Park is unlike anywhere else on the continent. Covering much of the Nyika Plateau (a staggering 2500 metres at its highest point), the bucolic landscape of rolling hills, dreamy views and flower-strewn grasslands is breathtaking. You’ll find a good spread of wildlife dotted across the hills and valleys, including zebra, eland, roan, elephant and even leopard, and traditional 4x4 game drives are an excellent way to explore. But if there’s one thing not to miss, it’s the world-class walking and hiking – truly the best way to witness the stunning flora at the closest of quarters.

Experiences in Nyika National Park

Lodges in Nyika National Park

Chelinda Camp
Chelinda Lodge

Routes in Nyika National Park

Malawi’s highlands & islands -

Lilongwe Holiday

Sprawling, a little chaotic and seemingly never-ending, Malawi’s capital city Lilongwe has a dynamic atmosphere that's a far cry from the laid-back vibe pervading the rest of the country. But then, that’s what a capital city is all about! It’s a city of two halves – the Old Town and the New Town. The former is a medley of residential and commercial buildings, lively restaurants selling every type of food imaginable, and bustling markets selling even more. By contrast, the New Town is the commercial centre, with gleaming offices and high rises. Dotted around both halves are restaurants of the hidden gem variety, beautiful green oases and a couple of elegant boutique hotels, which make a visit wonderfully worthwhile.

Experiences in Lilongwe

Lodges in Lilongwe

Dzalanyama Forest House
Heuglin’s Lodge
Kumbali Country Lodge
Latitude 13
Madidi Lodge

Routes in Lilongwe

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A wilderness retreat in northern Malawi -
Bush & beach, Malawi-style -
Malawi’s highlands & islands -

Majete Wildlife Reserve Safari

If you were to find yourself in what is now Majete Wildlife Reserve in 2002, you wouldn’t have found very much: desolate landscapes, plenty of poachers and certainly not a sniff of an animal. Then, in 2003, along came the magnificent non-profit organisation African Parks, which has introduced more than 2500 animals to the rugged wilderness. In 2012, the reserve became the first in Malawi to house all members of the Big Five. Today, alongside elephant, buffalo and big cats, you’ll find sable, eland, zebra and hippo, enthusiastic guides with the biggest smiles on the continent, and a swanky new camp to complete the experience.

Experiences in Majete Wildlife Reserve

Lodges in Majete Wildlife Reserve

Mkulumadzi Lodge
Thawale Lodge

Routes in Majete Wildlife Reserve

An adventure through the hotspots of Malawi -

Mulanje and the Highlands Holiday

Imagine a sea of rolling tea fields dotted with pretty colonial houses, and pristine lowland forests watched over by towering mountains wrapped in wispy clouds. No, we’re not in Kenya – these are the Southern Highlands, Malawi’s answer to Out of Africa. The glimmering mountains are the Mulanje Massif, proclaimed a forest reserve in 1927, and home to exceptional walking, cycling, climbing, trekking and horse-riding trails. If that all sounds a bit strenuous, then the beautiful tea plantations provide the perfect antidote. Who’s for croquet on the lawn and a decadent afternoon of tea and cakes?

Experiences in Mulanje & the Highlands

Lodges in Mulanje & the Highlands

Chawani Bungalow
Huntingdon House

Routes in Mulanje & the Highlands

An adventure through the hotspots of Malawi -
The highlights of southern Malawi -

Zomba Holiday

Lake Malawi aside, what else might you stumble across in southern Malawi? Let us introduce you to Zomba, a spectacular mountain and forest reserve dominated by Zomba Plateau, a statuesque 1800-metre monolith. The massif might not be as dramatic as Mount Mulanje, but it's hard to beat for a spot of leisurely hiking and outdoor exploring. Meander along the trails that crisscross the summit; enjoy the views of old Zomba town below; cycle through the trees (admiring the large tracts of cedar, pine and cypress); and cool your toes in the clear waterfalls. Or fish in the trout dams. Who needs a lake?

Experiences in Zomba

Lodges in Zomba

Malawian Style Zomba Cottage
Sunbird Ku Chawe Hotel
Zomba Forest Lodge

Routes in Zomba

The highlights of southern Malawi -

Blantyre Holiday

If you’re venturing to the south of Malawi, you may well find yourself in the gentle town of Blantyre. Named after the Scottish birthplace of explorer David Livingstone, there’s not much to differentiate the historical town from any other in Africa, but we rather like it. It could be its handsome backdrop of verdant hills and misty mountain peaks. Maybe it’s the laid-back atmosphere and intriguing history, or even the excellent choice of restaurants and guesthouses. Whatever its appeal, you’re sure to find something in Blantyre to pass a day or two – you may just fall for its charms too.

Experiences in Blantyre

Lodges in Blantyre

Casa Mia
Game Haven Lodge
Protea Hotel Ryalls
Villa 33

Routes in Blantyre

The highlights of southern Malawi -

Mauritius holiday

Dreaming of powder-white sand, swirling sapphire waters and a cocktail glass of something exotic? Then look no further than Mauritius, the Indian Ocean’s palm-fringed superpower and original beach paradise. As well as sun-lounging and cocktail-sipping, there are plenty of adventures to be had and lush tropical rainforests, spectacular steep-rising mountains and epic waterfalls crying out to be explored. If the ocean is more your thing, diving and snorkelling in pristine underwater gardens alongside a kaleidoscope of tropical fish is next-level fabulous, not forgetting the waterskiing, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing… Whatever happens, we guarantee that you will never be bored on a Mauritius holiday.

Mauritius holiday

Dreaming of powder-white sand, swirling sapphire waters and a martini glass of something exotic? Then look no further than Mauritius, the Indian Ocean’s palm fringed superpower and original beach paradise. As well as sun-lounging and cocktail-sipping, there are plenty of adventures to be had and lush tropical rainforests, spectacular steep-rising mountains and epic waterfalls cry out to be explored. If the ocean is more your thing, diving and snorkelling in pristine underwater gardens alongside kaleidoscopes of tropical fish is next-level fabulous, not forgetting the waterskiing, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing… Whatever happens, we guarantee that you will never be bored in Mauritius.

Experiences in Mauritius

Kitesurfing the islands

Lodges in Mauritius

20 Degrees Sud
20 Degres Sud Boutique Hotel
Aanari Hotel & Spa
Ambre Resort & Spa Hotel
Anahita The Resort
Angsana Balaclava Mauritius
Baystone Boutique Hotel & Spa
Belle Mare Plage Resort
Blue Lagoon Beach Hotel
Blumarine Attitude Hotel
Calodyne Sur Mer Hotel
Casuarina Resort
Club Med Albion Villas
Club Med La Pointe Aux Canonniers
Coin de Mire
Constance Belle Mare Plage
Constance Le Prince Maurice
Cotton Bay Hotel
Dinarobin Hotel & Spa
Émeraude Beach Attitude
Emeraude Beach Hotel
Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita
Gold Beach Resort Hotel
Hennessy Park Hotel
Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort
Heritage Le Telfair Gold & Spa Resort
Heritage The Villas
Hibiscus Beach Resort & Spa
Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa
Holiday Inn Mauritius Airport
Hotel Riu Creole
Hotel Sofitel So Mauritius
Hotel Sugar Beach
InterContinental Mauritius Resort Hotel
Klondike Hotel
Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel
Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa
Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge
La Maison D'ETE
La Palmeraie Hotel
La Pirogue Hotel
La Plantation d'Albion Club Med
La Residence Luxury Beach Apartments
Le Canonnier Hotel
Le Cardinal Resort
Le Mauricia Hotel
Le Meridien Hotel - Mauritius
Le Palmiste Resort & Spa
Le Preskil Beach Resort
Le Saint Georges Hotel
Le Suffren Hotel
Le Victoria Hotel
Long Beach Resort
LUX* Belle Mare Hotel
LUX* Grand Gaube Resort
LUX* Le Morne Hotel
Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa
Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel
Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius
Marlin Creek Residence
Merville Beach Hotel
Mont Choisy Hotel
Mourouk Ebony Hotel
Movenpick Resort & Spa
One&Only Le Saint Géran Hotel
Outrigger Mauritius Resort
Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa
Paradis Hotel
Paul & Virginie Hotel
Pearle Beach Resort & Spa
Radisson Blue Grand Azuri Resort & Spa
Radisson Blue Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa
Récif Attitude
Royal Palm Hotel
Sakoa Boutik Hotel
Sands Resort Mauritius
Shandrani Resort & Spa
Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa
Shanti Maurice A Nira Resort
Silver Beach Hotel
Sofitel L'Impérial Resort & Spa
Solana Beach Hotel
Sugar Beach Resort
Tamarina Boutique Hotel
Tamassa Hotel
The Bay Hotel Mauritius
The Oberoi Mauritius
The Ravenala Attitude Resort
The Residence Hotel
The St. Regis Mauritius Resort
The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa
Tropical Attitude Hotel
Trou Aux Biches Resort & Spa
Veranda Grand Baie Hotel
Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel
Veranda Pointe aux Biches
Zilwa Attitude

Routes in Mauritius

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Mozambique holiday

Mozambique is not on the "traditional" African safari circuit, but that’s just one of the reasons we love it. Where else in the world can you combine a tropical beach getaway on the warm Indian Ocean with a spectacular wildlife safari, and all without the crowds? It can be expensive to travel to Mozambique, but the country’s unrivalled beauty and wildness make it worth every cent. White beaches fringed with thousands of mango trees, shocking blue seas filled with whale sharks and dugongs, and the stunning Gorongosa and Niassa national reserves are just some of the highlights you can squeeze in to a Mozambique holiday.

Bazaruto Holiday

A world-class diving hotspot, a honeymoon haven and wild and spectacular beach getaway – Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago ticks many boxes. Declared a national park in 2000, the archipelago brims with dive sites that are among the best in the world, and rare dugong, seahorses, manta rays and whale sharks are regular visitors. This is the place for first-timers or experienced divers to take the plunge! Explore the long remote beaches, untouched by man for years; visit the charming lodges; and enjoy easy, laid-back island living. Bazaruto is the perfect addition to a southern Africa safari, we think you’ll agree.

Experiences in Bazaruto

Island living in Bazaruto

Lodges in Bazaruto

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa
Pestana Bazaruto Lodge

Routes in Bazaruto

South Africa’s classic bush, beach & city escape -

Quirimbas Holiday

If you’re still deciding whether to visit the Quirimbas, here’s our shortlist to help you make up your mind… Firstly, it’s astoundingly beautiful—32 white-hot atolls, ranging in size from tiny coral sandbars to larger inhabited islands, ringed by intricate patterns of dense mangroves and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Which brings us to the second reason; the waters. Vamizi and Quilalea are among the top diving spots in the world with 350 species of tropical fish calling the pristine reef home as well as humpback whales, turtles and the enigmatic dugong. And the third? No one else knows about it, so if you hurry, you’ll have this charming paradise all to yourself…

Experiences in The Quirimbas

Scuba diving in the Quirimbas Archipelago

Lodges in The Quirimbas

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort
Azura Quilalea
&Beyond Vamizi Island
Guludo Beach Lodge
Ibo Island Lodge
Miti Miwiri
Mogundula island
Quirimbas Mobile Dhow Safari

Routes in The Quirimbas

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Benguerra Island holiday

The beautiful Benguerra Island is a tropical gem off the coast of Mozambique. Declared a National Park in 1971, the island is the second largest of the Bazaruto Archipelago and home to Africa's only population of the rare dugong. The island is also rich in wildlife, with over 140 bird species in the forests, wetlands and freshwater lakes in the interior. The warm waters beyond the shore are also brimming with fish and stunning corals. There are activities to keep to having fun for days: Sail a traditional Dhow boat, enjoy a dive in the warm, clear water; snorkel, or take part in an epic deep sea fishing adventure.

Experiences in Benguerra Island

Deep sea fishing
Indian Ocean Islands
Island Hopping
Sail on a traditional dhow

Lodges in Benguerra Island

Azura Benguerra
&Beyond Benguerra Island Lodge

Routes in Benguerra Island

Zimbabwe in style -

Maputo Holiday

This sprawling port city is Mozambique's economic centre with a warm and throbbing heart. The city's trade history brought cultures from all the corners of the earth. While the most dominant are the Bantu and Portuguese, there are also Arab, Indian and Chinese footprints. The downtown neighbourhood, Baixa, is lined with jacaranda trees and pretty colonial Portuguese architecture, with its wrought-iron balustrades, is most striking. Beyond, Indian traders sell spices in side streets and fishermen trade in the broad coastal boulevard. Relax in shady street café's by day and live the legendary music bars by night.

Experiences in Maputo & Surrounds

Lodges in Maputo & Surrounds

Baia Sonâmbula
Catembe Gallery Hotel
Coco Cabanas
Coco Rico Resort
Colina Verde
DevOcean Resort
Gala-Gala Eco Resort
Guesthouse 1109
Hotel Cardoso
Hotel Continental
Hotel Phaphalati
Hotel Tofo Mar
Kaya Kweru Lodge
Machangulo Beach Lodge
Marracuene Lodge
Montebelo Girassol Maputo Hotel
Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge & Safari
Nhoxani Braby Villa
Nhoxani Celliers Villa
Nhoxani The Deck House
Pestana Inhaca Lodge
Pestana Rovuma Hotel
Polana Serena Hotel
Ponta Malongane Rest Camp
Ponto Malongane Holiday Resort
Praia de Ouro Sul
Radisson Blu Hotel Maputo
Southern Sun Maputo
Tartaruga Maritima Tented Camp
Turismo Hotel
Vip Maputo Hotel

Routes in Maputo & Surrounds

Vilanculos Holiday

The expression "Africa time" was probably coined in Vilanculos, a tiny, tropical village on Mozambique’s southern Indian Ocean coastline. It’s unapologetically laid-back, things definitely don’t get done on time and it’s the best antidote to big-city life that we could imagine. A lot of people skip through Vilanculos on their way to the Bazaruto Archipelago, but there are excellent reasons to stay put for a while. How about colourful market stalls to explore and friendly restaurants selling fresh crab to nibble on? Maybe a dhow safari through the pristine marine national park, and some damn fine lodges to stay in, spilling out onto the squeaky sand beach? Yes please!

Experiences in Vilanculos

Lodges in Vilanculos

Archipelago Sun Resort
Bahia Mar
Casa Babi
Casa Cabana Beach
Casa Chibububo Lodge
Casa Rex
Dugong Beach Lodge
Nyati Beach Lodge
Pambele Lodge
Rio Azul
Sailaway Dhow Safaris
Santorini Boutique Hotel
Santorini Mozambique
Vila Do Paraiso
Vilanculos Beach Lodge
Villa of Dreams

Routes in Vilanculos

Walking safaris & canoe expeditions in Zimbabwe -

Ponta Do Ouro Holiday

Spend your days snorkelling and surfing, and then dance the night away in the funky town.

Experiences in Ponta Do Ouro

Lodges in Ponta Do Ouro

Paraiso Do Ouro Resort
Ponta View Hotel
Vista Alta 21
White Pearl Resorts

Routes in Ponta Do Ouro

Xai Xai Holiday

On the road north through Mozambique, about 100 km past Maputo, the cashew-nut sellers come out in force. Then you’ll see the piri-piri stalls selling hundreds (and hundreds) of bottles of Mozambique’s iconic hot chilli sauce. And then comes Xai Xai. Unless you’re looking for some fuel and a sugary drink, give the town a miss and head straight to the powdery sands of Praia de Xai Xai. This is rustic Mozambique at its best, where charming, ecofriendly hotels overlook wild and wonderful beaches, and the scenery is absurdly breathtaking. Spend your days diving and fishing the deep waters, picking coconuts and bartering with locals for avocados, or simply wander the long beaches, sand between your toes and the wind in your hair.

Experiences in Xai Xai

Lodges in Xai Xai

Naara Eco Lodge

Routes in Xai Xai

Inhambane Holiday

With more than a millennium of history under its belt, the waterside town of Inhambane is one of the oldest in Mozambique. Part colonial relic, with its jumble of eccentric Portuguese and Arabic architecture; part European seaside resort, thanks to its café-lined streets and Mediterranean climate, the sleepy town is also unmistakably African and totally charming. When you’ve finished wandering the streets, the beautiful bay offers up several surprises, from waters filled with manta rays and rare dugong to secluded sandy beaches and wild coves. On the other side of the peninsula, behind the coconut groves and cashew fields, you’ll find superb diving at honeymoon favourite Barra, and sweeping, story-book beaches at Tofo.

Experiences in Inhambane

Lodges in Inhambane

Amigo Lodge
Baia Sonambula
Barra Beach Club
Bayview Lodge
Bay View Lodge
Blue Footprints Eco Lodge
Café No Mar
Casa na Praia
Dunes De Dovela
Farol da Barra
Hotel Tofo Mar
Massinga Beach Lodge
Mozambeat Motel
Oyster Bay Estate
Tartaruga Beach
Travessia Beach Lodge

Routes in Inhambane

Gorongosa National Park Safari

Gorongosa has been through a lot in its relatively short life as a national park. Once one of Africa's finest, with superb populations of predators and herbivores, the sanctuary has been decimated by civil war, recovered, fallen foul of unrest again, and has even been a playground for Hollywood actors. So what’s happening now? Gorongosa is currently undergoing a complete transformation under the auspices of the Carr Foundation, a US not-for-profit organisation, in partnership with the Mozambican Government. Expected to take 20 years to complete, the project is still in its early stages, but Gorongosa already boasts good populations of oribi, waterbuck, warthog, sable, elephant and lion, among others – we can only hope it gets better and better.

Experiences in Gorongosa National Park

Lodges in Gorongosa National Park

Muzimu Tented Camp

Routes in Gorongosa National Park

Pemba Holiday

Not to be confused with Pemba island in Tanzania, this Pemba is a small, colonial town in northern Mozambique. The gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago and Niassa Reserve, it's a regular one-night stopover for travellers, but we think it's worthy of a night or two more... Firstly, the Bay of Pemba is magnificent. One of the deepest natural harbours in the world, it’s lined with cotton-candy sand (Wimbe Beach is the loveliest) and a smattering of beachy, barefoot lodges. The translucent waters are a hotspot for diving, snorkelling and, further afield, big game fishing. And if you need one more reason, a stroll around Paquitequette, the town's colourful Muslim Quarter, provides a peep into traditional Mozambique.

Experiences in Pemba

Lodges in Pemba

Avani Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa
Chuiba Bay Lodge
Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort
Situ Island Resort
Ulala Lodge

Routes in Pemba

Niassa National Reserve Safari

From the Quirimbas Archipelago, it's a mere hop, skip and jump across to the mainland to visit Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve – one of Africa’s largest conservation areas, and one of its best kept secrets. Now, the Serengeti this is not; no antelope hordes stream across the plains, and no big cats lurk around every corner. But that’s not the point of Niassa. A safari here is about discovering endless, untouched landscapes and a feeling of remoteness unlike anywhere else in the world. That’s not to say you won’t add a few ticks to your wildlife list – at the last count, there were 12,000-plus elephant and 6,000 buffalo, plenty of lion, leopard and hunting dog and three intriguing subspecies, the Niassa wildebeest, Boehm’s zebra and Johnston’s impala.

Experiences in Niassa National Reserve

Lodges in Niassa National Reserve

Lugenda Wilderness Camp

Routes in Niassa National Reserve

Lake Niassa Holiday

You would be excused for thinking that Lake Malawi was, well, Malawian, but the crystal-clear lake actually forms the border between Malawi and Mozambique’s most north-westerly point. Lake Niassa is the name Mozambicans call this iconic body of water and, although the Malawian side is far from busy, the Mozambique shores are remote, underdeveloped and pristine. Crescents of squeaky sand give way to translucent waters flooded with colourful cichlids and, on land, prehistoric granite boulders rub shoulders with towering baobabs. Accommodation is of the barefoot, hammock-swaying variety and there’s not much of it around either, keeping this halcyon paradise hidden from those who don’t know where to look.

Experiences in Lake Niassa

Lodges in Lake Niassa

Nkwichi Lodge

Routes in Lake Niassa

Limpopo National Park Safari

Connected to the ever-famous Kruger National Park in South Africa, making one of the largest conservation areas in the world at 35,000 square kilometres (known as the Great Transfrontier Limpopo Park), Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park has been largely off limits in recent years. But not any more. Limpopo is a magical and wild place, where raw and real experiences reign supreme – think tracking lion through the tangled vegetation, watching trunk-swinging, ear-flapping elephant at close quarters, and spotting mysterious birdlife high in the trees. Wildlife densities might not be quite at the staggering numbers of the Kruger, but 6000-plus four-legged creatures have crossed the border from Kruger, and the mighty Shingwedzi River draws animals from far and wide. Really, Limpopo will only get better and better…

Experiences in Limpopo National Park

Lodges in Limpopo National Park

Machampane Wilderness Camp

Routes in Limpopo National Park

Nampula Holiday

You may never have heard of northern Mozambique’s Nampula Province, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. In fact, we’ve got two very, very good reasons why it should be on your travel list. The first is the scenery. Inland, you’ll find verdant landscapes dotted with koppies and rising mountains. Head to the coast, and you’ll find yourself on a rugged tropical coastline, dotted with traditional fishing villages and a couple of fabulous lodges for the best kind of off-the-beaten-track beach holiday. And our second reason is Ilha de Mozambique. Three kilometres offshore, the island is Mozambique's old capital, and the country's only UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a warm, welcoming and sunny sort of place, full of splendid buildings, quirky streets, and children asking the strange visitors for ‘Photo?’. We love it already!

Experiences in Nampula & Surrounds

Lodges in Nampula & Surrounds

Coral Lodge 15.41
Jardim Dos Aloes
Nuarro Lodge
Terraco Das Quitandas
Villa Sands

Routes in Nampula & Surrounds

Namibia safari

There's something special about Namibia. Perhaps it's the arid nothingness of the blood-red deserts or the stark beauty of the Skeleton Coast? Maybe it’s the endless salt pans, the glorious wildlife or the towering dunes of Sossusvlei? Whatever the potion, those who embark on a Namibia safari are changed forever, and return again and again. Quad bike in the roaring dunes of the Namib Desert in the southeast of the country, visit star attraction Etosha National Park in the north or self-drive the length of the country along the eerie Skeleton Coast – an extraordinary experience, and a way to truly feel the soul of Namibia.

Etosha Holiday

Known for its blood-red sandy vistas, Namibia also has its fair share of big beasties and there’s no better place to spot them than in Etosha National Park. Characterised by an expansive, glittering salt pan the size of Holland, Etosha is a photographer's dream. Wildlife congregates around the few waterholes in the south, making game viewing delightful and really rather easy – simply stop the vehicle and wait for the animals to arrive, in their thousands. During the rains, the pan morphs into a luscious lagoon, attracting flamingo and pelican in their droves. This is one of the continent’s wildlife-viewing hotspots, where mesmerising sightings against a startlingly beautiful landscape are a given.

Experiences in Etosha

Boma dinner under the stars
Etosha waterholes: let the wildlife come to you
Game drive in Etosha

Lodges in Etosha

Andersson’s Camp
Bambatsi Guest Farm
Buschberg Guestfarm
Dolomite Camp
Eagle Tented Camp
Eldorado B&B
Emanya@Etosha Game Lodge
Epacha Game Lodge & Spa
Etosha Heights Safarihoek Lodge
Etosha Safari Camp
Etosha Safari Lodge
Gabus Game Ranch
Gelbingen Lodge and Safaris
Gelukspoort Gästefarm
Guestfarm Otjitambi
Halali Resort
Little Ongava
Matunda Guestfarm
Mokuti Etosha Lodge
Mondjila Safari Camp
Mopane Village Lodge
Mushara Bush Camp
Mushara Lodge
Mushara Outpost
Namatubis Lodge
Namutoni Resort
Okaukuejo Camp
Okutala Etosha Lodge
Onduri Hunting Safaris
Ongava Lodge
Ongava Tented Camp
Onguma Bush Camp
Onguma Etosha Aoba Lodge
Onguma Tented Camp
Onguma The Fort
Onguma Tree Top Camp
Onkoshi Camp
Otjitotongwe Cheetah Guest Farm
Royal Impala Lodge
Taleni Etosha Village
Tandala Ridge Lodge
Tarentaal Guest Farm
Toshari Lodge (Etosha Gateway)
!Uris Safari Lodge
Villa Mushara
Vreugde Guest Farm

Routes in Etosha

A classic Namibian self-drive journey -
A self-driving circuit of northern Namibia -
Classic Namibia by plane -
Namibia: safaris, dunes & shipwrecks -
The hidden gems of Namibia -
The ultimate Namibian flying safari -

Sossusvlei safari

Watching the sun rise over Sossusvlei is one of those experiences that just changes you. As the light creeps slowly above the horizon, it catches the tips of the great red dunes, casting magnificent shadows on the desert floor. Located in the Namib-Naukluft Park, the largest conservation area in Africa, Sossusvlei's great dunes seem to rise up magically from the dry pan. Spend the day walking up to the crests for epic views, or take a drive along the main road and watch oryx and zebra making their way below the towering walls of sand. At night, the Milky Way above Sossusvlei is brighter than anywhere else in Africa (honestly).

Experiences in Sossusvlei

Hot air balloon over Sossusvlei
Photography at Deadvlei
The Epic Dune 45
The Oldest Desert in the World

Lodges in Sossusvlei

A Little Sossus Lodge
Betesda Lodge
&Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Desert Homestead Outpost
Desert Quiver Camp
Hoodia Desert Lodge
Kulala Adventurer Camp
Kulala Desert Lodge
Le Mirage Resort & Spa
Little Kulala Lodge
Moon Mountain Lodge
Mountain Homestead
Namib Desert Lodge
Namib Dune Star
Nubib Mountain Hunting Guest Farm
Sossus Dune Lodge
Sossus Under Canvas
Sossusvlei Desert Camp
Sossusvlei Lodge
The Desert Homestead
Zebra River Lodge

Routes in Sossusvlei

A classic Namibian self-drive journey -
A short and sweet dash through the highlights of Namibia -
Classic Namibia by plane -
The ultimate Namibian flying safari -

Damaraland safari

Choosing the most scenic area of this stunning country is near impossible, but we think Damaraland might just edge the title. This is Africa at its unlimited, rugged best; a place where mysterious flat-topped lava mountains and eerie petrified trees cast shadows across the blood red terrain and where colossal granite boulders, covered in hundreds of ancient drawings, stand like proud sentinels. And in the heart of this seemingly inhospitable landscape are herds of mountain zebra and gemsbok, black rhino and the remarkable desert elephants. Although parts of the land have been designated ‘concession areas’ tourism is still limited, making a visit to this unspoiled corner even more spectacular.

Experiences in Damaraland

Track desert elephants
Twyfelfontein rock art
Visit a 260 million-year-old forest

Lodges in Damaraland

Aabadi Mountain Camp
Alpec Bushcamp & Gamepark
Camp Kipwe
Damaraland Adventurer Camp
Damaraland Camp
Damara Mopane Lodge
Desert Rhino Camp
Doro Nawas Camp
Ekongo Farm
Etendeka Mountain Camp
Etosha Mountain Lodge
Grootberg Lodge
Huab Lodge
Huab Trails
Huab Under Canvas
iGowati Lodge
Kamanjab Rest Camp
Khorixas Rest Camp
Mowani Mountain Camp
Namibia Horse Safari: Damara Elephant Safari
Omatendeka Tented Camp
Oppi-Koppi Restcamp
Palmwag Lodge
Palmwag Rhino Camp
Porcupine Camp
Sheya Shuushona Lodge
Sorris Sorris Lodge
Toko Lodge
Twyfelfontein Country Lodge
Ugab Terrace Lodge
Vingerklip Lodge

Routes in Damaraland

A classic Namibian self-drive journey -
A self-driving circuit of northern Namibia -
A short and sweet dash through the highlights of Namibia -
Classic Namibia by plane -
Namibia: safaris, dunes & shipwrecks -
The hidden gems of Namibia -

Skeleton Coast Safari

Looking down over the enormous bleached whalebones and crumbling shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast’s ghostly north shore from the window of a light aircraft is, quite simply, mind-blowing. This is the “Land God Created in Anger” as it's known by the San bushmen and it certainly seems at first glance that nothing could possibly survive. But look again and you’ll discover tiny plants flourishing in the sand, giraffe and springbok along the coastal riverbeds and, of course, the remarkable desert elephants. If your bucket list includes somewhere utterly remote with a good dose of epic wildlife and astounding scenery, then the Skeleton Coast National Park is the place for you.

Experiences in Skeleton Coast

Day trip to see the desert oases
Game drive to find desert adapted animals
Skeleton Coast camping expedition
Skeleton Coast flying safari

Lodges in Skeleton Coast

Cape Cross Lodge
Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Hoanib Valley Camp
Kuidas Camp
Leylandsdrift Camp
Skeleton Coast Flying Safaris - Safari A
Skeleton Coast Safaris
Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge
Terrace Bay

Routes in Skeleton Coast

Namibia: safaris, dunes & shipwrecks -
The hidden gems of Namibia -
The ultimate Namibian flying safari -

Namibrand Nature Reserve Safari

Our hottest tip for Namibia: sneak past the hordes of tourists at Sossusvlei and head straight for the NamibRand. Hauntingly and achingly beautiful, the 200,000 hectare private reserve is home to some of the country’s greats: enormous, blood-red sand dunes, towering mountains and wide grassy plains dotted with curious fairy circles (really!). The result of landowner Albi Bruckner’s dream to extend the desert frontiers of neighbouring Namib-Naukluft, the reserve is actually a fence-free collection of integrated farms and a sanctuary of low-impact, high-quality tourism. And with each lodge limited to only 20 beds (and staying that way for the foreseeable future), you won’t bump into the masses even if they do find about it…

Experiences in NamibRand Nature Reserve

Lodges in NamibRand Nature Reserve

Desert Horse Inn
Kanaan Na'an ku se Desert Retreat
Luderitz Nest Hotel
Tok Tokkie Trails
Wolwedans Boulders Camp
Wolwedans Dune Camp
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge
Wolwedans Mountain View Suite
Wolwedans Private Camp

Routes in NamibRand Nature Reserve

Namibia: safaris, dunes & shipwrecks -

Fish River Canyon Holiday

Grand Canyon, eat your heart out… there’s nothing on earth quite like Namibia’s Fish River Canyon. Taking geography to the extreme, the canyon measures a staggering 160km in length, 27kms wide and reaches a dramatic 550 m depth in the inner canyon. At the base, the Fish River itself winds a serpentine route through crumbling rocks, plunging gullies and ancient chasms. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is possibly some of the harshest terrain on the continent and hiking is demanding yet mind-blowingly rewarding. Forming part of the Ai-Ais National Park, a trans-frontier conservation area that’s home to klipspringer, zebra and a multitude of baboons, this is a canyon that’s like no other.

Experiences in Fish River Canyon

Bath in the Ai-Ais hot springs
Champagne sunset over the Canyon
Fish river hiking trail

Lodges in Fish River Canyon

Ai Ais Hotsprings Resort
Ai-Ais Hotsprings Spa
Canyon Lodge
Canyon Roadhouse
Canyon Village, Gondwana Collection Namibia
Fish River Lodge

Routes in Fish River Canyon

Kaokoland Safari

If south Kaokoland was a fictional land, it would be an oasis of vibrant green grass, brilliantly clear water and shady palms. But it’s actually real. And the reason for this luscious-ness? The Kenune, a perennial river in the south and the main attraction for the desert elephants (and the odd kayaker). North Kaokoland is Namibia like we know it; arid and virtually empty but still stunningly beautiful and home to the Himba, the ochre-skinned indigenous tribe of northern Namibia and southern Angola. Also worth a visit is Van Zyl’s Pass, a 12 kilometre series of hair-raisingly challenging twists and turns, designed to strike fear in the heart of any 4x4 owner. We say, let’s give it a go!

Experiences in Kaokoland

Meet the Himba

Lodges in Kaokoland

Camp Aussicht Kaokoland
Camp Syncro
Epupa Camp
Etambura Camp
Etosha Roadside Halt & Lodge
Fort Sesfontein Lodge
Hobatere Lodge
Kapika Waterfall Lodge
Khowarib Lodge and Safaris
Kunene Camp
Kunene River Camp
Kunene River Lodge
Mopane Camp
Okahirongo Elephant Lodge
Okahirongo River Camp
Omarunga Lodge
Opuwo Country Lodge
Serra Cafema Camp
Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge

Routes in Kaokoland

The hidden gems of Namibia -

Kalahari Namibia safari

Africa’s first multinational park, sweeping magnificently over Botswana, South Africa and Namibia, the Kalahari is timeless, magical and totally mystifying. Endless landscapes beckon you to a surreal Alice-through-the-looking-glass experience where trees and bushes loom large and the rocky shadows stretch to the horizon. But it’s not all blood-red dust and fiery sand dunes here; for much of the year, a luxuriant carpet of rich green grass springs up through the sands and ephemeral rivers trail quietly past enormous acacias. And the wildlife! From cheetah to caracal, lizards to lappet-faced vultures, they can all be found here, against a backdrop of pure Kalahari magic.

Experiences in Kalahari Namibia

Lodges in Kalahari Namibia

Auob Country Lodge
Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch
Bitterwasser Lodge
Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge
Goba Lodge & Rest Camp
Gras Hunting Ranch
Guest Farm Kiripotib
Kalahari Anib Lodge
Kalahari Bush Breaks
Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Red Dunes
Klein-Aus Vista: Eagles Nest Chalets
Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve
Lapa Lange Game Lodge
Okambara Elephant Lodge
Red Dune Camp
SanDune Game Lodge
Stoney’s Country Hotel
Suricate Kalahari Tented Lodge
Teufelskrallen Tented Lodge
Torgos Safari Lodge
Trans Kalahari End Resort
Veronica (Aru Game Lodges)
West Nest Lodge
Xain Quaz Camp
Zebra Kalahari Lodge & Spa
Zelda Game & Guest Farm

Routes in Kalahari Namibia

Windhoek Holiday

With more than a smattering of European influences from the homely Konditoreis on every corner to the striking (and rather surprising) Germanic castles that punctuate the skyline, Windhoek is Namibia’s well-groomed capital city. At almost the exact geographical centre of the vast country, the leafy streets are an ideal stopover after a long journey; spend an afternoon shopping for curios in the airy Post Street Mall or wander through Zoo Park and enjoy your strudel in the shade of the trees. This is relaxed city-life at its best and a couple of days here are pleasant, stress-free and always fun.

Experiences in Windhoek

Learn the history of Christuskirche
Windhoek city tour

Lodges in Windhoek

Afrika Sun Bed & Breakfast
Airport Guestfarm
Amani Lodge Namibia
Arebbusch Travel Lodge
Arnhem Cave Lodge
Auas City Hotel
Auas Safari Lodge
AVANI Windhoek Hotel & Casino
Belvedere Boutique Hotel
Casa Africana
Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel
De Vagebond Bed & Breakfast
Duesternbrook Safari Guest Farm
Elisenheim Guestfarm
Eningu Clayhouse Lodge
Felsenblick Accommodation
Fig Tree Guesthouse
Galton House
GocheGanas Nature Reserve & Wellness Village
Hilton Windhoek Hotel
Hochland Nest
Hotel Heinitzburg
Hotel Pension Cori
Hotel Pension Eros
Hotel Pension Etambi
Hotel Pension Moni
Hotel Pension Thule
Hotel Pension Uhland
House on Olof Palme
Immanuel Wilderness Lodge
Jordani Bed and Breakfast
Montebello Guesthouse
Naankuse Lodge
Na'an ku sê Lodge
Na'an ku sê Lodge
Okapuka Lodge
Olive Exclusive
Olive Grove
Omujeve Hunting Lodge
Ondekaremba Lodge
Palmquell Hotel Pension
Panorama Hunting Ranch
Panorama Rock
Pension New Nouveau
Protea Hotel Furstenhof
Protea Hotel Furstenhof
Protea Hotel Thuringerhof
River Crossing Lodge
Safari Court Hotel
Sun Karros Lifestyle Resorts
Swiss Chalets Bed and Breakfast
The Elegant Guesthouse
The Roof of Africa Hotel & Conference Centre
The Utopia Boutique Hotel
The Village Courtyard Suites
Ti Melen Bed & Breakfast
Vertigo Boutique Hotel
Villa Violet
Villa Vista Guesthouse
Vineyard Country B&B
Windhoek Country Club Resort & Casino
Windhoek Game Camp
Windhoek Lodge

Routes in Windhoek

A classic Namibian self-drive journey -

Swakopmund holiday

Swakopmund is a coastal city and popular beach resort in the Namib desert. The influence of Swakopmund’s German colonial history lingers in the architecture and overall “Gemütlichkeit” of the town. For the adrenaline junkies among us, there’s plenty of adventure sports on offer -- from quadbiking to sandboarding to skydiving, as well as horseback riding and surfing opportunities.

Experiences in Swakopmund

Encounter wild dolphins on a cruise
Quad bike across the dunes​

Lodges in Swakopmund

A la Mer Hotel
Alte Brücke Resort
Amanpuri Travellers Lodge
Beach Hotel Swakopmund
BON Hotel Swakopmund
Burg Nonidas Hotel
By the Beach
Cornerstone Guesthouse
Desert Breeze Lodge
Deutsches Haus Hotel
Europa Hof Hotel
Greenfire Lodge Swakopmund
Guesthouse Indongo
Hansa Hotel
Haus Garnison B&B
Haus Kölner Hof
Hotel Bundu n See
Hotel Eberwein
Hotel Europa Hof
Hotel Pension Rapmund
Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht
Hotel Schütze & Bottle Store
Hotel Schweizerhaus
Hotel Zum Kaiser
La Sirenetta Bed & Breakfast
Meike's Guest House
Namib Guesthouse
Oyster Box Guesthouse
Pelican Point
Prost Hotel Swakopmund
Rossmund Golf Resort & Lodge
Royal Benguela Guesthouse
Sandfields Guesthouse
SeaSide Hotel & Spa
Strand Hotel
Swakopmund Accommodation
Swakopmund Guesthouse
Swakopmund Hotel
Swakopmund Lifestyle B&B and Apartments
Swakopmund Luxury Suites
Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp
Swakopmund Plaza Hotel
Swakopmund Sands Hotel
The Alternative Space
The Delight Swakopmund
The Stiltz
Tina's Bed and Breakfast
Villa Margherita
Villa Wilmandre

Routes in Swakopmund

A classic Namibian self-drive journey -
A self-driving circuit of northern Namibia -
A short and sweet dash through the highlights of Namibia -
Classic Namibia by plane -
Namibia: safaris, dunes & shipwrecks -

Erongo Safari

An undulating landscape of gently rolling hills, a light smattering of lush, green woodland and a few commercial farms thrown in for good measure. No we’re not talking about Scotland; this is Erongo, a remarkably picturesque piece of Namibian countryside between Windhoek and Swakopmund (and, handily, an excellent stopover if you’re on your way to or from Sossusvlei). Without doubt, the star of the show is the Erongo Mountain Range – 60 million year old granite gargantums rising to almost 2300 metres and home to ancient bushmen rock art, scurrying dassies and excellent hiking. And a close second is Erongo Wilderness Conservancy, an impressive amalgamation of bush, mountain and desert ecosystems with a healthy dose of wildlife.

Experiences in Erongo

Visit the Spitzkoppe granite peaks

Lodges in Erongo

Ai Aiba Rock Painting Lodge
Ameib Guesthouse
Central Hotel Omaruru
Eileen Guest Farm
Epako Safari Lodge
Erindi Old Traders Lodge
Erongo Wilderness Lodge
Etemba Wilderness Camp
Etendero Guest Farm
Etusis Lodge
Evening Shade
Gross Okandjou
Hohenstein Lodge
Immenhof Guest Farm
Kansimba Game Lodge
Namib Guestfarm Onduruquea
Okambishi’s Rest
Omandumba Guest Farm
Omaruru Game Lodge
Roidina Nature Farm
Roidina Safari Lodge
Spitzkoppen Lodge

Routes in Erongo

A self-driving circuit of northern Namibia -

Otjiwarongo safari

Filled with the heady scent of bougainvillea and jacaranda (well, in September, anyway!), Otjiwarongo is most famous for two of the country’s leading cheetah conservation projects – Africat and the Cheetah Conservation Fund – both of which welcome visitors. Also nearby is the Waterberg Plateau, an enormous red sandstone table formed some 200 million years ago and looming 150 metres above the desert plains. Take advantage of the wilderness trails and explore the area on foot, keeping an eye peeled for the endangered species that call the park home – roan, sable and black and white rhino to name but a few. Thought Namibia couldn’t get any better? It just did…

Experiences in Otjiwarongo Area

Meet the cats of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

Lodges in Otjiwarongo Area

Aloegrove Safari Lodge
Bergplaas Safari Lodge
Bush Pillow Guest House
C’est si Bon Hotel
Cheetah View Lodge
Falcon Nest Guesthouse
Frans Indongo Lodge
Kambaku Lodge
Kambaku Wildlife Safari Lodge
Mundulea Bush Camp
Okaputa Guest Farm
Okawaka Lodge
Okonjima Bush Camp
Okonjima Bush Suite
Okonjima Plains Camp
Okonjima Villa
Otjibamba Lodge
Otjikaru Wildfarm
Otjipiro Waterberg Lodge
Otjiwa Lodge
Out of Africa Town Lodge
Own Arrangements Waterberg
Termite Hills B&B
Wabi Game Lodge
Waterberg Andersson Camp
Waterberg Plateau Lodge
Waterberg Resort
Waterberg Valley Lodge
Waterberg Wilderness Lodge
Weaver's Rock Guest Farm

Routes in Otjiwarongo Area

A classic Namibian self-drive journey -
A self-driving circuit of northern Namibia -

Twyfelfontein Safari

Experiences in Twyfelfontein

Lodges in Twyfelfontein

Routes in Twyfelfontein

Caprivi Safari

Rich and tropical, lush and wet… are we still in Namibia? Yes, the Caprivi Strip to be precise, Namibia’s spindly north-eastern ‘finger’ that touches reaches out across the top of Botswana and to the mighty Zambezi River. Criss-crossed by the Okavango, Linyanti and Chobe rivers, the area is dotted with waterfalls and crashing rapids and home to an excellent selection of water-loving species including hippo and buffalo, crocs and waterbuck, and a phenomenal variety of birds. Now in the hands of a particularly progressive group of conservationists, the wildlife is only getting better and, combined with a smattering of hip lodges and several unknown but utterly fantastic parks, the Caprivi is a destination and a half.

Experiences in Caprivi

Lodges in Caprivi

3 Palms Bed & Breakfast
Camp Kwando
Cascade Island Lodge
Chobe Princesses
Chobe River Camp
Chobe Savanna Lodge
Chobe Water Villas
Divava Okavango Resort & Spa
Hakusembe River Lodge
Island View Lodge
Jackalberry Tented Camp
Kaza Safari Lodge
Kazile Island Lodge
Lianshulu Lodge
Livingstone's Camp
Nambwa Tented Lodge
Namushasha River Lodge
Ngandu Safari Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Lodge
Protea Hotel Zambezi River Lodge
Shamvura Camp
Susuwe Island Lodge

Routes in Caprivi

Republic of the Congo Holiday

The Republic of the Congo, also known as the Congo, and not to be confused with neighbouring DRC, is a hidden green land of hot and steamy equatorial forest. Part of the larger Congo Basin, the rainforest is the second largest in the world, and 1000 bird species, 10,000 plant species as well as forest elephant, buffalo and rare bongo shelter among its ferns. But the biggest draw is the western lowland gorilla, and intrepid travellers who make the journey are rewarded with the most thrilling of sightings. Still not convinced? Well, what if we told you that the Congo is a calm, ever-stabilising nation that is truly on the cusp of becoming one of the finest ecotourism destinations in Africa?

Odzala National Park Safari

Ask any tourist headed to the Republic of Congo where they're going, and they'll most likely tell you they’re making a beeline for Odzala National Park. Located in the country's northwest, Odzala is a phenomenal 13,600 square kilometres of pure equatorial forest, divided by ribbons of rivers and marshy clearings. Rejuvenated by the Congo Conservation Company together with NGO African Parks, the sanctuary is a refuge for critical and endangered flora and fauna, including forest elephant and buffalo, and is home to several families of habituated western lowland gorilla. Today, hardy travellers can go gorilla tracking on foot and explore the forest on walking and water safaris, making a safari in Odzala one of the most unique there is.

Experiences in Odzala National Park

Lodges in Odzala National Park

Lango Camp
Mbeli Camp
Mboko Camp
Ngaga Camp
Radisson Blu Brazzaville

Routes in Odzala National Park

A gorilla encounter in the Congo -
An Odzala odyssey -

Reunion Island Holiday

If you thought all tropical islands were the same, think again and take a peek into the kaleidoscopic world of Reunion Island. A tiny speck between Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, it might not look like much on Google Maps, but its diminutive 2500 square kilometres pack a real punch. Three sensational "cirques", formed by ancient collapsed volcanoes, plunge into the centre; the active Piton de la Fournaise towers high into the sky; emerald forests give way to sparkling waterfalls; and shimmering, sandy beaches rub shoulders with vibrant towns. Plenty for outdoor-lovers then, but with a heady mix of French, Creole, Indian and Chinese cultures that appear in everything from the food to the architecture, and good dose of chic beachside R&R, a Reunion Island holiday couldn’t possibly disappoint anyone.

Reunion Island Holiday

If you thought all tropical islands were the same, think again and take a peak into the kaleidoscopic world of Reunion Island. A tiny speck between Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, it might not look like much on Google Maps but its diminutive 2500 square kilometres packs a real punch. Three sensational ‘cirques’, formed by ancient collapsed volcanoes, plunge into the centre whilst the active Piton de la Fournaise towers high into the sky, emerald forests give way to sparkling waterfalls and shimmering, sandy beaches rub shoulders with vibrant towns. Plenty for outdoor-lovers then, but with a heady mix of French, Creole, Indian and Chinese cultures that appear in everything from the food to the architecture and good dose of chic beachside R&R, Reunion couldn’t possibly disappoint anyone.

Experiences in Reunion Island

Lodges in Reunion Island

Blue Margouillat Seaview Hotel
Boucan Canot Hotel
Diana Dea Lodge
Floralys Hotel
Hotel Alamanda
Hotel Bellepierre
Hotel Blue Beach
Hotel Le Nautile
Hôtel Les Créoles
Hotel Les Geraniums
Hotel Le St-Denis
Hotel Le Victoria
Hotel Le Vieux Cep
Iloha Seaview Hotel
Juliette Dodu Hotel
La Villa des Cannes
Le Battant des Lames
Le Boucan Canot
Le Cilaos Hotel
L'Ecrin Hotel
Le Domaine des Pierres
Le Récif Hotel
Le Saint Alexis Hotel & Spa
Les Creoles Hotel
LUX* Ile de la Réunion Hotel
LUX* Saint Gilles
LUX* SUD Sauvage
Palm Hotel & Spa
Roseaux des Sables
Villa Elixene

Routes in Reunion Island

All in one: Vic Falls, bush & beach -

Rwanda safari

Although never forgotten, the tiny landlocked country of Rwanda has come a long way since the genocide-ridden days of the 1990s. Today the Rwandans are a united nation, full of open smiles and genuine warmth, and are keen to show their gem of a country to anyone who’s thinking of a Rwanda safari. And with vast tracts of unspoilt, luscious vegetation, spectacular sightings of iconic mountain gorillas in the mist, dense jungle forest and a healthy dose of culture and promise in Kigali, there’s plenty to show off and a lot more than first meets the eye.

Volcanoes National Park Safari

Straddling the border of Uganda, DRC and Rwanda, the Virungas are the luscious, magical and utterly spellbinding home of 480 mountain gorillas (sadly, that's more than half the world’s remaining population). On the Rwandan side, the Parc National des Volcans, or Volcanoes National Park, is the place to go for face-to-face encounters with these wonderful primates – an experience worthy of every superlative in the dictionary. But don’t stop at the gorillas; the Virungas are also home to the rare golden monkey and offer a variety of excellent climbing and trekking options, both deserving of an extra linger.

Experiences in Volcanoes National Park

Lodges in Volcanoes National Park

Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel
Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge
Mountain Gorilla View Lodge
Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge
Villa Gorilla Rwanda
Virunga Lodge

Routes in Volcanoes National Park

A Rwanda & Tanzania combination -
Gorillas & game parks: a bucket list adventure -
Gorillas in Rwanda and wildlife in Uganda -
Gorillas, Ngorongoro & the Serengeti -
Primates of Tanzania & Rwanda -
Primates of Uganda & Rwanda -
Rwanda: the full works -

Nyungwe Forest National Park Safari

Nyungwe National Park is Rwanda's most important area of biodiversity, and is currently the highest priority for forest conservation in Africa. A pretty good claim to fame, and for good reason too. The vast rainforest is truly enchanting: dense stands of mahoganies tangled with ancient ferns tower overhead; herbaceous plants and cornucopias of colourful orchids and butterflies charm every sense. As for wildlife, more than a quarter of Africa’s primates live here. The big drawcard is chimpanzee trekking, but 400-strong troops of monkeys, baboon, mongoose, otter, bushpig, civet and genet also deserve your attention. And don't forget East Africa’s highest canopy walk – a metal bridge suspended 50 metres above the forest floor, offering vertiginous views of the enchanting scenery.

Experiences in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Lodges in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest Lodge
Nyungwe House
Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel

Routes in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Rwanda: the full works -

Lake Kivu Hoiday

An enormous, freshwater lake in the heart of the Albertine Rift, Lake Kivu is bordered by Rwanda to one side, and the DRC to the other. The setting is dramatic and beautiful: steep escarpments and terraced tea plantations plunge into the glassy water, pretty islets and peninsulas are draped in thick forest, and crescents of golden sand peek out from under the greenery. On a journey from Nyungwe to Volcanoes National Park, pop in to one of the quaint resort towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye. Both offer good accommodation and some excellent swimming spots in the predator-free water, and a little "beachside" R&R in an otherwise landlocked country.

Experiences in Lake Kivu

Lodges in Lake Kivu

Cormoran Lodge
Emeraude Kivu Resort
Gorillas Lake Kivu Hotel
Lake Kivu Serena Hotel
Moriah Hill Resort
Paradis Malahide

Routes in Lake Kivu

Rwanda: the full works -

Kigali Safari

There are African cities, noisy, bustling and glorious in their own right, and then there’s Kigali. Having not only survived its turbulent political past, the capital has positively blossomed into one of Africa’s most cosmopolitan hotspots. Safe and clean (the last Saturday of every month is reserved for hedge-clipping, rubbish-collecting and other novel community activities), it’s also remarkably picturesque, surrounded by emerald-green hills and sweeping valleys. Our advice? Don’t just stop for a night on the way to or from a gorilla trek but spend a couple of days exploring the jacaranda-ed boulevards, aromatic food markets and cafes and the eye-opening (and appealingly sensitive) genocide memorials.

Experiences in Kigali

Lodges in Kigali

Beausejour Hotel
Classic Hotel
Flame Tree Village
Gloria Hotel
Gorillas Golf Hotel
Grand Legacy Hotel
Great Seasons Hotel
Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel
Hotel Chez Lando
Hotel des Mille Collines
Hotel le Garni du Centre
Karisimbi Hotel
Kigali Marriot Hotel
Kigali Serena Hotel
Laico Umubano
Lemigo Hotel
Ruzizi Tented Camp
The Bishop's House
The Manor Hotel

Routes in Kigali

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Primates of Tanzania & Rwanda -
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Rwanda: the full works -
The highlights of the DRC -

Akagera National Park

In a country of neat, cultivated hills and forests of mountain gorilla, Akagera National Park is a fascinating contrast. The undulating plains and rolling grasslands are just made for game drives, whilst the Akagera River and surrounding juicy wetlands add a touch of something different - and the chance to see the rare shoebill stork. On the wildlife front, elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and hyena are all in residence and new additions to the four-legged scene include lion and black rhino, reintroduced in 2015 and 2017. Managed by the ever-wonderful African Parks, the reintroductions were part of a larger conservation effort to restore Akagera to its pre-genocide glory and although wildlife numbers still aren’t as high as other safari-stalwarts in East Africa, it looks like it will only be a matter of time.

Experiences in Akagera National Park

Lodges in Akagera National Park

Routes in Akagera National Park

Sao Tome and Principe Island

A teeny-tiny, two-island nation, Sao Tome and Principe is the stuff of adventures. The tropical slivers of land with their jungled rainforest and golden beaches might look more at home in the South Pacific, but they are in fact in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Gabon in West Africa. Formed by volcanic activity, the islands were never really part of the African continent which in part explains their unique flora and fauna – think larger-than-life orchids, rare tree ferns and giant sunbirds. But what we really love is the chance to explore somewhere intoxicatingly different, where the blend of Portuguese and West African influences combine for an experience like nowhere else on the continent.

Principe Island

Sao Tome might be the larger of the two islands, but Principe is the name on everyone’s lips. The entire, 136-square kilometre island is in fact a UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserve and the ancient world of golden beaches, extinct volcanoes and lush forests is bewitching. So, what does one do in this enchanting, forgotten realm? On land, try a guided walk through the colourful ecosystem and learn a little of the history at the abandoned cocoa plantations, then take to the water and snorkel and dive in hidden coves and distant beaches. And whatever you do – leave your watch behind; this is life at its easy-going, chilled-out best.

Experiences in Principe Island

Lodges in Principe Island

Praia Sundy
Roca Sundy

Routes in Principe Island

Seychelles holiday

With more than 115 tiny white islands glistening like pearls in the brilliant-turquoise Indian Ocean, the Seychelles brings a whole new meaning to the word "idyllic". The main islands Mahé and Praslin may offer high-octane glamour alongside endlessly perfect beaches, but the archipelago offers far more than first meets the eye. For back-to-nature experiences, try Fregate Island with its shuffling jumbo tortoises, Desroches to admire profusions of wild and colourful orchids or La Digue to spot the aptly named paradise fly-catcher. So, whether you’re looking for a sunlounger and a cocktail on the hour, every hour, or a Robinson Crusoe escapade, a Seychelles holiday should definitely be on your list.

Seychelles holiday

With over 115 tiny white islands, glistening like pearls in the brilliant-turquoise Indian Ocean, the Seychelles brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘idyllic.’ Main islands Mahe and Praslin offer high-octane glamour alongside the endlessly perfect beaches, but there’s also more to the archipelago than first meets the eye. For back-to nature experiences, try Fregate Island with its jumbo tortoises shuffling along the beach, Desroches for the profusions of wild and colourful orchids or La Digue to spot the aptly names Paradise Fly-catchers. So whether you’re looking for a sun-lounger and a cocktail on the hour, every hour or a Robinson Crusoe escapade, add the Seychelles to your list.

Experiences in Seychelles

Beaches of Seychelles

Lodges in Seychelles

Acajou Hotel
Allamanda Beach Resort & Spa
Alphonse Island Resort
Amitie Chalets
Anse Soleil Beachcomber Hotel
Auberge d'Anse Boileau Hotel
AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa
Banyan Hill Estate
Banyan Tree Seychelles
Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino
Berjaya Praslin Beach Hotel
Bird Island Lodge
Bord Mer Villa
Cap Jean Marie Chalet
Carana Beach Hotel
Carana Beach Hotel
Castaway Fishing Lodge
Cerf Island Resort
Chalet Cote Mer
Chateau St Cloud
Coco de Mer - Black Parrot Suites Hotel
Coco d'or Hotel
Constance Ephelia
Constance Lemuria
Coral Strand Hotel
Cousine Island Lodge
Crown Beach Hotel
Denis Island Lodge
Desroches Island Resort
Dhevatara Beach Hotel
Domaine de l'Orangerie
Eden Bleu Hotel
Enchanted Island Resort
Fairy-Tern Chalet
Fleur de Lys Hotel
Four Seasons Resort Seychelles
Fregate Island Lodge
Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa
Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa
Hotel L'Ocean
Iles des Palmes
Indian Ocean Lodge
Kempinski Seychelles Resort
Koko Grove Chalet Hotel
Labriz Silhouette Hotel
La Digue Island Lodge
L'Archipel Hotel
La Residence Hotel
La Roussette Hotel
Lazare Picault Hotel
Le Chateau de Feuilles
Le Domaine de la Réserve
Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie
Le Duc De Praslin
Le Jardin des Palmes Hotel
Le Meridien Barbarons Hotel
Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove
Le Relax Beach Resort
Le Repaire Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Le Sans Souci Guest House
Les Lauriers Eco Hotel
L'Habitation Cerf Island Hotel
Maia Luxury Resort & Spa
Mango Lodge
M/Y Pegasus
Nautitech 40 Catamaran
New Emerald Cove Hotel
North Island
Paradise Flycatcher's Lodge
Paradise Sun Hotel
Patatran Village Hotel
Pension Michel Hotel
Pirogue Lodge
Raffles Resort Praslin
Round Island Resort
Sainte Anne Resort & Spa
Savoy Resort & Spa
Six Senses Zil Pasyon
South Point Chalets
Sunset Beach Resort
The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach
The Wharf Hotel & Marina
Valmer Leisure Resort & Apartments
Village du Pêcheur Hotel
Villas De Mer

Routes in Seychelles

Botswana: bush & beach -
Mara to Mahe -
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South Africa safari

We can't say enough about South Africa – the country simply has it all. Exquisite beaches and vibrant cities (including Cape Town, a strong contender for the most beautiful city on the planet), wildlife parks and reserves, arid deserts, colourful cultures and a human history dating back millions of years. The only problem you may have is choosing what to fit into your South Africa safari, but we have a few recommendations. Drive the famous Garden Route – the wind in your hair as you wind along the coastal roads, hike in the towering Drakensberg mountains, wildlife watch in the king of nature reserves, Kruger National Park, or sit back and let the wine do the talking in the world-famous Cape Winelands.

Cape Town Holiday

Cape Town is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and to say we are glad to be based here is an understatement! Rising up behind the city bowl is unmistakable Table Mountain, source of beautiful views and endless hiking opportunities. Pound the quirky streets of the city centre for boutique shops, respected galleries and delectable restaurants, or peruse the V&A Waterfront for food with a view. More of a sand-between-your-toes sort of person? Head for the golden beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, or south along the peninsula to Simonstown, with its naval history, bouldered beaches and more than a few penguins. Add gorgeous sunshine and welcoming people and you’ve got yourself a pretty spectacular holiday destination!

Experiences in Cape Town

Cape Town pelagic birding adventure
Chocolate Bonbon workshop
Dip in the Atlantic Ocean
Kitesurfing in Cape Town
Paragliding in Cape Town
Shark cage diving in Cape Town
Summer in Cape Town
Table Mountain
Visit Cape Point

Lodges in Cape Town

10 De Dam
12 Apostles Hotel
18 on Hillwood
18 on Kloof Bed & Breakfast
1 At Chartfield Guest House
202 Ebb Tide
21 Nettleton
26 Sunset Villa Llandudno
2 Inn 1 Kensington
304 Juliette
4 A King B&B
50 Moondance
52 De Wet
Abbey Manor
A Boat House
Acorn House
Adderley Hotel
African Elite Villas
AfricanHome Guesthouse
African Pride 15 on Orange
Albert Cottage
Alpha Apartment Bookings
Altona Lodge
An African Villa
Apartment Cape Town
Ascot Gardens
Atlantic Affair Boutique Lodge
Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique Hotel
Au Pear Boutique Guesthouse
Bantry Bay Luxury Suites
Barry Hall Luxury Apartments
Beachside Villa and Penthouse
Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel
Bergzicht Guesthouse
Bickley Terraces
Bishopscourt Guest House
Blackheath Lodge
Blue Sky Bed & Breakfast
Blue Train Cape Town - Pretoria
Blueviews Luxury Residences
Boulders Beach Lodge
Boutique @ 10
Boutique Manolo
Brightwater Lodge
British Hotel
Camps Bay Resort
Camps Bay Retreat
Camps Bay Suites
Camps Bay Village
Canal Quays Apartments
Cape Diamond Hotel
Cape Diem Lodge
Cape Grace Hotel
Cape Heritage Hotel
Cape Holiday Lets Noordhoek
Cape Riviera Guest House
Cape Royale Hotel
Cape Standard Guest House
Capetonian Hotel
Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel
Cape Town Lodge Hotel
Cape View Clifton
Cape View Guest House
Cascades on 52
Castle Rock Self Catering
Cat's Eye Cottage
Cedric's Lodge
Chapmans Peak Hotel
Chocolate Box Guest House
City Lodge V&A Waterfront
[CLOSED DOWN] Ambassador Hotel
Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel
Commodore Hotel
Compass House
Constantia Palms
Constantia Uitsig Country Hotel
Constantia Vista
Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel
De Waterkant Village
Dock House Boutique Hotel
Dutch Manor Antique Hotel
Eagle's Nest Guest House
Ellerman House
El Mirador
Fahrenheit Resorts
Feathers Guest House
Fountains Hotel
Four Rosmead
Fullham Lodge
Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard
Glaston House
Glen Avon Lodge
Glen Boutique Hotel
Glenlodge - Sea Point
Grand Daddy Hotel & Airstream Penthouse Park
Grande Kloof
Greenmarket Place Apartments
Greenways Hotel
Grosvenor Guest House
Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suites
Head South Lodge Boutique Hotel
High Gables
Hilton Cape Town City Centre
Holiday Inn Express Cape Town City Centre
Hollow On The Square
Hotel on St Georges
Hotel Verde
Hout Bay Backpackers
Hout Bay Manor
Hout Bay View
Icon Villas
ih Accommodation - Milton Lodge
Induna Lodge
Inn on the Square
Jones Hall
Kensington Place
King Solomons Inn
Kronendal Heritage
Kylemore 308
La Grenadine Guest House
La Montagne Boutique Villa
La Rive Penthouse
La Splendida Hotel
Lawhill Luxury Apartments
Le Porto Vista
Loloho Lodge
Long Street Hotel
Makuti Lodge
Mediterranean Villa
Molo Lolo Lodge
Montana Muse
Moonglow Guest House
More Quarters
Mountain Manor Backpackers Lodge
Mountain Views Guest House
New Kings Hotel
Ocean View House
One&Only Cape Town
O On Kloof
Orange Kloof Tented Camp
Own Arrangements Cape Town
Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Newlands
Park Inn Cape Town Foreshore
Park Inn Newlands
Parliament Hotel
Pembroke 403 Waterfront Apartment
Pepperclub Hotel & Spa
Place On The Bay
Plumbago Accommodation
POD Boutique Hotel
Premier Hotel Cape Manor
President Hotel
Primi Oxford House
Primi Royal Hotel
Primi Sea Castle
Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge
Protea Hotel Cape Castle
Protea Hotel North Wharf
Protea Hotel Sea Point
Protea Hotel Victoria Junction Waterfront
Quayside Suites
Queen Victoria Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront
Radisson Blu le Vendome Hotel
Radisson Red Cape Town
Redbourne Hilldrop
Retreat on Hove
Ricky's hot Villas (test)
Ritz Hotel
Riverside Estates Guesthouse
Rockwell All Suite Hotel
Rodwell House
Romney Lodge
Romney Park All Suite Hotel & Spa
Rouge on Rose
Rutland Lodge
Sacred Mountain Lodge
Seacliffe Lodge
Sea Five Boutique Hotel
Sea Star Rocks
Serenity Lodge
Silvermist Mountain Lodge
Simons Town Quayside Hotel
South Beach Apartments
Southern Comfort Guest Lodge
Southern Light Country House
Southern Sun Cape Sun
Southern Sun The Cullinan
Southern Sun Waterfront
Stadium Guest House
St Bede's Terrace
Steenberg Hotel
Strand Tower Hotel
Strathmore Manor
Sugar Hotel & Spa
Sunbird Mountain Retreat
Sundown Manor
Sunshine Letting
Sweet Lemon Boutique Bed & Breakfast
Table Bay Hotel
Table Mountain Lodge
Taj Cape Town
Tarragona Lodge
Ten on Joubert & The Point Apartment
The Alphen Boutique Hotel
The Bay Hotel
The Cape Cadogan
The Cape Milner Hotel
The Capital Mirage, Cape Town
The Cellars-Hohenart Hotel
The Clarendon Bantry Bay
The Clarendon Fresnaye
The Crystal Caviar Lifestyle
The Fairways on the Bay
The Glam
The Glen Apartments
The Holiday House
The Hyde All-Suite Hotel
The Last Word Constantia
The Last Word Long Beach
The Last Word Princess Emma
The Little Lemon Tree B&B
The Marly
The New Tulbagh Hotel
The Oak And Vine Luxury Guest House
The One 8 Hotel
The PortsWood Hotel
The Silo
The Three Boutique Hotel
The Tree House Boutique Hotel
The Tulip
The Vineyard Hotel
The Westin Cape Town
Tintswalo Atlantic
Townhouse Hotel
Train Lodge
Tudor Hotel
Two Berry House
Urban Chic Boutique Hotel
Urban Hip - Circa on the Square
Urban Hip - Icon
Verona Lodge
Vicmor Court - Three Anchor Bay
Victoria & Alfred Hotel
Victoria Lodge
Villa Atlantica Boutique Guesthouse
Villa Belmonte Guesthouse
Villa Costa Rose
Villa Zest Boutique Hotel
Walden House
Waterfront Village Apartments
Welgelegen Boutique Hotel
Wilton Lodge
Winchester Mansions
zek hotel

Routes in Cape Town

A self-drive Garden Route expedition -
Grapes and game parks in South Africa -
South Africa, Botswana & the beach -
South Africa’s classic bush, beach & city escape -
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The road less travelled in the Western Cape -

Cape Winelands Holiday

A trip to the Western Cape is not complete without a jaunt through the Cape Winelands. The only problem you may have is choosing where to go and which of the hundreds of truly fabulous options to choose! Closest to Cape Town is the Constantia Wine Route, encompassing nine farms in the beautiful southern suburb of Constantia. Venture further out to Stellenbosch for some of the oldest Cape Dutch farms and working vineyards in the region, or to the quaint, French settler town of Franschhoek for glitzy vineyards and mouthwatering cuisine. The Hemel en Aarde Valley near Hermanus is also stunning, and you might be lucky enough to spot a whale as you sip – or is that just too many glasses of wine?!

Experiences in Cape Winelands

Hike and cycle the mountains
Pair wines with gourmet treats
Wine tasting in Franschhoek

Lodges in Cape Winelands

10 Alexander B&B
1692 De Kleijne Bos Country House
16 Cabriere Street
43 on Sandstone
Aan-den-Weg B&B
Africa Lodge
African Aviator Guest House
Akademie Street Boutique Hotel
Alba Guest Farm
Albourne Guesthouse
AlphaBed B&B
Angala Boutique Hotel & Guest House
Annika Self-Catering & B&B
Asara Wine Estate & Hotel
Ashbourne House
Auberge Clermont
Au de Hex Boutique Hotel
Augusta Kleinbosch Guest Farm
Avenues Guest Lodge
Avondrood Guest house
Babylonstoren Farm Hotel
Bakkies B&B
Banghoek Place
Banhoek Lodge
Beautiful View Guesthouse
Bella Casa
Blaauwheim Guest House
Blaauwklippen Manor House
Black Horse Bed & Breakfast
Blueberry Hill Cottages
Boertjie & Mademoiselle
Boschendal Farm
Boschenmeer Grande Lodge
Capelands Resort
Cape Vermeer
Cascade Country Manor
Chameleon Lodge
Chelaya Country Lodge
Chiefs Luxury Mobile Camp in the Winelands
Clouds Hotel and Villas
Coopmanhuijs Boutique Hotel & Spa
Coronata20 B&B
Cultivar Guest Lodge
Delaire Graff Lodges & Spa
De Leeuwenhof Estate
Delicious Hotels
Deville Lodge
Devonvale Golf and Wine Estate
Devon Valley Hotel
De Wingerd Wijnland Lodge
Diamant Estate
Diemersfontein Wine & Country Estate
Divine Living Apartments
Dorpstraat Boutique Hotel
Drie Gewels Hotel
Dunstone Country House
Eendracht Hotel
Eikendal Lodge
Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa
Evergreen Lodge
Fijndraai Cottages
Franschhoek Boutique Hotel
Franschhoek Country House & Villas
Franschhoek Manor Guesthouse
Franschhoek Travellers Lodge & Group Accommodation
Franschhoek Villas
Grande Provence Owner's Cottage
Grande Roche Hotel
Guinea Fowl Haven
Happy Valley Lodge
Hawksmoor House
Jonquil Cottage
Jordan Wines Luxury Suites
KaapsePracht Bed & Breakfast
Karoo Art Hotel
Khashamongo Guesthouse
Kleinbosch Lodge
Kleine Zalze Lodge
Klein Waterval Riverside Lodge
Knorhoek Country Guesthouse
La Cabriere
La Chataigne
La Clé Country Lodge
La Clé des Montagnes
La Cotte Forest Cottages
La Cotte House
La Fontaine Guest House
Lanzerac Hotel & Spa
La Petite Dauphine
La Petite Ferme
La Petite Ferme Lakeside Lodges
La Provencale
La Providence Farm B&B Franschhoek
La Residence
La Rive Franschhoek
L'Avenir Country Lodge
Le Bac Stay
Leeu Estates
Leeu House
Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa
Le Petit Paris
Le Pommier Country Lodge
Le Quartier Français
L'Ermitage Franschhoek Chateau & Villas
Lourens River Guesthouse
Lumley's Place Guest House
Macaron Boutique Guest House
Magnolia Place B&B
Maison Chablis
Maison d'Ail
Majeka House
Manor House Mont Rochelle
Meerendal Boutique Hotel
Merwida Country Lodge
Millstream B&B
Mimosa Lodge
Mont Rochelle Hotel & Vineyard
Moreson Guest Farm
Mo & Rose at Soekershof
NH The Lord Charles Hotel
Nuwerus Lodge
Nwanedi Wine & Country Manor
Oakleaf Lodge
Oak Village B & B
Ongegund Lodge
Orchard Lane B & B
Oudehoek 211
Oude Werf Hotel
Own Arrangements Winelands
Paarl Boutique Hotel
Papegaai Herberg
Petit Plaisir self-catering cottage
Pontac Manor Hotel
Protea Hotel Dorpshuis & Spa
Protea Hotel Durbanville
Protea Hotel Franschhoek
Protea Hotel Stellenbosch
Rainbows End
Rhodes Lodge
Rickety Bridge Manor House
Rijk’s Country House
River Manor Boutique Hotel & Spa
Roggeland Country House
Ruxmian Lodge
Ryneveld Country Lodge
Sante Hotel & Spa
Slaley Manor House
SomerZicht B&B and Self-Catering
Spanish Farm Guest Lodge
Spier Hotel
Stellenbosch Hotel
Stellenbosch Lodge
Stellenbosch Travelers Lodge
Straightway Head Country Hotel
The Beautiful South Guest House
The Cottage @ Montpellier
The Explorers Club
The Homestead at Oldenburg Vineyards
The Hydro at Stellenbosch
The Last Word Franschhoek
The Light House Boutique Suites
The Orchard Cottages
The Robertson Small Hotel
The Terraces At Chambray Estate
The Tulbagh
The Vibe
The Werf Cottages
The Wild Mushroom Boutique Hotel
Tree Tops
Twice Guesthouse
Two Oaks B&B
Val du Charron Coach House
Villa Chapelle
Vrede Self Catering
WedgeView Country House & Spa
Willowbrook Country House
Zorgvliet Vineyard Lodge & Spa

Routes in Cape Winelands

A self-drive Garden Route expedition -
Grapes and game parks in South Africa -
South Africa’s classic bush, beach & city escape -
The road less travelled in the Western Cape -

Kruger National Park safari

The incredible Kruger National Park is undoubtedly southern Africa’s most famous game reserve, well known for its outstanding variety of wildlife. It’s not just the national park that attracts attention either; the enormous private reserves around Kruger – the Sabi Sand and Timbavati to name a couple – are some of the most wildlife-rich areas in the world, packed to the rafters with prowling predators. If you have just a few days for a safari and want to see as much wildlife as possible, then these are the places for you. Here, accommodation ranges from uber-luxurious lodges to simple, tented camps. But whichever you choose, your Kruger safari experience is guaranteed to be one to remember.

Experiences in Kruger National Park

Birding in the Makuleke Concession
Kruger National Park walking safari
Kruger photographic safari
Leopards of the Sabi Sands

Lodges in Kruger National Park

Acasia Guest Lodge
Adventure Lodge Shalati
African Lily Self Catering Suites
African Rock Lodge
Africa on Foot Camp
Amafu Forest Lodge
Amani Safari Camp
Amanzimloti Riverside Bush Camp
Am Lodge
Amukela Game Lodge
Angela's Safari Lodge
Arathusa Safari Lodge
Awelani Lodge
a Zaganaga Kruger Lodge
Baleni Camp
Baluleni Safari Lodge
Balule River Camp
Baobab Ridge Private Lodge
Bateleur Main Camp
Beck's Safari Lodge
Belgrace Boutique Hotel
Berg-en-Dal Main Camp
Beverly Hills Guest Lodge
&Beyond Kirkman's Kamp
&Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge
&Beyond Ngala Tented Camp
Bezuidenhout BnB
Birdsong Africa Lodge
Blue Mountain Lodge
Blyde River Canyon Lodge
Blyde River Wilderness Lodge
Bongani Mountain Lodge
Bothabelo Bed and Breakfast
Buffalo Hotel
Buffalo Rock Tented Camp
Buffelshoek Tented Camp
Buhala Lodge
Bundox Safari Lodge
Bushriver Safari Lodge
Bushwise Safaris
Camp Jabulani
Camp Shawu
Camp Shonga
Casart Game Lodge
Chacma Bush Camp
Chalkley Treehouse at Lion Sands
Chapungu Luxury Tented Camp
Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge
Cheetah Plains Lodge
Chimoyo Game Ranch
Chisomo Bush Lodge
Chisomo Safari Camp
Chitwa Chitwa Camp
Claudia Schnell Safari Lodge
Copacopa Lodge & Conference Centre
Crocodile Bridge Main Camp
Crocodile Bridge Safari Lodge
Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge
Dithaba Game Lodge
Djuma Galago Lodge
Djuma Vuyatela Lodge
Du Bois Lodge
Dulini Leadwood Lodge
Dulini Lodge
Dulini River Lodge
Ecolux Boutique Hotel
Edeni River Lodge
Elandela Private Game Lodge
Elephant Plains Game Lodge
Elephant Walk Retreat
Ezulwini Billy's Lodge
Ezulwini River Lodge
Fitzpatrick’s at Jock
Garonga Safari Camp
Geiger's Camp
GeM Bateleur
Gomo Gomo Game Lodge
Grand Kruger Lodge
Greenfire Game Lodge
Greenfire Two Figs Camp
Green Kruger Lodge
Hamiltons Tented Camp
Henk van Rooyen Park
Hlolwa Lodge
Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Lodges
Honeyguide Khoka Moya Tented Camp
Honeyguide Mantobeni Tented Camp
HoyoHoyo Acorns Lodge
Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge
Idube Private Game Reserve
Imbali Safari Lodge
Indlovu River Lodge
Inyati Game Lodge
isiLimela Lodge
Jabula Lodge
Jaci's Sabi House
Jackalberry Lodge
Jackalberry Ridge
Jock Safari Lodge
Kambaku River Lodge
Kambaku River Sands
Kambaku Safari Lodge
Kapama Buffalo Camp
Kapama Karula Lodge
Kapama Lodge
Kapama River Lodge
Kapama Southern Camp
Karongwe Camp
Karongwe River Lodge
Kings Camp
Kingston Treehouse at Lion Sands
Klaserie River Safari Lodge
Klaserie Sands River Camp
Kokobela Lodge
Kruger Cottage
Kruger Wielewaal Rest Camp
Kubu Safari Lodge
Kunama River Lodge
Kuname Lodge
Kuname Manor House
Kurhula Wildlife Lodge
Kusudalweni Safari Lodge & Spa
KwaMbili Game Lodge
La Kruger Lifestyle Lodge
Landing Page Test
Leopard Hills Lodge
Le Roux Lodge
Letaba Main Camp
Lion Sands Ivory Lodge
Lion Sands Narina Lodge
Lion Sands Private Game Reserve
Lion Sands River Lodge
Lion Sands Tinga Lodge
Lion Tree Bush Lodge
Lion Tree Top Lodge
Little Garonga
Lodge 472 Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate
Londolozi Founders Camp
Londolozi Granite Suites
Londolozi Pioneer Camp
Londolozi Tree Camp
Londolozi Varty Camp
Lower Sabie Rest Camp
Lukimbi Safari Lodge
Machaton Private Camp
Mafigeni Safari Lodge
Makalali Private Game Lodge
Makalali Private Game Reserve
Makanyi Private Game Lodge
Makuleke Camp
Makumu Game Lodge
Makutsi Safari Springs
Mala Mala Main Camp
Mala Mala Rattray's
Mala Mala Sable Camp
Malelane Satellite Camp
Mananga Private Bush Retreat
Maninghi Lodge
Maqueda Lodge
Marakapula Reserve
Marc's Camp
Marloth Kruger Lodges
Masodini Game Lodge
Matimba Bush Lodge
Matumi Game Lodge
Mbizi Bush Lodge
Mjejane River Lodge
Moditlo River Lodge
Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge
Mopani Main Camp
Mopani Rest Camp
Mopaya Safari Lodge
Motswari Game Lodge
Mutale Falls Safari Camp
Muweti Bush Lodge
Mvuradona Safari Lodge
Naledi Game Lodges (Bushcamp and Enkoveni)
Ndluvo Kothuis/Cottage
Ndzalama Lodge
Ndzhaka Tented Camp
nDzuti Safari Camp
Needles Lodge
Ngama Tented Safari Lodge
Nkambeni Tented Lodge
Nkaya Lodge
nKelenga Tented Camp
Nkorho Bush Lodge
Nobene Game Lodge
Normann Safari Bush Lodge
Notten's Bush Camp
nThambo Tree Camp
Nyala Safari Lodge
Nyeleti Camp
Olifants Main Camp
Oliver's Restaurant & Lodge
Pafuri Luxury Tented Camp
Pafuri Walking Trails
Panzi Bush Camp
Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel
Pestana Kruger Lodge
Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge
Phelwana Game Lodge
Phumula Kruger Lodge and Safaris
Pondoro Game Lodge
Pretoriuskop Rest Camp
Protea Hotel Kruger Gate
Punda Maria Main Camp
Punda Maria Restcamp
Pungwe Bush Camp
Raptor Retreat Game Lodge
Raptors Lodge
Raptor's Lodge Hoedspruit
Raptors Lodge N16
Return Africa
Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Walking Safaris
Rhino Walking Safaris
Rio Vista Lodge
Rissington Inn
River House B&B
Royale Marlothi Safari Lodge
Royal Kruger Lodge
Royal Malewane Lodge
Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge
Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge
Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp
Sabi Sabi Selati Camp
SANP: KNP - Boulders Bushcamp Lodge
SANP: KNP - Roodewal Private Camp
Satara Main Camp
Sausage Tree Safari Camp
Savanna Lodge
Sefapane Lodge
Sefapane River Lodge
Selati Camp
Senalala Luxury Safari Camp
Serondella Game Lodge
Shalati Bush Camp
Shiduli Private Game Lodge
Shindzela Tented Safari Camp
Shingwedzi Main Camp
Shishangeni Private Game Lodge
Shumbalala Game Lodge
Simbambili Game Lodge
Simbavati Hilltop Lodge
Simbavati River Lodge
Singita Boulders Lodge
Singita Castleton Lodge
Singita Ebony Lodge
Singita Lebombo Lodge
Singita Sweni Lodge
Singwe River Lodge
Skukuza Rest Camp
Sunbird Lodge
Tamboti Satellite Camp
Tanda Tula Field Camp
Tanda Tula Safari Camp
Tangala Game Lodge
Themba Sunset Lodge
The Outpost
Thornhill Safari Lodge
Thornybush Game Lodge
Thornybush Monwana Game Lodge
Thornybush River Lodge
Thornybush Waterside Lodge
Timbavati Safari Lodge
Tingala Game Lodge
Tintswalo Manor House
Tintswalo Safari Lodge
Tinyeleti Treehouse at Lion Sands
Toro Yaka Bush Lodge
Trees Too Guest Lodge
Tremisana Game Lodge
Tsakane Safari Camp
Tsar Phalaborwa Hotel
Tshukudu Game Lodge
Turaco Lodge
Tydon Bush Camp
Tydon Safari Camp
Ulusaba Cliff Lodge
Ulusaba Rock Lodge
Ulusaba Safari Lodge
Ulusaba Treehouse Suite
Umhlaba Luxury Wildlife Resort & Spa
Umkumbe Safari Lodge
Umlani Bushcamp
umVangati House
Unembeza Boutique Lodge
Villa- Candilabra Guesthouse
Vuyani Safari Lodge
Wait A Little Tented Camp
Warthog Rest Private Lodge Hoedspruit [Limpopo]
Waterbuck Lodge
Waterbuck Private Camp
Xanatseni Private Camp

Routes in Kruger National Park

All in one: Vic Falls, bush & beach -
Lions & lemurs: a journey through South Africa & Madagascar -
South Africa’s classic bush, beach & city escape -
The highlights of Southern Africa -

Garden Route Safari

Imagine the best beaches in the world, and combine this with the Scottish Highlands (on a sunny day), throw in a smattering of French Riviera chic and finish up with some of Africa's most iconic wildlife and you have South Africa’s Garden Route. Stretching almost 300 kilometres from Mossel Bay in the west to Plett in the east, the lush coastline is a compilation of the country’s highlights. And it doesn’t end with the scenery. Activities are as varied as the lush topography – explore hiking trails in Wilderness, whizz through the forest canopy in Tsitsikamma, spot lions in Gondwana and drink cocktails in Plett … and that’s just the beginning.

Experiences in Garden Route

Cango Caves
Garden Route National Park
Garden Route road trip
Knysna Heads Catamaran Cruise
Marine Explorations

Lodges in Garden Route

113 Robberg
14 Antelope Street B&B
17 on Wellington Suite Hotel
22 Julia Avenue B&B
2 Oaks
38 Crab Claw
52 on Main
5th House B&B
9 on Heron Knysna Bed & Breakfast
A1 Bed & Breakfast
Acorn Guest House
Aestas B&B
Africa Inn Oudtshoorn
African Array Lodge
African Oceans Manor
African Relish Cottages
Afrovibe Adventure Lodge
Agrisell Holiday Letting
Albertinia Hotel
Alexander House
Alkira Lodge
Alpine Inn
Amasun B&B
Antlers Country Lodge
Aquila Safari Lodge
Arcadia B&B
ArendsRus Country Lodge
Armadillo Studios
Bamboo, The Guest House
Baroness Luxury Safari Lodge
Baron's Palace Hotel
Bay Lodge
Bayview Hotel
Beacon Island Lifestyle Resort
Bekaru Lodge
Bella Manga Country House
Belvidere Manor Hotel
Be My Guest
Berbia Country House
Bergsig Game Farm
Beyond the Blue
Blackwaters River Lodge
Blue Horizon / Uitkyk / Beach House - Tsitsikamma
Blue Oyster
Bollard House
Bond Lodge
Bosavern Guest House
Botlierskop Private Game Reserve
Bridgewater B&B
Brokwa Restaurant and B&B
Buffelsdam House
Buffelsdrift Game Lodge
Burga's B&B
Burrough Place
Buttercup B&B
Caledon23 Country House
Cango Retreat
Casa del Sole
Castle On The Cliff
Chandelier Game Lodge
Christiana Lodge
Cliffhanger Cottages
Club House 360° View Guesthouse
Country Crescent Hotel
Cul de Sac
DankiPa Eco Lodge
De Hoop Collection
De Opstal Country Lodge
De Oude Meul Country Lodge
De Zeekoe Oudtshoorn Guest House
Die Insel
Die Waenhuis Guest House
Dolphins' Playground Beachfront B&B
Dover on Sea
Dragonfly Cottage
Earthbound B&B
Edenbrook Country House
Eight Bells Mountain Inn
Emily Moon River Lodge
Fairview Homestead
Fairview The Crags
Fairways B&B
Falcons View Manor
Fancourt Hotel
Far Hills Country Hotel
Feather Nest
Forest Edge Nature Lovers' Retreat
Forever Resorts Plettenberg
French Lodge International
Garden Route Game Lodge
Gästehaus Pinkepank
Gateway Lodge B & B
George Bed & Breakfast
George Country Resort
George Lodge International
Gondwana Game Reserve Fynbos Villas
Gondwana GR - Kwena Lodge
Gondwana Tented Eco Camp
Grand Café & Rooms Plettenberg Bay
Greenfire Knysna Lodge
Green Pastures Bed & Breakfast
Greyton Lodge
Guineafowl B&B
Harkerville Forest Lodge & Camping
Hartenbos Private Game Lodge
Herolds Bay Accommodation
Herolds Bay Hotel
Het Vijfdeseizoen B&B
Hide Away Guest House
Hilltop Country Lodge B&B
Hillview Self-catering Apartments
Hilton Court
Hlangana Lodge
Hog Hollow Country Lodge
Hog Hollow Villas
Hope Villa B&B
Hunter’s Country House
Jembjo's Knysna Lodge
Kanonkop House
Karoo Retreat
King of Kings B&B/Selfcatering
Knysna Chalets
Knysna Country House
Knysna Herons Guest House
Knysna Houseboats
Knysna Inn
Knysna Log Inn
Knysna N2 Lodge
Knysna River Club
Knysna Riverside Lodge
Knysna Stays Guest House
Knysna Terrace
Knysna Wayside Inn
Kurland Hotel & Spa
Kurland Villa
Kwelanga Lodge
La Boheme Bed & Breakfast
Lagoon Breeze
Lagoon Lodge
Lairds Lodge Country Estate
Lake Pleasant Living Spa on the Lake
Lakeside Accommodation
Lakeside Lodge & Spa
Lala Panzi B&B
Langenhoven B&B
La Pension Guest House
Leisure Isle Boutique Lodge
Le Roux's Guest House
Lillegarden Eastford
Linda's B&B
Little Rock Guest House
Lofts Boutique Hotel
Lord Caledon - The Guest House
Luna Lodge
Madiba's Tide Country Hotel
Madison Manor Boutique Hotel
Makarios on Sea
Melkhoutkloof Guest House
Moon Shine on Whiskey Creek
Mossel Bay Protea Hotel
Mountain View Lodge
Mount Noah Lodge
Mymering Guest House
NA Smit Holiday Resort
Nature's Valley Rest Camp
Nyaru Game Lodge
Ocean View Lodge
O'Hannas B&B
Old Mill Lodge & Restaurant
Otter Trail
Oubaai Hotel, Golf & Spa
Oudtshoorn Inn Hotel
Outeniquabosch Lodge
Outeniqua Travel Lodge
Oyster Creek Lodge
Panorama Lodge
Paradise Found
Parkes Manor
Peace of Eden eco Cottages, Forest Tents&Camping
Pelican Lodge
Pezula Hotel
Pezula Private Castle
Phantom Forest Eco Reserve
Phantom River View - Knysna - Absolute Getaways
Phantom View Lodges
Phantom View River Resort
Pine Lake Marina Waterfront Resort
Pine Lodge George
Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve
Plettenberg Park Hotel & Spa
Plett River Lodge
Point Lodge
Premier Hotel Knysna - The Moorings
Protea Guest House
Protea Hotel King George
Protea Hotel Knysna Quays
Protea Hotel Outeniqua
Protea Hotel Riempie Estate
Protea Wilds Eco Lodge
Pumula Lodge
Queen's Hotel
Rare Earth Country House
Redberry Farm
Redbourne Country Lodge
Redford House
Rexford Manor
Riverside Lodge
Rivertide Lodge
Robberg Bay Beachfront
Rosenhof Country House
Rus en Raas
Salt River Lodge
Scallop Guest Lodge
Seabreeze Cabanas
Self at Plett 1
Simola Hotel Country Club & Spa
Sirius Lodge
Stanley Island
Stannards Guest Lodge
Starfish Guest Lodge
Step - Aside George
St James of Knysna
Stonebreaker Country Lodge
Sunshowers Plett
Sun Valley Place
Swallow's Nest B&B
Tamodi Lodge & Stables
Tarn Country House
Teniqua Treetops
Thanda Vista
The Anchorage
The Edge House
The Graywood Hotel
The Idle Monkey B&B
The Mount Knysna Boutique Hotel
The Plettenberg Hotel
The Queen of Calitzdorp
The Rex Hotel
The Russel Hotel
Thesen Islands Lodges
The Turbine Boutique Hotel & Spa
The Whaling Station Waterfront B&B
Totem Blue Lodge
Trogon House and Forest Spa
Tsala Treetops Lodge
Turnberry Boutique Hotel
Two Sunsets B&B
Umtu B&B
Under Milkwood Chalets
Unit at Dunes Resort Keurbooms
Victoria Heights B&B
Villa Afrikana Guest Suites
Villa Paradisa
Vue Grande
Waterfront Lodge
Wesselsheim Bed and Breakfast
Whalesong Hotel & Hydro
Wilderness Dunes
Windymere B&B Cottages
Yate Farm Retreat
Yotclub B&B

Routes in Garden Route

A self-drive Garden Route expedition -
The Garden Route and a spot of safari in South Africa -

Madikwe Game Reserve safari

Madikwe is one of those places that gets under your skin and makes you want to keep coming back. The dry red earth, thick acacia woodland and towering rocky inselbergs combine to create a dramatic landscape and the perfect backdrop for a safari. The reserve itself is packed with wildlife, including wild dog, cheetah (which, along with the Big Five, make up the famed "Madikwe Super Seven" ) and more unusual Kalahari species. Roughly four hours from Johannesburg by road and 30 minutes by plane, it's more accessible than many other parks and great value for money. Oh, and did we mention it’s one of the few places that’s totally malaria-free. Bring the family and enjoy!

Experiences in Madikwe Game Reserve

Explore Madikwe on foot
Overnight in a wildlife hide
Wild dogs hunting

Lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve

Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge
Etali Safari Lodge
Impodimo Game Lodge
Jaci's Safari Lodge
Jaci's Tree Lodge
Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge
Kukama Lodge
Little Madikwe
Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge
Madikwe River Lodge
Madikwe Safari Lodge
Makanyane Safari Lodge
Mateya Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Morukuru Farm House
Morukuru Owners House
Morukuru River House
Mosethla Bush Camp
Motswiri Lodge
Rhulani Safari Lodge
Tau Game Lodge
Thakadu River Camp
The Bush House
The Royal Madikwe
Tuningi Safari Lodge

Routes in Madikwe Game Reserve

A family escape in South Africa & Mauritius -
Grapes and game parks in South Africa -

Phinda Private Game Reserve safari

Phinda Private Game Reserve is a shining example of a sanctuary that has been reclaimed from cultivation and restored to its original wilderness. Located in lush and subtropical northern KwaZulu-Natal, 23 000-hectare Phinda incorporates seven distinct ecosystems. And that's why the animal viewing here is so good. You'll see the Big Five, giraffe, nyala, impala and warthog and many rarer and less easily spotted species, such as the elusive cheetah, nocturnal aardvark and greater bushbaby. For birdwatchers, there are more than 400 species. There are just a handful of lodges, so you won't have to jostle to see the sights.

Experiences in Phinda Private Game Reserve

Game drive in the sand forest
Rhino tracking
Turtle Nesting Adventure

Lodges in Phinda Private Game Reserve

&Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge
&Beyond Phinda Homestead
&Beyond Phinda Mountain Lodge
&Beyond Phinda Rock Lodge
&Beyond Phinda Vlei Lodge
&Beyond Phinda Zuka Lodge

Routes in Phinda Private Game Reserve

Off the beaten track in Lesotho & South Africa -
South Africa for culture vultures -

Hermanus Holiday

Hermanus is like Cape Town's little sister—and she is a beautiful little sister at that. Just 100 kilometers from Cape Town, Hermanus sits on the Indian Ocean at the beginning of the garden route and is the perfect weekend breakaway. The town is famous for amazing sightings of Southern Right Whales, as they move down the coast towards Cape Point. Just up the road from Hermanus is the beautiful Hemel en Aarde Valley, where a number of wine farms offer wonderful tastings and a fun day away from the beach. The mountains flanking the town offer spectacular hiking, with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

Experiences in Hermanus

Cage dive with great white sharks
Whale watching in Hermanus
Wine Tasting in the Hemel-en-Aarde

Lodges in Hermanus

138 Marine Guesthouse
78on5th in Hermanus
Abalone Lodge
Aloe Guest House
Auberge Burgundy
Auberge Provence
Avalon on Sea
Baleia Guest Lodge
Beautiful Abalone
Birkenhead House
Birkenhead Villa
Blue Gum Estate
Bradclin - Hermanus
Cliff Lodge
Crayfish Lodge
Farm 215
Francolin Manor
Grootbos Forest Lodge
Grootbos Garden Lodge
Grootbos Villa
Harbour House Hotel
Harbour Square Hotel
Hermanus Beachfront Lodge
Hermanus Beach Villa
Hermanus Boutique Guest House
Hermanus Dorpshuys Guesthouse
Holiday Houses-SA
Hortensia Lodge
Lavender Manor Guest Lodge
Misty Waves Boutique Hotel
Mosaic Lagoon Lodge
Mosselberg on Grotto Beach
Mulligans Golf Lodge
Ocean Eleven Guest House
One Marine Drive
Quainton Cottages
Quarters Hermanus
Robin's Rest
Schulphoek Seafront Guesthouse
Sixteen Guest Lodge on Main
The Gregoire
The Marine Hotel
The Nantucket
The Whale Coast All Suite Hotel
TwentyFour 17 Inn
Villa Blu
Whale Coast Lodge
Whale Rock Luxury Lodge
Wild @ Heart
Windsor Hotel Hermanus
Zoete Inval Traveller's Lodge

Routes in Hermanus

A self-drive Garden Route expedition -

Plettenberg Bay Holiday

At the heart of the Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay, or Plett as its affectionately known by its well-heeled clientele, is a mini microcosm of the best of South Africa. Here, powdery white sand beaches flow into the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean against a backdrop of craggy mountains, inland lagoons and game-rich forestland. The town itself comes alive in summer and is home to some excellent restaurants, especially in the seafood variety, and pretty little boutiques and craft shops. Continue a few kilometres past Plett and you’ll find several rather prestigious game reserves that are giving Kruger a run for its money.

Experiences in Plettenberg Bay

Lodges in Plettenberg Bay

Routes in Plettenberg Bay

KwaZulu Natal Battlefields Holiday

At first sight, it’s hard to imagine that the peaceful green hills and valleys of northern KwaZulu-Natal were ever home to violent conflict. But this is the setting for some truly bloody confrontations between the Boers, Zulus and Brits. Spend a few hours in the company of one of the local guides and you'll learn the secrets of the clashes that took place here, such as at Blood River, Rorke’s Drift and Spioenkop. When you're weary, there are some great lodges in the area. Immerse yourself in a region that played a pivotal role in shaping modern South Africa.

Experiences in KwaZulu Natal Battlefields

Explore the marine ecosystem of Sodwana Bay
Spot the wetland wildlife
The battlefields and storytellers of Fugitives' Drift
Umfolozi walking safari

Lodges in KwaZulu Natal Battlefields

A Day in Africa Dive Lodge
Battlefields Country Lodge
Dinizulu B&B
Ehlathini Bush Camp
Elephant Rock Private Safari Lodge
Esiweni Lodge
Fani's Island Rest Camp
Fugitives' Drift Guest House
Fugitives' Drift Lodge
Fugitives' Umzinyathi Farmhouse
Futululu Dreams...
Gqoyeni Bush Lodge
Hlatikulu Bush Lodge
Isandlwana Lodge
Isibindi Zulu Lodge
Jancuda Lodge
Janet's Ukuthula B&B
Leopard Leasure Lodge
Lions Valley Lodge
Mabibi Camp
Manzini Lodge
Maphelana Camp
Masinda Lodge
Mndindini Trails & Bush Camp
Mtwazi Lodge
Muntulu Bush Lodge
Munyawaneni Bush Lodge
Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge
Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge
Nselweni Bush Camp
Occi Lodge
Penwarn Country Lodge
Reefteach Lodge
Rorke’s Drift Hotel
Rorke's Drift Lodge
Sibaya Lake Lodge
Sondaba Lodge
Sontuli Education Camp
Steyn's Lodge
The Circle B&B
The Springbok Lodge Nambiti
Three Trees Hill Lodge
Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge
Valhalla Game Farm
Zingela Safari and River Compnay
Zululand Nyala Lodge

Routes in KwaZulu Natal Battlefields

Explore Kwa-Zulu Natal -
South Africa for culture vultures -

tswalu kalahari safari

In the dry semi-arid heart of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa is a vast privately owned game reserve—Tswalu Kalahari. Tswalu is the largest and most exclusive reserve in the country, with the lowest number of guests for its size (100 000 ha). The reserve is a place of incredible wildlife rarities, known for its desert black rhino, habituated meerkat, cheetah, sable antelope and rare aardvark and pangolin. If you are lucky, you might see one of the Kalahari's famous black-maned lions—their dark manes swaying through the endless grasslands. Enjoy full day drives from the lodge to cover as much ground as possible, night drives or walking safaris, and immerse yourself in the ancient bushman culture of the area.

Experiences in Tswalu Kalahari

Horseback safari
In search of aardvark and pangolin
Sleep under the stars in Tswalu

Lodges in Tswalu Kalahari

Tswalu Motse Lodge
Tswalu Tarkuni

Routes in Tswalu Kalahari

Grapes and game parks in South Africa -


Unlike those leading to the famously delightful Franschhoek and the Winelands, the road between Cape Town and Paternoster is one less travelled. As a result, this tiny fishing village is somewhat of a local secret… And now we’re spilling the beans. With pretty whitewashed cottages, red and yellow fishing boats bobbing in the brilliant blue sea, and kilometres of untouched sand, Paternoster’s charm is captivating. Throw in some of the Western Cape’s best restaurants and the freshest seafood in the country and we defy you to fall in love with the place.

Experiences in Paternoster

Restaurant hopping

Lodges in Paternoster

A & A Self Catering
Abalone House and Spa
Baywatch Guest House
Dunes Boutique Guesthouse
Hoekie Guesthouse
Lazy Lodge Guest Ranch
Oystercatchers Haven
Paternoster Coves
Paternoster Hotel
Paternoster Manor
Paternoster Rentals
Stay in Paternoster
Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel
Villa Pescatori

Routes in Paternoster

The road less travelled in the Western Cape -

Eastern Cape safari

The Eastern Cape encapsulates South Africa in one province. Expect incredible Big Five safaris at famed game reserves (our favourite is Addo Elephant Park, just 40 kilometres from Port Elizabeth and home to mega concentrations of elephant and white rhino), stunning hiking and mountain scenery, and deep-rooted African culture in the Transkei, the once-independent homeland of the Xhosa people. Then there’s the Wild Coast, with its endless Indian Ocean beaches and rolling rural pastures, where you feel a million miles from anyone. You could spend weeks exploring the Eastern Cape without ever feeling the need to move on.

Experiences in Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape Safari
Explore the Wild Coast

Lodges in Eastern Cape

Addo Afrique Estate
Addo Elephant Back Safaris & Lodge
Addo Gateway Lodge
Addo Rest Camp
Africanos Country Estate
Amakhala Bukela Game Lodge
Amakhala Bush Lodge
Amakhala Carnarvon Dale
Amakhala HillsNek Safaris
Amakhala Hlosi Game Lodge
Amakhala Leeuwenbosch Country House
Amakhala Reed Valley Inn
Amakhala Safari Lodge
Amakhala Woodbury Lodge
Amakhala Woodbury Tented Camp
Bayethe Tented Camp
Bou Bou Lodge
Camdeboo Manor
Camp Figtree - Addo
Chicane B&B
Chrislin African Lodge
Diaz 15 House on the Bay
Die Tuishuise
Drostdy Hotel
Dungbeetle River Lodge
Edge Mountain Retreat
Elephants Footprint Lodge
Ganora Farm
Garden Court Kings Beach
Gorah Elephant Camp
Happy Lands B&B
Heather's Place B&B
Hitgeheim Country Lodge & Eco-Reserve
Hogsback Arminel Hotel
Homestead B&B
Hotel De Greeff Graaff Reinet
Kariega Homestead
Kariega Main Lodge
Kariega River Lodge
Kariega Settler's Drift
Kariega Ukhozi Lodge
Kichaka Game Lodge
Kings Lodge
Kliphuis B&B
Kudu Ridge Game Ranch
Kuzuko Lodge
Kwandwe Ecca Lodge
Kwandwe Fort House
Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge
Kwandwe Melton Manor
Kwandwe Private Game Reserve
Kwandwe Uplands Homestead
Kwantu Private Game Reserve
Lalibela Game Reserve
Lalibela Lentaba Lodge
Lalibela Marks Camp
Lalibela Tree Tops Lodge
Lenmore Chalets
Long Hope Villa
Lupus Den Country House
Maggie May Houseboat
Magnolia Guest House
Mount Camdeboo
Nguni River Lodge
No5 Boutique Art Hotel
Penna Lodge
Protea Hotel Bloemfontein
Pumba Msenge Bush Lodge
Pumba Water Lodge
Quatermain's 1920s Safari Camp
Queen Manor Boutique Guest House
Rippon's Safari Lodge
River Bend Lodge
Riverdene Lodge
Rosedale Bed & Breakfast
Rothmans Rest
Samara Karoo Lodge
Samara Mountain Retreat
Shamwari Bayethe Tented Camp
Shamwari Conservation Experience
Shamwari Eagle's Crag
Shamwari Explorer Camp
Shamwari Long Lee
Shamwari Sarili Lodge
Sibuya Forest Camp
Sibuya River Camp
Singa Lodge
Stellenhof Country House
Stemar B&B
Supertubes Guest House
The Beach Hotel
The Colonial
The Cottage
The Manor at Samara
The Red Geranium
The Red Geranium B&B
The Victorian Cow
Umlambo B&B
Villa Lobengula
Woodall Country House & Spa
Zuurberg Mountain Village

Routes in Eastern Cape

The Garden Route and a spot of safari in South Africa -

Cederberg Mountains Holiday

The Cederberg escarpment is a rocky, alien-looking mountain range just 200 kilometers from Cape Town. Here you will find the largest collection of ancient San Bushmen rock art in Southen Africa—a veritable 'Louvre of Africa'. The Cederberg is also a paradise for hikers, and you can spend days getting lost in the mountains, among the dramatic, wind-carved sandstone formations like the Maltese Cross and the Wolfberg Arch. Other activities range from rock climbing, to swimming in rock pools, visiting a Rooibos tea farm and camping in the many remote sites throughout the wilderness area.

Experiences in Cederberg Mountains

Explore ancient San Bushman rock art
Hike to the Wolfberg Arch
Nature walk through the floral kingdom
Wildflowers of Namaqualand

Lodges in Cederberg Mountains

Algeria Rest Camp
Belmont Hotel
Bushmans Kloof Koro Lodge
Bushmans Kloof Lodge
Cedarberg Lodge
Citrusdal Country Lodge
Clanwilliam Lodge
Clanwilliam Hotel
de Pakhuys
Elephant River Guest Lodge
Gecko Creek
Gys se Huis
Kagga Kamma Lodge
Kaleo Manor
Karukareb Wilderness Reserve Lodge
Klein Cedarberg Lodge
Mount Ceder
Naries Namakwa Retreat
Wolfkop Nature Reserve

Routes in Cederberg Mountains

The road less travelled in the Western Cape -

Waterberg Safari

The Waterberg's gaunt and craggy cliffs stretch along more than 5 000 square kilometres of Limpopo Province. The range is known to have been home to Stone Age people, but many of its corners have yet to be explored throroughly, so there's always something new to see. And that's what we love most about the Waterberg – the pioneering spirit it engenders. Investigate its sandstone buttresses, diamond-clear streams, pristine bushveld hills dotted with baobab, marula and fever trees, and abundant wild animals, including everyone's favourite Big Five.

Experiences in Waterberg

Bush walks in the Waterberg

Lodges in Waterberg

Abba Game Lodge
Ama Amanzi Game Lodge
Ant's Hill
Ant's Nest
Avian Leisure Bush Lodge
Bateleur @ Kroonvlei Wilderness
Bergsig Eco Estate
Bontle Camp
Bonwa Phala Game Lodge
Bushwa Private Game Lodge
Buyskop Lodge
Chakira Lodge
Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway
Dinkweng Safari Camp
Ditoro Game Lodge
Ehlathini Lodge
Ekuthuleni Lodge
Elephant Springs Hotel & Cabanas
Entabeni Kingfisher Lodge
Entabeni Lakeside Lodge
Entabeni Wildside Safari Camp
Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro
Geelhout Guesthouse
Gorgeous Gecko Guesthouse
Hanglip Mountain Lodge
Honeyguide Ranger Camp
Horizon Horseback Adventures
Horizon Horseback Safari Lodge
iHolidays - iBhubesi Lodge
Itaga Luxury Private Game Lodge
Ivory Tree
Izingwe Lodge
Jamila Game Lodge
Jembisa Bush House
Klip en Kristal Guest House
Kololo Game Reserve
Kwafubesi Tented Camp
Lebala Lodge
Leeuwenhof Country Lodge & Garden Spa
Legend Golf & Safari Resort
Leobo Lodge
Leobo Observatory
Lodge Lucanus
Mabalingwe Nature Reserve Bush Camp
Mabula Game Lodge
Mackouwkuil Game Lodge
Makweti Safari Lodge
Marataba Mountain Lodge
Marataba Safari Lodge
Maroela Guest Lodge
Marula Cottage Guest Lodge
Mhondoro Game Lodge
Mon Repos Guest Farm
Nedile Lodge
Nungubane Game Lodge
Olievenfontein Private Game Reserve
Palace of the Lost City
Phumelelo Lodge
Pitse Private Game Lodge
Protea Zebula Lodge
Pumula Bush Chalet
Ravineside Lodge
Rotavi Private Game Reserve
Sambane Game Lodge
Sanrock Resort
Sediba Private Game Lodge
Shambala Private Game Reserve
Shangri-La Country Hotel & Spa
Shibula Lodge & Bush Spa
Summerset Place Country House
Thandeka Game Lodge & Spa
Tlopi Tented Camp
Tlou Lodge
Tsheshepe Lodge
Tshwene Lodge
Ubumanzi Game Lodge
Wild Ivory Eco Lodge
Witwater Safari Lodge & Spa
Zebula Bush Lodge
Zebula Golf Estate & Spa

Routes in Waterberg

A family escape in South Africa & Mauritius -

Johannesburg Safari

Also known as Egoli, the Place of Gold, Johannesburg is Southern Africa's economic hub. Most inbound flights will route via Johannesburg, and it's well worth spending a few extra days in this vibrant city. Spend some time at the Apartheid Museum, where South Africa's rocky racial past is laid bare, or head out of town to The Cradle of Humankind, where some of the earliest hominid remains have been un-earthed and are on display at the amazing Maropeng Museum. Enjoy some of the busy restaurants of Sandton, or head into the rejuvenating City Centre of Newtown for a melting pot of African cultures.

Experiences in Johannesburg

Lodges in Johannesburg

54 on Bath
African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel
AtholPlace Hotel & Villa
Bakubung Bush Lodge
Blue Train Pretoria to Cape Town
Castello di Monte
City Lodge OR Tambo Airport
Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa
Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff
Garden Court O.R Tambo
Garden Court Sandton City
Hallbury Estate
InterContinental Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport
Peermont Metcourt Hotel
Peermont Mondior Hotel at Emperors Palace
Protea Hotel OR Tambo International
Rovos Rail
Saxon Hotel Villas & Spa
Southern Sun Montecasino
The Blue Train Pretoria to Hoedspruit
The Cabanas Hotel at Sun City
The Maslow
The Michelangelo Hotel
The Peech
The Residence
Tintswalo at Waterfall

Routes in Johannesburg

Botswana: bush & beach -
Lions & lemurs: a journey through South Africa & Madagascar -
Wildlife, waves & waterfalls in southern Africa -

Prince Albert Holiday

The dramatic Swartberg Mountains cast their shadow on the tiny, pretty, Prince Albert, which is just about the most stunning thing you'll encounter here. But that's the entire point of the Great Karoo. Book into a colonial-style hotel room or a cottage on the main road, and leave your car for a few days. You can walk everywhere from here. Eat the best olives you'll ever eat, dine in an art gallery and buy pancakes at the Saturday morning market. The people of Prince Albert are just about the friendliest you will find in South Africa.

Experiences in Prince Albert

Lodges in Prince Albert

Routes in Prince Albert

Knysna Holiday

The Knysna lagoon is a spectacular stop on South Africa's famous Garden Route. The burgeoning holiday town is spread around a large blue estuary, with a residential island in the middle of the lagoon. The mouth of the lagoon is marked by the famous Heads, which are two cliff faces that open out into the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a fishing trip on the lagoon, water skiing, or try the local restaurants. There are wonderful walks in the surrounding forests, and if you are lucky, you might spot one of the few famed Knysna forest elephants that still lurk in the small pockets of forest.

Experiences in Knysna

Hiking the forests

Lodges in Knysna

Headlands House

Routes in Knysna

Western Cape Safari

Experiences in Western Cape

Lodges in Western Cape

Routes in Western Cape

Overberg Holiday

After you’ve left Cape Town and before you reach the beginning of the Garden Route, there’s a beautiful stretch of land with picturesque towns dotted among rolling hills, seaside hamlets overlooking white sands and frothy waves, and stunning wildlife and nature reserves that even the locals don’t know about. This is the Western Cape Overberg region, one of the lesser explored parts of South Africa, and one that you should add to your itinerary now. It’s a photographer’s dream, there’s wildlife aplenty and, to top it all, you may well be the only people there – really!

Experiences in Overberg

Lodges in Overberg

Athenian Villa
Bezweni Guest Lodge
Bloom Estate Guest House
Bredasdorp Country Manor
De Doornkraal Boutique Hotel
De Hoop - Dassie Suite
De Hoop - Melkkamer Foremans Cottage
De Hoop - Opstal Manor House
De Hoop - Opstel Otter Suites
Greyton Accommodation
Jakkalskloof Farm Community
Malagas Hotel
Morukuru Beach Lodge
Morukuru Ocean House
Round the Bend - Breede River
Rouxwil Country House
Sanbona Dwyka Tented Camp
Sanbona Explorer Camp
Sanbona Gondwana Lodge
Sanbona Tilney Manor
Schoone Oordt Country House
Suntouched Inn
The Post House
Tri Active Lodge
Villa di Baia
Vredelust B&B
Wildebraam Berry Estate

Routes in Overberg

The Garden Route and a spot of safari in South Africa -

Wild Coast

The Wild Coast. The very name evokes visions of sprawling forests and windswept plains, craggy cliffs and unspoiled beaches – and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this magnificent, 250-kilometre slice of coastline (also known as the Transkei) that runs north of East London on South Africa’s east coast. This is the rural homeland of the Xhosa people, where you’ll spot clusters of thatched rondavels on the plains and pretty fishermen’s cottages by the sea, bastions of a peaceful way of life that's far from city stresses. You’ll hike rugged trails, stopping to swim in warm lagoons beneath tumbling waterfalls, horse-ride along footprint-free beaches, and spot whales and dolphins offshore. This is a holiday away from tourist crowds, in a part of South Africa that few ever discover.

Experiences in Wild Coast

Lodges in Wild Coast

Garden Court Mthatha
Greenfire Lodge Wild Coast
Hole in the Wall Resort
Inkwenkwezi Game Lodge
Mbotyi River Lodge
Ocean View Hotel
Ocean View Hotel
Prana Lodge
Trennerys Hotel
Umngazi River Bungalows
Umzimvubu Retreat

Routes in Wild Coast

Durban holiday

With over 320 days of sunshine a year, Durban is a holidaymaker’s paradise. The city itself is the third-largest in South Africa, with a cool, quirky mix of sidewalk cafés and trendy boutiques, tourist attractions (think City Hall and the Botanical Gardens) and vibrant restaurants. It’s also home to the largest population of Indian descendants in South Africa, and the city is abuzz with aromatic spice markets and mouth-watering curries. And then the glorious, glorious beaches. Six kilometres of shimmering sand, waving palm trees and gentle turquoise waves attract visitors from far and wide, and, even better, the ocean is bathwater-warm all year. Step aside, Cape Town…

Experiences in Durban

Lodges in Durban

Benjamin Boutique Hotel
Fairmont Zimbali Resort
The Oyster Box

Routes in Durban

Explore Kwa-Zulu Natal -
South Africa for culture vultures -

Elephant Coast Safari

In the northeastern most corner of South Africa (the bit that’s almost Mozambique but is actually still KwaZulu-Natal), lies the unashamedly wild Elephant Coast. Little-known and little-explored, this epic 190-kilometre stretch of coastline hides some of the country’s best-kept secrets. How about the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a network of interlinked marine reserves with an astonishing range of sea creatures; the empty, glittering beaches of Sodwana Bay and Cape Vidal (we could go on); and the glorious St Lucia Estuary? If it’s land animals you’re looking for, there are plenty to discover. Try Hluhuwe-Imfolozi Park, famous for saving rhino from extinction, and the sophisticated Thanda Private Reserve.

Experiences in Elephant Coast

Lodges in Elephant Coast

African Ambience
Afrikhaya Guest House
Aloe View Rock Lodge
Amakhosi Safari Lodge
Ama Zulu Guesthouse and Safaris
Amazulu Lodge
Amorello Bush Golf Lodge
Annas Bed and Breakfast
At Heritage House
Bayala Game Lodge
Bonamanzi Tree Houses
Bushbaby Lodge & Camping
Bushlands Game Lodge
Coral Divers Tented Camp
Dinizulu Lodge
DumaZulu Lodge & Traditional Village
Elegant Lodge
Elephant Lake Hotel
Elephant Lake Inn
Emdoneni Lodge
Esikhotheni Lodge
Ezulwini Game Lodge
Falaza Game Park
Forest Lodge
Ghost Mountain Inn
Hilltop Camp
Hippo Hideaway (Pty) Ltd
Hluhluwe River Lodge
Hlulala Guest House
Ingwenya Lodge
Jacana Lodge
Kosi Forest Lodge
Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat
Lalapanzi Lodge
Leopard Mountain Lodge
Leopard Walk Lodge
Lidiko Lodge
Lodge Afrique
Madaka Game Ranch
Makakatana Bay Lodge
Makhasa Game Reserve and Lodge
Marlin Lodge - St Lucia
Mkhuze Safari Tented Camp
Mkuze Falls Private Game Reserve
Mkuze Falls Tented Lodge
Monzi Safari Lodge
Monzi Safaris Tented Camp
Mpila Tented Camp
Mseni Lodge
Mtubatuba Bed & Breakfast
Mvubu River Lodge
Ndiza Lodge & Cabanas
Ndumo Lodge
Ndumu River Lodge
Nibela Lake Lodge
Nkwazi Lake Lodge
Pakamisa Lodge
Pongola Country Lodge
Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge
Rhino River Lodge
Rocktail Bay Beach Camp
Sand Forest Lodge
Seasands Lodge and Garden Cottages
Shayamoya Tiger Fishing & Game Lodge
Sodwana Bay Lodge
Sodwana Chalets
St Lucia Kingfisher Lodge
St Lucia Safari Lodge
St Lucia Wetlands Guesthouse
Sunset Lodge
Tamboti Ridge B&B
Thanda Safari Lodge
Thanda Tented Camp
Thanda Villa iZulu
The Bridge Holiday Resort
Thonga Beach Lodge
Thula Thula Elephant Safari Lodge
Thula Thula Private Game Reserve
Triton Dive Charters & Lodge
Umkhumbi Lodge
Umlilo Lodge
Vis-Agie Coastal Lodge
Wendy's Country Lodge
Whalesong Guest House
White Elephant Game Lodge
Zululand Safari Lodge
Zululand Tree Lodge
Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
Zulu Nyala Heritage Hotel & Tented Safari Camp

Routes in Elephant Coast

Explore Kwa-Zulu Natal -
Off the beaten track in Lesotho & South Africa -

Drakensberg Holiday

A 200-kilometre sweep of jagged edges, sweeping table tops and tumbling buttresses along the border between South Africa and Lesotho, the Drakensberg is quite possibly the mountain range to end all mountain ranges. Known locally as "The Berg", the peaks offer every excitement, from serious hiking and hairpin drives (Sani Pass, we’re looking at you) to gentle walks through forested glades, and even a spot of culture – there are thought to be 25,000-plus Bushmen paintings hidden in these rocks. In the foothills are the rolling KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and the Royal Natal National Park, an addictively chilled-out sort of place where you can climb, ride horseback, fish and watch wildlife to your heart’s content.

Experiences in Drakensberg

Lodges in Drakensberg

Amazian Mountain River Lodge
Ardmore Guest Farm
Cathedral Peak Hotel
Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse
Giant's Castle Camp
Khotso Guest Farm
Lesotho Horseriding Trail
Montusi Mountain Lodge
The Old Hatchery

Routes in Drakensberg

Explore Kwa-Zulu Natal -
Off the beaten track in Lesotho & South Africa -

Midlands holiday

Somewhere called the "Midlands" conjures up scenic pictures of rolling farmlands, green forests, and quaint villages with coffee shops piled high with enormous scones and sweet treats. Well, this Midlands doesn’t disappoint. This sublimely beautiful pocket of KwaZulu-Natal is the epitome of peace and tranquillity. Activities-wise, follow the Midlands Meander, an 80-kilometre route dotted with intriguing arts and crafts outlets and places to eat and drink. Visit the charming Victorian town of Pietermaritzburg or, for a spot of adventure, head to the forests of Karkloof. The landscape begs exploration and most lodges offer hiking, swimming, fishing and horse riding too.

Experiences in Midlands

Lodges in Midlands

Antbear Lodge

Routes in Midlands

Explore Kwa-Zulu Natal -
South Africa for culture vultures -

Tanzania safari

Tanzania is, without a doubt, a fabulous introduction to Africa and all things safari. It’s the largest country in East Africa, and almost a third of the vast lands are protected for game viewing, so safari opportunities are endless and always exciting. It’s got game drives galore, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all you can do on a Tanzania safari: what about trekking for chimpanzee in Mahale, walking and fly camping in Tarangire, boating in Selous or relaxing on the magical Indian Ocean coastline? And no description of a Tanzania safari would be complete without a mention of the Great Migration in the Serengeti, one of the natural world’s most spectacular wildlife shows.

Serengeti safari

Spanning an area of 30,000 square kilometres in northern Tanzania, the Serengeti is quintessential Africa. Expect acacia plains that roll to the horizon, china-blue skies, seas of waving grass, and exceptional densities of wildlife. The annual Great Migration with millions of wildebeest thunders across the savanna, followed by hungry predators picking off the weak and young. It’s not hard to see why the Serengeti is one of the most popular parks on the continent. But not to worry, we know exactly where to go to beat the infamous crowds.

Experiences in Serengeti

Calving season in the Serengeti
Hot air balloon over the Serengeti
Rutting season in the Serengeti
Serengeti horseback adventure
Serengeti river crossing
The great migration

Lodges in Serengeti

Ang'ata Migration Bologonja Camp
Ang'ata Migration Ndutu Camp
Ang'ata Serengeti
Asanja Africa Camp
&Beyond Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp
&Beyond Klein's Camp
&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas
Bologonya Under Canvas Safari Camp
Buffalo Luxury Camp
Camp Zebra
Chaka Mobile Kogatende
Chaka Mobile Ndutu Camp
Dunia Camp
Ehlane Plains Camp
Four Seasons Safari Lodge
Grumeti Hills
Grumeti Migration Camp
Grumeti River Camp
Ikoma Tented Camp
Intimate Places Camping
Kananga Special Tented Camp
Kaskaz Mara Camp
Kati Kati Mara Camp
Kati Kati Ndutu
Kensington Serengeti Camp
Kenzan Luxury Camp Ndutu
Kenzan Luxury Mobile Camp
Kimondo Camp
Kiota Camp
Kirawira Serena Camp
Kirurumu Serengeti Camp (Ndutu)
Kubu Kubu Tented Camp
Kusini Kopjes Kambi
Lake Masek Tented Camp
Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge
Lamai Private
Lamai Serengeti Camp
Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp
Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge
Lemala Mara Camp
Lemala Ndutu Tented Camp
Lobo Wildlife Lodge
Mapito Tented Camp
Mara Under Canvas Tented Camp
Masek Under Canvas Tented Camp
Mbalageti Serengeti
Mbalageti Tented Camp
Mbono Tented Camp
Mbuzi Mawe Serena Camp
Mkombe's House Lamai
Mwiba Lodge
Mwiba Tented Camp
Namiri Plains Camp
Nasikia Central Camp
Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp
Nasikia Naona Moru Camp
Ndutu Safari Lodge
Ndutu Under Canvas Tented Camp
Nieleze Serengeti Camp
Nyasirori Tented Camp
Olakira Camp
Ole Serai Luxury Camp - Moru Kopjes
Pumzika Classic Safari Camp by Sura Afrika
Pumzika Luxury Safari Camp by Sura Afrika
River Camp
Robanda Tented Camp
Ronjo Camp
Roving Bushtops
Sametu Camp
Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp
Sanctuary Kusini Camp
Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp
Sayari Camp
Serengeti Bushtops Camp
Serengeti Kati Kati Tented Camp
Serengeti Mara Camp
Serengeti Migration Camp
Serengeti North Wilderness Camp
Serengeti Nyumba
Serengeti Pioneer Camp
Serengeti Safari Camp
Serengeti Safari Camp (Masek)
Serengeti Savannah Camp
Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge
Serengeti Simba Lodge
Serengeti Sopa Lodge
Serengeti Tanzania Luxury Bush Camp
Serengeti Tortilis Camp
Serengeti View Camp
Serian's Serengeti Mobile Kusini
Serian's Serengeti Mobile Lamai
Serian's Serengeti North
Serian's Serengeti South
Seronera Wildlife Lodge
Singita Explore
Singita Faru Faru Lodge
Singita Mara River Tented Camp
Singita Sabora Tented Camp
Singita Sasakwa Lodge
Singita Serengeti House
Siringit Serengeti Camp
Soroi Serengeti Lodge
Subeti Tented Camp
Suyan Camp
Ubuntu Migration Camp
Wayo Banagi Camp
Wayo Kogatende Camp
Wayo Naabi Camp
Wayo Serengeti Walking Camp (Western Corridor)
Wild Frontiers Ndutu Wilderness Camp
Wild Frontiers Serengeti Wilderness Camp

Routes in Serengeti

A driving expedition through northern Tanzania -
A rugged walking expedition across northern Tanzania -
A Rwanda & Tanzania combination -
Climb to the roof of Africa -
Gorillas, Ngorongoro & the Serengeti -
Primates of Tanzania & Rwanda -
The best Tanzania Great Migration safari -
The classic Tanzanian bush & beach safari -

Ngorongoro Crater safari

Wildlife wonderlands don’t get much better than the Ngorongoro Crater, possibly one of the most iconic animal-viewing areas in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site (and with very good reason), the cavernous bowl-shaped crater is in fact a caldera, formed two to three million years ago when a large volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself. Today, the flat floor is covered in nutritious grasses and home to an unprecedented number of black rhino as well as black-maned lion, magnificent tuskers and smaller plains game, but surprisingly no giraffe. We’ll leave you to ponder why when you visit!

Experiences in Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater Without the Crowds
Ngorongoro Forest Hike
Sunrise crater descent

Lodges in Ngorongoro Crater

Acacia Farm Lodge
Angani Tented Lodge
Ang'ata Ngorongoro Camp
Bashay Rift Lodge
&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Bougainvillea Safari Lodge
Country Lodge Karatu
Crater Forest Tented Camp
Empakai Under Canvas
Endoro Lodge
Entamanu Ngorongoro
Farm House Valley Lodge
Ganako Luxury Lodge
Gibb's Farm
Highview Hotel
Karatu Simba Lodge
Kirurumu Ngorongoro Camp
Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp
Kitela Lodge
Kudu Lodge
Lemala Ngorongoro Tented Camp
Lion's Paw Camp
Mysigio Luxury Seasonal Camp
Neptune Ngorongoro Lodge
Ngorongoro Farm House
Ngorongoro Forest Tented Lodge
Ngorongoro Nyumba
Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge
Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge
Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge
Octagon Lodge
Oldeani Ngorongoro Mountain Lodge
Olduvai Camp
Olea Africana Lodge
Pakulala Luxury Safari Camp by Sura Afrika
Plantation Lodge
Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge
Salei Camp
Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp
The Castle at Ngorongoro
The Highlands Camp
The Manor at Ngorongoro Lodge
Tloma Lodge

Routes in Ngorongoro Crater

A driving expedition through northern Tanzania -
A rugged walking expedition across northern Tanzania -
Gorillas, Ngorongoro & the Serengeti -
The best Tanzania Great Migration safari -
The classic Tanzanian bush & beach safari -

Zanzibar holiday

Zanzibar is a melting pot of cultures and tradition. A traditional trading point on the east African spice route, the island is famous for its vast spice farms and beautiful azure beaches. Stone Town is a bustling and unique little town with thin cobbled streets and thousands of vendors selling everything from fabrics to tasty food. There are many pristine islands surrounding Zanzibar if you are looking to disappear completely, and day trips to the bigger island of Pemba is a must. A combination of African, Arabic and eastern influences make Zanzibar a real cultural treasure. We just love it.

Experiences in Zanzibar

Snorkelling and diving
Spice Tour
The beauty of Zanzibar
Zanzibar Dhow sailing cruise

Lodges in Zanzibar

Africa House Hotel
Al-Minar Hotel
Amaan Bungalows
Amaan Kendwa Beach Resort
Anna of Zanzibar
Arabian Nights Hotel
Arabian Nights Suites
Asmini Palace
Azanzi Beach Hotel
Bahari View Lodge
Baraza Resort & Spa
Bawe Tropical Island Lodge
&Beyond Mnemba Island
Beyt Al Salaam
Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa
Blue Oyster Hotel
Breezes Beach Club
Casa del Mar Hotel
Changuu Private Island Paradise
Chapwani Private Island
Che Che Vule
Chumbe Island Lodge
Chwaka Bay Resort
Clove Hotel
Coconut Tree Village Beach Resort
Coral Rock Hotel
Cristal Resort
Da Loose Mongoose Beach Lodge
Dhow Inn
Dhow Palace Hotel
Diamonds La Gemma Dell' Est
Diamonds Mapenzi Beach Club
Dolphin View Beach Resort
Dongwe Club
Dongwe Ocean View
DoubleTree Resort Nungwi
DoubleTree Stonetown
Dream of Zanzibar
Echo Beach Resort
Emerson on Hurumzi
Emerson Spice Hotel
Essque Zalu Zanzibar
Evergreen Bungalows
Flame Tree Cottages
Forodhani Park Hotel
Fruit and Spice Resort
Fumba Beach Lodge
Garden Lodge Stone Town
Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa
Green and Blue Ocean Lodge
Hakuna Majiwe
Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge
Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa
Hiliki House
Hodi Hodi Zanzibar
Hotel Sea Club Kiwengwa
Hotel Tanzanite
Indigo Beach Bwejuu
Jafferji House & Spa
Karafuu Hotel Beach Resort
Karamba Resort
Kasha Luxury Boutique Hotel
Kendwa Rocks Beach Resort
Kholle House
Kichanga Lodge
Kidoti Villas
Kilindi Zanzibar
Kipepeo Lodge
Kisiwa House
Kisiwa on the Beach
Kitete Beach Bungalows
Konokono Resort
La Madrugada Beach Resort
Maru Maru Hotel
Mashariki Palace Hotel
Matemwe Bandas
Matemwe Beach House
Matemwe Lodge
Matemwe Retreat
Matlai Boutique Hotel
Mbweni Ruins Hotel
Mchanga Beach Lodge
Melia Zanzibar
Michamvi Sunset Bay
Mnarani Beach Cottages
Moonshine Uroa Boutique Hotel
Mtoni Marine Hotel
Mwezi Boutique Resort
Myblue Hotel
Ndame Beach Lodge
Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa
Next Paradise Resort
Ngalawa Beach Village
Nungwi Inn Hotel
Nur Beach
Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa - Zanzibar
Paje By Night Hotel
Palm Beach Inn
Palumbo Reef
Paradise Beach Resort Zanzibar
Park Hyatt Zanzibar
Pemba Misali Sunset Beach
Pongwe Bay Resort
Pongwe Beach Hotel
Ras Michamvi Beach Resort
Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel
Red Monkey Beach Lodge
Samaki Lodge
Sea Cliff Resort & Spa
Seasons Lodge Zanzibar
Shooting Star Lodge
Smiles Beach Hotel
Spice Island Hotel & Resort
Sultan Palace
Sultan Sands Resort
Sunshine Hotel
Sunshine Marine Lodge
Tamarind Beach Hotel
Tanzanite Beach Resort
Teddy's Place
Tembo House Hotel
The Palms Zanzibar
The Residence Zanzibar
The Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort
The Seyyida Hotel & Spa
The Swahili House
The Zanzibari
The Z Hotel
Tulia Zanzibar Beach Resort
Unguja Lodge
Upendo Beach House
Upendo Zanzibar
Uroa Bay Beach Resort
Villa Serenity
Villa Turquoise
White Rose Beach Resort
Xanadu Villas & Retreat
Zanzibar Beach Resort
Zanzibar Coffee House Hotel
Zanzibar Palace Hotel
Zanzibar Retreat Hotel
Zanzibar Safari Club
Zanzibar Serena Inn
Zanzibar White Sand
Zanzi Resort
Zawadi Hotel
Zenji Hotel
Zi Villa
Zuri Zanzibar Hotel & Resort

Routes in Zanzibar

A Rwanda & Tanzania combination -
Bush, beach & gorillas in Uganda & Zanzibar -
The classic Tanzanian bush & beach safari -

Selous safari

The largest reserve in Africa, the Selous is a tangled wilderness of volcanic springs and vast gorges; of open savannah and wooded escarpments; of bleached-sand riverbeds and the mighty Rufiji River. With such diversity, the landscape is home to an extraordinary number of mammals, including buffalo, zebra, elephant and an impressive giraffe population. And with lots of food around, predators are also well represented, including the infamous Selous lion with their unique pattern of day-time hunting. With boat trips, walking safaris and night drives all on offer, this is a hidden gem that is well worth discovering.

Experiences in Selous

Boat cruise on the Rufiji
Selous walking safari
Wild dogs of Selous

Lodges in Selous

Azura Selous
Beho Beho Bailey's Banda
Beho Beho Camp
Kiba Point
Lake Manze Tented Camp
Roho ya Selous
Rufiji River Camp
Sable Mountain Lodge
Sand Rivers Selous Camp
Selous Hippo Camp
Selous Impala Camp
Selous River Camp
Selous Riverside Safari Camp
Selous Serena Camp
Selous Wilderness Camp
Serena Mivumo River Lodge
Siwandu Camp
The Retreat Selous
Udzungwa Falls Lodge

Routes in Selous

Off-the-beaten-track in southern Tanzania -
Remote bush & beach in southern Tanzania -

Tarangire safari

We won’t blame you if you haven’t heard of Tarangire. This small, uncrowded and exceptionally game-rich park, just south of Lake Manyara in the northern region of Tanzania, is still relatively unknown. Famous for vast herds of elephants and buffalo and a rugged and diverse landscape characterised by battalions of baobab trees, the park is unlike any other on the Northern circuit. Big cat sightings are frequent and in the dry season the Tarangire River provides a crucial water source, attracting animals for miles around. Step off the beaten track and pay Tarangire a visit; you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Experiences in Tarangire National Park

Fly camping in Tarangire
Night drive in search of Tarangire's nocturnal wonders
Walking safari in Tarangire National Park

Lodges in Tarangire National Park

Ang'ata Tarangire Camp
Boundary Hill Lodge
Ecoscience Science Centre & Luxury Lodge
Kichuguu Camp
Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge
Kuro Tarangire Camp
Lake Burunge Tented Camp
Little Oliver's Camp
Mawe Ninga Camp
Nasikia Tarangire Ndovu Camp
Nimali Tarangire
Oliver's Camp
Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge
Sanctuary Swala Camp
Sangaiwe Tented Lodge
Tarangire Balloon Camp
Tarangire NP Campsite
Tarangire Nyumba
Tarangire Osupuko Lodge
Tarangire River Camp
Tarangire Safari Lodge
Tarangire Simba Lodge
Tarangire Sopa Lodge
Tarangire Treetops
Wayo Green Camp Tarangire
Wayo Tarangire Walking Safari
Whistling Thorn Tented Camp

Routes in Tarangire National Park

A driving expedition through northern Tanzania -
The classic Tanzanian bush & beach safari -

Ruaha National Park safari

If, like us, you are forever looking for the next truly wild destination, Ruaha might just be the place to end your search. You won’t find hordes of tourists here (in fact, there aren’t many camps, either!) but what you will find are vast herds of buffalo, the largest population of elephant in any Tanzanian national park, numerous leopard and 10 percent of the world’s lion population. The dramatic landscape represents both the eastern and southern biomes of the continent and spiky palm trees jostle for space with squat baobabs while vast savannahs contrast with dense miombo forests. This is Africa at its breathtakingly beautiful best.

Experiences in Ruaha National Park

Explore ancient baobab trees
Ruaha National Park wildlife
Ruaha walking safari
Wild dog safari

Lodges in Ruaha National Park

Ikuka Safari Camp
Jabali Private House
Jabali Ridge
Jongomero Camp
Kichaka Bush Camp
Kichaka Flycamp
Kigelia Ruaha Camp
Kwihala Camp
Mdonya Old River Camp
Mufindi Highlands Lodge
Mwagusi Safari Camp
Ruaha Hilltop Lodge
Ruaha River Lodge

Routes in Ruaha National Park

Off-the-beaten-track in southern Tanzania -
Remote bush & beach in southern Tanzania -

Mahale Mountains Safari

On the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, towering high into the clouds, are the jagged peaks of the Mahale Mountains. Covered in lush jungle forest and speckled with sparkling streams and waterfalls, the mountains are enchanting and home to a variety of mammals. But the real highlight is the chimpanzees. There are around 1000 living in the area and the Mimikire group have been habituated to humans, meaning intimate, personal and quite frankly life-changing encounters. And if you still have some energy, spend time exploring the crystal clear waters of the Lake while snorkeling and canoeing amongst the rainbow coloured fish.

Experiences in Mahale Mountains National Park

Chimp trekking in the Mahale Mountains

Lodges in Mahale Mountains National Park

Greystoke Mahale Camp
Kungwe Beach Lodge
Lupita Island

Routes in Mahale Mountains National Park

Explore Tanzania’s wild west -

Kilimanjaro safari

Looming proudly from the grassy plains of Northern Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain at 5,895 m. With 5 distinct ecological zones on the slopes ranging from luscious rainforest to barren high-altitude desert, the mountain is one of the most beautiful and dramatic. Technically the climb isn’t a difficult one, but it can be challenging in places. But when you reach the magnificent Ulhuru Peak as dawn breaks over the icy landscape, every blister and bite pales into insignificance. We promise.

Experiences in Kilimanjaro

Summit Kilimanjaro

Lodges in Kilimanjaro

Africa Amini Life Maasai Lodge
AMEG Lodge
Babylon Lodge
Bristol Cottages
HoneyBadger Lodge
Hotel Aishi Machame
House of West Kili
Kaliwa Lodge
Kambi Ya Tembo Camp
Keys Hotels Limited Uru Road
KIA Lodge
Kilimanjaro Climb
Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort
Makoa Farm
Marangu Hotel
Mountain Inn
Ndarakwai Camp
Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village & Museum
Sal Salinero Hotel
Shu'Mata Camp
Simba Farm Lodge
Snow View Hotel
Springlands Hotel
Stella Maris Lodge
Tembo Tamu B&B
Weru Weru River Lodge

Routes in Kilimanjaro

Climb to the roof of Africa -

Katavi National Park Safari

A stop in Katavi reveals an untouched expanse of vast golden floodplains, burbling rivers and fragrant fig and albida forests. This relatively unknown park deep in western Tanzania is a hotspot for mammal viewing and herds of buffalo, sometimes 3000 strong, attract many predators to the area. In the dry season, elephants search for tiny waterholes in the mud-cracked pans and enormous pods of hippo squeeze into the smallest of pools. Katavi is an alluring park, seductive in its solitude, and with only 2 small camps, the immense landscape is pretty much yours and yours alone.

Experiences in Katavi National Park

Explore Lake Katavi

Lodges in Katavi National Park

Chada Katavi
Katavi Wildlife Camp
Katuma Bush Lodge
Palahala Camp

Routes in Katavi National Park

Explore Tanzania’s wild west -
Off-the-beaten-track in southern Tanzania -

Rubondo Island safari

Imagine an island where herds of elephant roam wild, chimpanzees hide in the trees and shy sitatunga forage in the groves. This is Rubondo, one of the most unique and, quite frankly, remarkable ecosystems on the planet. Situated in the southwest corner of Lake Victoria, the island is 26 kms long and 10 kms at its widest. Three quarters of the 25,000 hectares (an area double the size of Manhattan!) are blanketed by pristine equatorial fauna and with only a handful of researchers, park wardens and one camp on the fringes of the forest, this is a new definition of 'untouched'.

Experiences in Rubondo Island

Rubondo Rarities

Lodges in Rubondo Island

Malaika Beach Lodge
Rubondo Island Camp

Routes in Rubondo Island

Primates of Tanzania & Rwanda -

Ras Kutani Holiday

Often overlooked in favour of its glitzy big sister, Zanzibar, the southern coastline of Tanzania is, we think, really rather lovely too. As well as picture-perfect hammock lounging beaches and the gin-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Ras Katani has a fascinating blend of cultures and cuisine, and the drive from Dar reveals romantic Swahili architecture, colourful markets and delicious aromas. The absence of a main road down the rugged, jungle-clad shore has so far prevented much development and an influx of tourists – a blessing in disguise really, as this is secluded beach luxury just as it should be.

Experiences in Ras Kutani

Turtle hatching

Lodges in Ras Kutani

Ras Kutani Lodge

Routes in Ras Kutani

Lake Manyara Safari

At 325 square kilometers, Manyara National Park is certainly small by Tanzanian standards, but don’t let that put you off. It is, quite simply, stunning. Bordered by the dramatic Rift Valley escarpment, the rest of the park is a pretty medley of grassy floodplains, enchanting evergreen forest, acacia woodland and twinkling groundwater springs. Then there’s the piece de resistance, Lake Manyara, a glittering and iridescent alkaline pool that expands and contracts with the seasons. And it’s here that the iconic population of flamingo can be found, filling the sky in clouds of pink: an extraordinary spectacle that’s not to be missed.

Experiences in Lake Manyara National Park

Lodges in Lake Manyara National Park

African Sunrise Lodge
&Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Chem Chem Lodge
Escarpment Luxury Lodge
Isoitok Camp Manyara
Kirurumu Manyara Camp
Kirurumu Manyara Lodge
Lake Manyara Green Camp
Lake Manyara Hotel
Lake Manyara Kilimamoja Lodge
Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge
Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge
Little Chem Chem
Manyara Ranch
Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp
Maramboi Tented Camp
Migunga Tented Camp
Nsya Lodge & Camp
Twiga Campsite & Lodge

Routes in Lake Manyara National Park

The best Tanzania Great Migration safari -

Mafia Island Holiday

As a predominantly fishermen's island, Mafia has found an authentic balance between its humble fishing villages and world-class scuba diving and snorkelling. The balance is tangible when visitors see traditional dhows in the ocean before they dive below, their qualified PADI instructor at their side. The reefs fringing Mafia Island are of both the soft and hard variety, diversifying the species. See striking nature along winding walking trails through the island and culture further inland, or just roam the endless stretches of deserted, white sand. Thatched bungalows sink into sea sand and hammocks welcome afternoon naps under palm trees.

Experiences in Mafia Island

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks

Lodges in Mafia Island

Butiama Beach Lodge
Chole Mjini
Fanjove Private Island
Kinasi Lodge
Mafia Island Lodge
Pole Pole
Ras Mbisi Lodge
Shamba Kilole Lodge
Thanda Island

Routes in Mafia Island

Remote bush & beach in southern Tanzania -

Pemba Island Holiday

Instead of beaches and loungers separating the island and the Indian Ocean, Pemba Island has amazing natural lagoons and mangroves fringing much of its coastline. There are few white, sandy beaches, but this place is known for its attractions below the water. The reefs are healthy and the Pemba Channel's steep walls diversify the exotic underwater habitat, making it a snorkelling and diving haven. Fruit and spice trees scale the mountains further inland, a contrast to the island's flatter neighbours such a Zanzibar. This is not the place to meet many other tourists, as they come in small scale. Yet not a single one leaves disappointed.

Experiences in Pemba Island

Sail a dhow at sunset
Sleep under water

Lodges in Pemba Island

Fundu Lagoon Camp
Gecko Nature Lodge
Pemba Lodge
The Aiyana Resort
The Manta Resort

Routes in Pemba Island

Climb to the roof of Africa -

Arusha safari

A bustling and colourful safari town, Arusha is the gateway to the Northern safari circuit and there’s always an eclectic mix of people huddled in the cafes and restaurants. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Meru, close to the Kenyan border, the town has an altitude of 1500m and is pleasantly warm year-round with crisp, clean mountain air and surrounded by astonishingly green coffee plantations. Start your day with a cup of the good stuff amidst the rows of verdant bushes, watch the Maasai in their deep red shukas and barter for souvenirs at the gaudy market stalls.

Experiences in Arusha

Arusha coffee plantation tour
Hike Mount Meru

Lodges in Arusha

Ahadi Lodge
Ahadi Lodge
Arumeru River Lodge
Arusha Coffee Lodge
Arusha Crown Hotel
Arusha Safari Lodge
Be Glad Family Lodge
Blues and Chutney
Clouds View
East African Hotel
Everest Inn and Restaurant
Graceland Hotel
Green Mountain Hotel
Hatari Lodge
Ilboru Safari Lodge
Impala Hotel
Itikoni Seasonal Camp
Karama Lodge & Spa
Katambuga House
Kiboko Lodge
Kibo Palace Hotel
Kigongoni Lodge
Korona House
Lake Duluti Lodge
Lake Duluti Serena Hotel
Legendary Arusha Lodge
Le Jacaranda Hotel
L'Oasis Lodge
Machweo Wellness Retreat
Mc Elly's Hotel
Meru House "Lekiselai"
Meru Simba Lodge
Meru View Lodge
Moivaro Coffee Plantation Lodge
Moivaro Lodge & Estate
Mount Meru Climb
Mount Meru Game Lodge
Mount Meru Hotel
Moyoni Lodge
Mvuli Hotel
Nejobugg Palace Hotel
New Safari Hotel
Ngare Sero Lodge
Ngurdoto Lodge
Olasiti Lodge
Onsea House
Outpost Lodge
Palace Hotel Arusha
Planet Lodge
Rivertrees Country Inn
SG Premium Resort
Silver Palm Hotel
Siringit Kilimanjaro Golf and Safari Retreat
Tembo Tarangire Lodge & Camp
The African Tulip
The African Tulip Hotel
The Arusha Hotel
The Bay Leaf Boutique Hotel
The Charity Hotel International
The Milimani Lodge
The Polo Safari Club
Tulia Hotel
Tumaini Cottage
Twiga Lodge

Routes in Arusha

A driving expedition through northern Tanzania -
A rugged walking expedition across northern Tanzania -
Climb to the roof of Africa -
Gorillas, Ngorongoro & the Serengeti -
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Dar es Salaam Holiday

No longer the quaint fishing village of yonder years, Dar is home to 4 million people and is the administrative (but not official) capital of Tanzania. This is a city that heaves with energy, passion and contrast; vast steel tankers float alongside haphazard dhows, bicycles jostle against fast cars and a medley of British, Arabic and Indian architecture is reflected in the glittering windows of the new high-rises. For most visitors, Dar is simply a stopover city, but if you do find yourself here, enjoy the eclectic mix of cultures and the laid-back vibe.

Experiences in Dar es Salaam

Lodges in Dar es Salaam

Alexander's Hotel
Amani Beach Hotel
Beachcomber Hotel
Belinda Ocean Resort
Best Western Plus Colosseum Hotel
Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Dar es Salaam
Golden Tulip Hotel
Heritage Motel
Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam
Hotel Slipway
Hotel South Beach Resort
Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro
Iris Hotel Dar Es Salaam
Kunduchi Beach Hotel Resort
Mediterraneo Hotel & Restaurant
Mikadi Beach Resort
Peacock Hotel
Protea Hotel Courtyard Dar es Salaam
Protea Hotel Oysterbay
Pumzika Hotel
Sea Cliff Hotel
Southern Sun Dar es Salaam
Sunrise Beach Resort
The Oyster Bay Hotel
Tiffany Diamond Hotel & Spa
Villa Nyangumi
White Sands Hotel

Routes in Dar es Salaam

Explore Tanzania’s wild west -
Off-the-beaten-track in southern Tanzania -
Remote bush & beach in southern Tanzania -

Lake Natron Safari

Our planet is full of surreal places and otherworldly landscapes that look as if they might belong on Mars and Lake Natron has to be near the top of the list. Although close to the Ngorongoro Crater, the area is just about as far off the beaten track as you can imagine but the drive is worth every bump and dusty sneeze. This is a sparse and arid yet achingly beautiful landscape dotted with the cracked huts of hardy Maasai and watched over by their ‘Mountain of God’, active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai. The lake itself is a caustic soda marvel, almost 58km long and inhospitable by most wildlife apart from the powder-pink Lesser flamingo that congregate every year to breed. Extraordinary.

Experiences in Lake Natron

Photography: Flamingoes and colours of solitude

Lodges in Lake Natron

Empakai to Lake Natron Trek
Halisi Natron Camp
Lake Natron Camp
Lake Natron Camp
Lake Natron Camp Ngare Sero
Lake Natron Tented Camp
Lengai Camp
Natron River Camp
Tandala Tented Camp

Routes in Lake Natron

A rugged walking expedition across northern Tanzania -

Lake Eyasi Safari

Although only a stone’s throw from the ever-popular Ngorongoro Crater, wild and beautiful Lake Eyasi receives a mere 1% of the safari traffic that its cavernous neighbour does. Perhaps it’s the lack of wildlife, or the fact that it’s incredibly remote, but we think the pilgrimage is so incredibly worth it. Why? Lake Eyasi is home to the Hadzabe people, who have called the area home for more than 10,000 years and still retain their fascinating hunter-gatherer lifestyle. A visit here will give you a unique and unforgettable insight into their extraordinary culture – a soulful human interaction that few will ever experience.

Experiences in Lake Eyasi

Lodges in Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge
Serian Adventure Camping
Tindiga Camp
Yaeda Valley Mobile Camp
Ziwani Lodge

Routes in Lake Eyasi

Uganda safari

Rather like its neighbour, Rwanda, Uganda has shrugged off the dark shadows of the past and grown into its deserved title as the "Pearl of Africa". Often overlooked as a safari destination, this small, landlocked country packs one hell of a punch when it comes to bucket-list experiences.Probably most famous for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking (and justifiably so, with the world’s highest concentration of primates inside its borders), a Uganda safari may also include tree-climbing lions, enormous herds of elephants and sightings of more than 1000 species of birds. And then there’s the scenery – pounding rivers and serene lakes, misty mountains and savanna plains. This is a magical place with enough to keep even the most indomitable travellers enthralled.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Safari

The name ‘Impenetrable’ isn’t just a piece of clever marketing; the web of jungle ferns and tangled vines of the 25,000 year old forest is so thick it’s almost impossible to make out where on earth you might be headed. Almost... Yes, the hiking is challenging but emerging from the undergrowth and coming eye-to-(coal black) eye with one of the mighty mountain gorillas that hide in Bwindi is spell-binding and worth every bump and bruise. As well as being one of the most ecologically-diverse and flora-rich forests on earth, it’s also the only one to support populations of both mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. So if primates are your passion, Bwindi is the place for you.

Experiences in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi

Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Buhoma Lodge
Bwindi Lodge
Chameleon Hill Lodge
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge
Engagi Lodge
Gorilla Mist Camp
Gorilla Safari Lodge
Mahogany Springs Lodge
Mutanda Lake Resort
Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge
Rushaga Gorilla Camp
Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
Silverback Lodge

Routes in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

A classic Uganda gorilla safari -
Bush, beach & gorillas in Uganda & Zanzibar -
Gorillas in Rwanda and wildlife in Uganda -
Off the beaten track in Uganda -
Primates of Uganda -
Primates of Uganda & Rwanda -

Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

Never let it be said that Uganda doesn’t compete with Tanzania and Kenya when it comes to wildlife-watching; Queen Elizabeth National Park, nestled at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains in south-western Uganda, is a true safari gem and most certainly up there with the big players. Split in half by the Kazinga Channel (home to vast pods of hippo, toothy crocs and excellent boating safaris) the landscape is a diverse mix of wetlands, forests and open savannah dotted with glassy lakes. Watch out for lion, leopard and elephant and the 600 plus bird species and head to the remote Ishasha sector in the south to see the eccentric tree-climbing lions– big ticks on the bucket list all round.

Experiences in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree-climbing lions in Ishasha

Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Enganzi Lodge
Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge
Ishasha Jungle Lodge
Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp
Ishasha Wilderness Camp
Jacana Safari Lodge
Kasenyi Safari Camp
Katara Lodge
Kyambura Gorge Lodge
Kyambura Lodge
Mazike Valley Lodge
Mweya Safari Lodge
Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge
@ The River Ishasha
Twin Lake Safari Lodge

Routes in Queen Elizabeth National Park

A classic Uganda gorilla safari -
Bush, beach & gorillas in Uganda & Zanzibar -
Gorillas in Rwanda and wildlife in Uganda -
Primates of Uganda -

Murchison Falls Safari

Thunderous, explosive and completely spectacular, Murchison Falls is the world’s most powerful waterfall. Formed by the fast-flowing Nile as it squeezes through a seven-metre gap in the Albertine Rift Escarpment, the roaring cascade is mind-blowing from all angles. Take a boat to the base for a close-up view (watch animals drinking unconcernedly at its base) or hike to the top for the angels' aspect. The eponymous park is Uganda’s oldest and largest conservation area, and although its wildlife was a casualty of the Amin era, it’s recovering well. Leopard, lion, buffalo and elephant can all be found – as well as the elusive shoebill (which grows to 1.5 metres!).

Experiences in Murchison Falls National Park

Boat trip to the base of Murchison Falls

Lodges in Murchison Falls National Park

Amuka Safari Lodge
Baker's Lodge
Budongo Eco Lodge
Chobe Safari Lodge Uganda
Fort Murchison
Kabalega Wilderness Lodge
Lake Albert Lodge
Murchison River Lodge
Nile Safari Lodge
Paraa Safari Lodge
Sambiya Lodge

Routes in Murchison Falls National Park

A classic Uganda gorilla safari -
Discover the source of the Nile -
Off the beaten track in Uganda -

Kibale Forest Safari

When the guidebooks (and us!) tell you that Uganda is home to the world’s highest concentration of primates, it’s probably Kibale that they’re (we’re) referring to. With no less than 13 different species hiding in the lush rainforest, including the rare red colobus and L’Hoest’s monkeys, chimpanzee are still the top draw. As well as morning and afternoon treks with the mischievous primates, visitors can also spend a full day with the chimps as part of the habituation programme – truly an experience not to be missed. The undulating forest trails are a birder’s, butterfly-watcher’s and botanist’s dream and although there are larger mammals around, including forest elephant, sitatunga, buffalo leopard, this is a place to really enjoy the small stuff (and the primates).

Experiences in Kibale Forest National Park

Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest

Lodges in Kibale Forest National Park

Chimps' Nest Lodge
Crater Safari Lodge
Kibale Forest Camp
Kibale Primate Lodge
Kyaninga Lodge
Mantana Kibale Forest Camp
Ndali Lodge
Nyinabulitwa Resort
Papaya Lake Lodge
Rwenzori View Guesthouse
Semliki Safari Lodge

Routes in Kibale Forest National Park

A classic Uganda gorilla safari -
Primates of Uganda -

Kidepo Valley National Park Safari

Far-flung, beautiful and with a distinct air of mystique that just makes it even more special, Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the continent’s most remote national parks. Tucked into a rugged valley in the far, far north of Uganda close to the border with Sudan, the terrain varies from open savannah (expected) to dense jungle forests (totally unexpected). But it’s this diversity that supports such a large number of species and it’s the only place in the country to find wild dog, aardwolf, caracal and striped hyena. There’s also ostrich, cheetah and Rothschild’s giraffe hiding amongst the dust-devils and rocky ridges. It might take a bit of effort to get to, but you will certainly be rewarded…

Experiences in Kidepo Valley National Park

Lodges in Kidepo Valley National Park

Apoka Lodge
Kidepo Savannah Lodge
Nga'Moru Wilderness Camp

Routes in Kidepo Valley National Park

Off the beaten track in Uganda -

Lake Mburo Safari

With acres of rippling savannah plains dotted with bushy thickets and fed by no less than five lakes, the landscape of Lake Mburo is a safari dream. There’s not much in the way of big game but the plains game more than makes up for it with Burchell’s zebra and antelope skittering across the grasslands and topi and eland drinking nonchalantly at the lake-side. There’s also a magnificent array of birdlife in the forest areas and the park is the top spot in Uganda for nature walks and horse-riding. Conveniently located to make a superb stopover destination on the way to the gorillas in Bwindi, Lake Mburo is also really rather excellent in it’s own way, so go on, stay for a few days and you won’t be disappointed.

Experiences in Lake Mburo

Lodges in Lake Mburo

Arcadia Cottages Mburo
Lake Mburo Tented Camp
Mantana Tented Camp
Mburo Eagles Nest
Mburo Safari Lodge
Mihingo Lodge
Rwakobo Rock

Routes in Lake Mburo

Bush, beach & gorillas in Uganda & Zanzibar -
Primates of Uganda -

Entebbe Safari

Unless you have reason to fly into Kampala, we reckon Entebbe makes for a pretty good stopover choice. The former capital of the country during Uganda’s days as a British protectorate, it’s a hassle-free city with a much more relaxed atmosphere than its larger counterpart. Located on a particularly pretty stretch of Lake Victoria, there are sandy beaches to explore, beachside cafes for sundowner drinks and the beautiful Botanic Gardens to lose yourself in for a few hours. And if you find yourself here for longer, putter out to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary by boat and spend some time with the cheeky chimps and their keepers.

Experiences in Entebbe

Lodges in Entebbe

2 Friends Beach Hotel
Karibu Guest House
LAICO Lake Victoria Hotel
Lake Heights Hotel
Ngamba Island Camp
Protea Hotel Entebbe
Sunset Hotel
The Boma

Routes in Entebbe

A classic Uganda gorilla safari -
Bush, beach & gorillas in Uganda & Zanzibar -
Discover the source of the Nile -
Primates of Uganda -
Primates of Uganda & Rwanda -

Kampala Holiday

Entebbe might be the pretty one, but Uganda’s capital city more than makes up the loss with its bold, dynamic character. First up is central Kampala, the usual jam of packed taxis, screeching bus drivers and vendors selling everything from chicken feet to hairbrushes, but head up Nakasero Hill and you could be in a different city. This is peaceful Kampala, home to sparkling embassies and swanky restaurants and it’s really quite pleasant. Activity-wise, history lovers will appreciate the Uganda Musuem, the Kasubi Tombs and the Lubiri Palace for a brief insight into the country’s not-so-peaceful past or, if you need to stretch your legs, try a walking tour of the different districts.

Experiences in Kampala

Lodges in Kampala

Cassia Lodge
Emin Pasha Hotel
Kampala Serena Hotel
Lake Victoria Serena Resort
Protea Hotel Kampala
Sheraton Hotel Kampala
Silver Springs Hotel Kampala
Sky Hotel International
Speke Hotel
Urban by City Blue Kampala

Routes in Kampala

Off the beaten track in Uganda -

Jinja Safari

Famously pronounced as the "Source of the Nile" by British explorer Speke in 1862, Jinja has claimed its more recent fame as the adventure capital of East Africa – and if you choose to visit this pretty town, you may well find yourself tumbling down the white-water rapids on a raft (or a canoe or dinghy!), dangling from a bungee rope, or jet boating along the world’s most famous river. Looking for something slightly more dignified? Don’t cross Jinja off your list just yet. The region is stunningly beautiful and diverse, and horse rides, scenic boat trips and birdwatching walks are just some of the ways to enjoy it (and keep the heart rate steady…)

Experiences in Jinja

White water rafting the Nile

Lodges in Jinja

Kingfisher Safaris Resort
The Haven
Wildwaters Lodge

Routes in Jinja

Discover the source of the Nile -

Mgahinga National Park

There are lots of places to see Africa’s endangered mountain gorilla, but Uganda’s Mgahinga may just be the most exclusive of them all. What this teeny-tiny national park lacks in size (it’s a mere 37 square kilometres!), it certainly makes up for in height, perching in the clouds at an altitude of between 2227 and 4127 metres. The park’s location, in the southwest corner of Uganda in the larger Virunga Conservation Area, means that it sees a good deal of gorilla action, but it’s important to note that there’s only one habituated family in Mgahinga itself. When you’re not gorilla trekking, look out for rare golden monkeys, hike one of the park's three volcanoes, or visit the spectacular Garama Cave with one of the local Batwa people.

Experiences in Mgahinga National Park

Lodges in Mgahinga National Park

Mount Gahinga Lodge

Routes in Mgahinga National Park

Primates of Uganda & Rwanda -

Zambia safari

If you love exploring the wildest corners of Africa, then a Zambia safari is for you. The country has some of the largest (and least visited) national parks supporting rich concentrations of elephant, wild dog and leopard. The great Kafue and Luangwa rivers breathe life into the central parts of the country, while the lazy Zambezi River flows along the southern border with Zimbabwe, and plunges into the Victoria Falls near the town of Livingstone. Zambia is famous for its incredible walking safaris, particularly in the South and North Luangwa national parks, where you can truly disappear into the wilderness, connect with nature and definitely disconnect from the world of e-mail, at least for a little while.

South Luangwa National Park safari

South Luangwa National Park is one of the most magnificent wilderness areas in southern Africa. The park is bordered by the great Luangwa River, which supports a large diversity of megafauna along its course through eastern Zambia. One of the largest populations of hippo and crocodile resides in the river, while elephant, zebra and many predators are attracted to its fertile and forested banks. The park is famous for leopard sightings, and the many spotted cats that hunt on the river have earned it the nickname "The Valley of the Leopard". South Luangwa is also the home of the walking safari, a tradition pioneered by Norman Carr in the 1960s, and still carried out today. Great lodges, high quality guiding and stunning wilderness make this one of our top adventure safaris.

Experiences in South Luangwa National Park

Community visits in the South Luangwa
Elephants at Mfuwe Lodge
Fly camping in the South Luangwa
Following wild dogs in the South Luangwa
Game drives in the South Luangwa
Mobile Walking Safaris in the South Luangwa
Mountain bike safaris in the South Luangwa
Night drives in the South Luangwa
Photographic safaris in the South Luangwa
Private guided safaris in the South Luangwa
Searching for the Leopards of Luangwa
Seasonal boating safaris in the South Luangwa
Tribal Textiles Art Safari
Walking safaris in the South Luangwa

Lodges in South Luangwa National Park

Bilimungwe Bushcamp
Chamilandu Bush Camp
Chikoko Trails Zambia
Chikoko Tree Camp
Chindeni Bushcamp
Crocodile River Camp
Croc Valley Camp
Flatdogs Camp
Flatdogs Crocodile Nest
Flatdogs Jackalberry Treehouse
Island Bush Camp
Kafunta Island Bush Camp
Kafunta River Lodge
Kafunta Three Rivers Camp
Kaingo Camp
Kalamu Lagoon Camp
Kapamba Bush Camp
Kapani Lodge
Kawaza Village
Kuyenda Bush Camp
Lion Camp
Luangwa Bush Camping
Luangwa River Camp
Luangwa Safari House
Mfuwe Lodge
Mushroom Lodge & Presidential House
Mwamba Bush Camp
Nkonzi Camp
Nkwali Camp
Nsefu Camp
Protea Hotel Chipata
Return to the Wild
Robin Pope Mobile Safari
Robin's House
Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge
Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp
Tafika Camp
Tena Tena Camp
Thornicroft Lodge
Time + Tide Chinzombo Safari Camp
Time + Tide Kakuli Bush Camp
Time + Tide Luwi Bush Camp
Time + Tide Mchenja Bush Camp
Time + Tide Nsolo Bush Camp
Track & Trail River Camp
Wildlife Camp
Zikomo Safari Camp
Zungulila Bushcamp

Routes in South Luangwa National Park

An Adventure in Zambia and Zimbabwe -
Beat the tourists to Liuwa Plains -
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Victoria Falls Zambia safari

Every minute, 650 million litres of Zambezi water plummet into the Batoka Gorge on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, creating one of the world's most splendid sites – the Victoria Falls. And if you’re on safari in southern Africa, visiting them should be top of your list! Straddling no fewer than four countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia), the falls can be viewed from both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Start off gently with a walk along the precipitous edge of the waterfall, then get active – go bungee-jumping or white-water rafting, take a helicopter flight or swing across the gorge. They don’t call Vic Falls the "Adventure Capital" for nothing!

Experiences in Victoria Falls in Zambia (Livingstone)

Adrenaline activities at the Falls
Devil’s pool
Microlight flight over Victoria Falls
Witness a Victoria Falls Moonbow
Zambezi whitewater rafting

Lodges in Victoria Falls in Zambia (Livingstone)

Avani Victoria Falls Resort
Bushfront Lodge
Camp Nkwazi
Chrismar Hotel
Chuma House
Chundukwa Lodge
David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa
Islands Of Siankaba Lodge
Jungle Junction Bush Camp
Limbo Lodge
Livingstone Safari Lodge
Maramba River Lodge
Munga Village Eco-Lodge
Natural Mystic Lodge
Ngolide Lodge
Protea Hotel Livingstone
Royal Chundu Island Lodge
Royal Chundu River Lodge
Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma
Sindabezi Island Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge
Taita Falcon Lodge
Tangala House
The River Club
The River Farmhouse
The Royal Livingstone
Thorntree River Lodge
Toka Leya Camp
Tongabezi Lodge
Victoria Falls Waterfront
Waterberry Lodge
Zigzag Town Lodge

Routes in Victoria Falls in Zambia (Livingstone)

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Lower Zambezi National Park safari

The Lower Zambezi National Park is one of our favorite destinations in Zambia. The vast reserve makes up 4500 square kilometers of Zambezi escarpment wilderness. The huge densities of wildlife tend to stick near the river, and game drives (and canoe safaris) into the park often encounter large herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra and wildebeest. The riverfront is also idea leopard habitat and it's not uncommon to see one of these rare predators lazing in a tree beside the river. Travelers can self-drive through the park, or choose to stay at one of the top lodges that offer the full Lower Zambezi experience. A canoe safari along the river is also a must!

Experiences in Lower Zambezi National Park

Canoeing safaris in the Lower Zambezi National Park
Game drives in the Lower Zambezi
Night drives in the Lower Zambezi
Tiger fishing on the Lower Zambezi
Walking safaris in the Lower Zambezi
Wildlife on the Lower Zambezi
Zambezi river cruise

Lodges in Lower Zambezi National Park

Amanzi Camp
Anabezi Luxury Camp
Baines' River Camp
Chiawa Camp
Chongwe River Camp
Chongwe River House
Kanyemba Lodge
Kasaka Hippo Pod
Kasaka River Lodge
Kiambi Safari Lodge
Munyemeshi Self-catering Lodge
Mvuu Lodge Lower Zambezi
Mwambashi River Lodge
Old Mondoro Bushcamp
Potato Bush Camp
Royal Zambezi Lodge
Sausage Tree Camp
Tsika Island Camp
Tusk & Mane
Zambezi Breezers

Routes in Lower Zambezi National Park

Beat the tourists to Liuwa Plains -
The Ultimate Zambian Walking Safari -
Zambia’s classic safari destinations -

Kafue National Park Safari

Emerging from the tiny plane and onto the plains of the Kafue, it’s the endless, horizon-stretching size of that place that really hits you. Kafue is Zambia’s largest national park but, often lost in the shadow of the popular South Luangwa and with a meagre infrastructure, there are only a handful of camps and even fewer visitors. But don’t let that deter you – come armed with a little patience and the rewards are spectacular. Think cheetah and lion roaming in the golden grass, herds of red lechwe, puku and wildebeest and hunting packs of wild dog. Busanga Plains in the north is also worth exploring with its enormous swathes of grasslands, picturesque wild date palms and excellent big game.

Experiences in Kafue National Park

Birdwatching in Kafue
Boating in the Busanga Plains
Boat Safaris on the Kafue River
Canoeing the Kafue River
Game drives in Kafue
Game drives in the Busanga Plains, Kafue
Hot-air ballooning in Kafue
Night safaris in Kafue
Walking safaris in Kafue

Lodges in Kafue National Park

Busanga Bush Camp
Busanga Plains Camp
Hippo Lodge
Ila Safari Lodge
Kaingu Lodge
Kapinga Camp
Konkamoya Lodge
Leopard Lodge Kafue
Mawimbi Bush Camp
Mayukuyuku Bush Camp
McBrides Camp
Mu Fungata Safari Lodge
Mukambi Fig Tree Bush Camp
Mukambi Safari Lodge
Musekese Camp
Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp
Ntemwa-Busanga Fly-Camp
Pinnon Safari Lodge
Shumba Camp

Routes in Kafue National Park

Experience a different side of Zambia in the Kafue -

North Luangwa Safari

North Luangwa National Park is about as remote as it gets in Africa. The area, covering 4636 square kilometers along the mighty Luangwa River, offers some of the finest wilderness experiences in Zambia. There are no permanent lodges in the entire park, and it's not open to the public, except for a few safari operators who have been granted permission to conduct walking safaris along the river. This is an adventure experience like no other, a walk back in time to a wild place, where the great megafauna of Africa—elephants, lions, buffalo and hippo—still roam the bush and we are just spectators.

Experiences in North Luangwa National Park

Walking safaris in the North Luangwa

Lodges in North Luangwa National Park

Kutandala Camp
Mwaleshi Camp
Shiwa Ng'andu
Una's Camp

Routes in North Luangwa National Park

The Ultimate Zambian Walking Safari -

Liuwa Plain Safari

The phrase ‘best kept secret’ is often bandied around when it comes to Africa, but boy does Liuwa Plain deserve the title. Located in the far west of the country, it was once a royal hunting ground for the Barotse King and home of the Lozi people. Today, it’s not unusual to see fishermen gliding down the river or kids playing the shallows, which only adds to the magic of this enchanting wilderness. As for game, the park hosts the second largest wildebeest migration on the continent, an extraordinary concentration of hyena (and other predators) and an even more astonishing variety of birdlife. The journey to get here may be long with an even longer list of transport, but it’s worth every second.

Experiences in Liuwa Plain

Birding in Liuwa Plains
Canoe safaris in Liuwa Plains
Game drives in Liuwa Plains
Kuomboka Ceremony
Tracking predators in Liuwa Plains
Walking safaris in Liuwa Plains
Wildebeest migration in Liuwa Plains

Lodges in Liuwa Plain

Liuwa Plain Safari
Time + Tide King Lewanika Lodge

Routes in Liuwa Plain

Beat the tourists to Liuwa Plains -

Luambe Safari

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make us happy on safari, it’s a mind-boggling slice of raw, untamed wilderness and the absence of any tourist-toting minibuses. If that sounds like your kind of thing then it’s time to pay a visit to Luambe National Park. Situated between the North and South Luangwa parks in Zambia, the pint-sized beauty has always remained pretty much off the radar but with the help of a little private investment in recent years, Luambe is ready to have its moment. And with pods of splashing hippo numbering over 500, spectacular numbers of raptors and the return of the big cats, what a moment it’s going to be.

Experiences in Luambe

Birdwatching in Luambe National Park
Night drives in Luambe National Park
Walking safaris in Luambe National Park

Lodges in Luambe

Luambe Camp

Routes in Luambe

Classic Zambia with a twist -

Lusaka Holiday

Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka is an eccentric hodgepodge of market stalls and gleaming shopping malls, and dusty, earthy tracks side by side with (relatively) smooth freeways. Chances are you’ll not even see the city if you're simply on a stopover. But if you spend a day or two, there's fun to be had. Lusaka is largely a commercial city, so don't expect grand museums or gentle tree-lined avenues. What you will find is a burgeoning selection of lively restaurants and cafes, some fun markets and a genuine "African" feel, which are enough to entice some to return again and again.

Experiences in Lusaka

Lodges in Lusaka

Best Western Plus Lusaka Grand Hotel
Chrismar Hotel
Cresta Golfview Hotel
InterContinental Lusaka
Latitude 15
Lilayi Lodge
Pioneer Lodge & Camp
Pioneer Safari Lodge
Protea Hotel Cairo Road
Protea Hotel Lusaka
Protea Hotel Lusaka Towers
Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka
Taj Pamodzi Hotel

Routes in Lusaka

Zimbabwe safari

Zimbabwe is like a bright phoenix, its wildlife arising out of a rocky past to once again become one of Africa's top safari attractions. The home of the great Victoria Falls in the north, the wild and beautiful Hwange National Park, serene Mana Pools, and pristine, unexplored tracts of land in the south and east, a Zimbabwe safari is for travellers looking for a touch of adventure. Safe to say, everyone who visits Zim returns raving about the friendly people, beautiful scenery and incredible, off-the-beaten-track wildlife experiences, so we suggest you go there now, before more people catch on…

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe safari

Iconic and impressive, Victoria Falls is the most visited attraction in Zimbabwe. Justifiably so – the sheer volume of water that tumbles over the 1.6 kilometre-long cliff and plunges 110 metres into the Batoka Gorge is phenomenal, and the fine spray of mist that rises can be seen from almost 50 kilometres away. Both Zambia and Zimbabwe offer spectacular views of the waterfall, but perhaps (just perhaps!) Zimbabwe takes the top spot for the most majestic angles and spine-tingling walks. And if it’s excitement you’re looking for, you’re in the right place – how about bungee jumping, white-water rafting, kayaking, and helicopter and microlight flights? You might just have to come back again…

Experiences in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Canoeing above Victoria Falls
Horse riding day trip
Victoria Falls Rainforest walk
Zambezi gorge hike
Zambezi Sundowner Cruise

Lodges in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Adventure Lodge Vic Falls
Amadeus Garden
A'Zambezi River Lodge
Batonka Guest Lodge
Bayete Guest Lodge
&Beyond Matetsi River House
&Beyond Matetsi River Lodge
Chundu Island Camp
Cresta Sprayview Hotel
Elephant Hills Resort
Gorges Lodge
Ilala Lodge
Imbabala Safari Lodge
Jafuta Lodge
Kalai River Camp
Lokuthula B&B
Lokuthula Lodges
Lorries Bed & Breakfast
Matetsi Water Lodge
N1 Hotel Victoria Falls
Old Drift Lodge
Pamusha Lodge
Shearwater Zambezi Rafting Expedition
The Elephant Camp
The Kingdom Hotel
The Stanley and Livingstone at the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve
Ursula's Homestead
Victoria Falls Hotel
Victoria Falls Island Lodge
Victoria Falls Rainbow Hotel
Victoria Falls River Lodge
Victoria Falls Safari Club
Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
Victoria Falls Safari Suites
Wild Frontiers Pioneers Tented Camp
Zambezi Sands River Camp

Routes in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

An Adventure in Zambia and Zimbabwe -
An exploration of southern Zimbabwe -
Elephant encounters & desert adventures in Botswana -
The highlights of Southern Africa -
The wonders of western Zimbabwe -
Ultimate Zimbabwe -
Vic Falls & Okavango Delta explorer -
Walking safaris & canoe expeditions in Zimbabwe -
Wildlife & waterfalls: classic Zimbabwe -
Zimbabwe in style -

Hwange National Park Safari

Similar to the best red wine and cheese, Hwange has only gotten better with age. Designated a national park in 1928, it’s one of the oldest on the continent and the largest in Zim at 14,650 square kilometres, most of which is deep Kalahari sand dotted with patches of mopane woodland. Doesn’t sound particularly safari-like? Well it wouldn’t be were it not for the network of watery pans, artificially pumped in the dry season, and the life source for over 100 mammal species. Elephants are the stars of the show here however, and the enormous pachyderms plod majestically over the plains and through the pretty camps to get to their drinking holes (and sometimes the camp swimming pool!)

Experiences in Hwange National Park

Game Drive in Hwange
Little Makalolo star bed
Searching for elephants
Spotlight Hwange's nightlife
Walking in Hwange

Lodges in Hwange National Park

Bomani Tented Lodge
Camelthorn Lodge
Camp Hwange
Davison's Camp
Demo Lodge
Elephant's Eye, Hwange
Forever African Safaris - Pride of Hwange
Ganda Lodge
Gwango Bush Tents
Gwango Elephant Lodge
Hwange Main Camp
Hwange Safari Lodge
Ivory Lodge
Jozibanini Camp
Kapula North Camp
Kapula South Camp
Khulu Bush Camp
Linkwasha Camp
Little Makalolo Camp
Miombo Safari Camp
Nehimba Safari Lodge
Sable Sands
Sikumi Tree Lodge
Somalisa Acacia Camp
Somalisa Camp
Somalisa Expeditions
The Hide Safari Camp
The Private Hide
Tom’s Little Hide
Verney's Camp

Routes in Hwange National Park

An Adventure in Zambia and Zimbabwe -
An exploration of southern Zimbabwe -
The wonders of western Zimbabwe -
Ultimate Zimbabwe -
Walking safaris & canoe expeditions in Zimbabwe -
Wildlife & waterfalls: classic Zimbabwe -
Zimbabwe in style -

Mana Pools Safari

Of all the magnificent sights in Zimbabwe, Mana Pools was the first to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s easy to see why. Named after the four wildlife-magnet oxbow lakes that sprawl across it, the park is a network of mini waterways and hippo-strewn sandbanks, with startlingly green grasslands and groves of mahogany trees sheltering a spectacular amount of game, including wild dog, buffalo and lion. And of course there’s the Zambezi – the mighty river that runs through the park, attracting elephant in their droves and canoeists looking for an epic water-based safari. Prefer to be on land? You’ll be in safe hands with some of the best walking guides on the continent.

Experiences in Mana Pools

Mana canoe journey

Lodges in Mana Pools

Camp Chitake
Camp Zambezi
Chikwenya Lodge
Goliath Safaris Tented Camp
Greater Mana Expeditions
John's Camp
Kanga Camp
Kavinga Safari Camp
Little Ruckomechi Camp
Little Vundu Camp
Mana Canoe Trail
Mana Shoreline Walking
Ruckomechi Camp
Ruwesi Canoe Trails
The Wild Safaris
Vundu Camp
Zambezi Expeditions

Routes in Mana Pools

An Adventure in Zambia and Zimbabwe -
Ultimate Zimbabwe -
Walking safaris & canoe expeditions in Zimbabwe -

Gonarezhou National Park Safari

Many would say that Zimbabwe as a whole is rather ‘off-the-beaten-track’, but wait until you visit Gonarezhou. Wild and rugged, untouched and nearly unexplored, it’s the second largest national park in the country and tucked far away in the deep south on the border of Mozambique. Conservation is alive and well down here and the area is part of The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a 35,000 square kilometre area, protecting wildlife corridors between Gonarehzou, Limpopo in Mozambique and Kruger in South Africa. Inside the park you’ll find baobabs and butterflies, wildebeest and waterbuck and a fair few predators too. Oh and elephants. Legend has it that they used to be as tall as the trees and they’re still pretty impressive these days.

Experiences in Gonarezhou National Park

​Explore the Chilojo Cliffs​

Lodges in Gonarezhou National Park

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge
Gonarezhou Bush Camp
Gonarezhou Mobile Tented Camp
Gonarezhou Walking Safaris
Singita Pamushana

Routes in Gonarezhou National Park

An exploration of southern Zimbabwe -
Zimbabwe in style -

Matusadona National Park Safari

Home to the Big Five, super (and we mean super) herds of buffalo and elephant, endangered rhino and more lion than you can shake a stick, Matusadona National Park is quite special. This was the place of Operation Noah, a rescue mission for thousands upon thousands of animals trapped by the rising waters of Lake Kariba in the 1950s and since then, populations have flourished. What’s even more spectacular however is the sunset. From 6 o clock every evening, watch as the lake shimmers in a hot kaleidoscopic of pinks and yellows, oranges and reds, framed by the looming Matuzviadonha Mountains and the inky black fingers of the drowned leadwood trees. Wow.

Experiences in Matusadona National Park

Luxury houseboat cruise

Lodges in Matusadona National Park

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge
Changa Safari Camp
Matusadona Luxury Safari Cruiser
Musango Safari Camp
P-TEN Houseboat
Rhino Safari Camp
Spurwing Island Lodge

Routes in Matusadona National Park

Ultimate Zimbabwe -

Matobo National Park Safari

If you like your game viewing served with a spot of culture and a touch of history then Matobo is the place for you. The final resting place of Cecil John Rhodes, the Matopos Hills are known for the enormous piles of Flinstone-esque boulders, nerve-shatteringly balanced against each other and littered across the wooded landscape. Their smooth curves contain some of the best rock art in Southern Africa, dating back at least 2000 years from the San bushmen. Game-wise, the Whovi Wilderness Area is dedicated to the protection of white and black rhino and a wonderful place to spot the Jurassic creatures. This is a hauntingly beautiful and totally underrated part of the country and its just waiting to welcome you…

Experiences in Matobo National Park

Rock paintings of Matobo

Lodges in Matobo National Park

Amalinda Lodge
Big Cave Camp
Matobo Hills Lodge
Matopos Farmhouse Lodge

Routes in Matobo National Park

An exploration of southern Zimbabwe -
The wonders of western Zimbabwe -

Harare Holiday

If there’s one city in Africa that doesn’t deserve a poor reputation, it’s Harare. Just like any city in the world, there are some areas that are urban, dirty and a little bit gritty. But then there are the wide, bustling avenues, lined with flamboyant trees and granite sculptures; the Botanical Gardens, with more than 900 tree and plant species from all over the country; and what about the thriving arts scene, ranging from the craft stalls peddling eccentric carvings and baskets, to the hip galleries springing up in the suburbs? If you do find yourself here, breathe in the crisp, clean air, buy a roasted mealie (corn on the cob) to munch on, and take a wander.

Experiences in Harare

Lodges in Harare

Amanzi Lodge
Ballantynes Lodge
Casa Kadiki Guest House
Cresta Jameson Hotel
Cresta Lodge Harare
Cutty Sark Hotel
Glen Lorne Lodge
Highlands House
Pamuzinda Safari Lodge
Sunbird Guesthouse
Wavell House
York Lodge

Routes in Harare

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